View Full Version : my sister caught me masterbating

06-27-2012, 03:25 PM
One day when I was watching some porn in my room and playing with my cock, my sister walked in to tell me dinners ready. I didn't have enough time to put it away without her noticing, but i was fast as I could. She pretended that she didn't see anything, but I could tell by the smile on her face she knew. I got really nervous and embarrassed. I finished my dinner in my room so as to avoid her. A few hours later however, she came in and told me she knew what i was doing, she asked if she could see it and I said no!! she then very quickly pulled my trousers down and i pulled them back up straight away. I realized that this kind of turned me on as not many people had seen my cock at this time. she then asked me if she could see me put a condom on, she was a few years older than me at this time so I was confused at first on why she asked that, only to realize later it was purely to see my dick. By this time I was already fully erect, I put a condom on, I then got very very horny, I whipped the condom off and started wanking my cock and she sat down and watched me. None of us said a word to our parents, but almost every week for about for about 3 years she would come down the stairs into my room and watch me wank. It all ended when she moved out and we've both kinda grown out of that sort of thing. Now that I think about it, I'm kinda relieved our parents didn't find out.

07-06-2012, 11:12 PM
I had a friend who had a sis like that. when we would change into swimsuits for his pool, I would take his room, and he would go in his sisters room when she was in there, to change.

I didn't catch on right away, until I was banging on door to hurry up, and he said to go down and he would be right there. I was kinda annoyed and didn't want to wait for him, so I went down. I forgot my googles on his brothers bed, (they shared room) so I went back up. When I got to his brothers bed, I could hear thru the door next to the bed, that would open up to the sis's room if not blocked by the bed, moaning. His moaning. bearly heard it at first, but then it was quite audible.

Before I realized what I was doing, I was rubbing myself picturing his hot sister blowing him or giving a hand job. I was fully hard in what seem 3 seconds. I pulled my suit down enough to jerk off, while kneeling on his brothers bed next to the door. I cam in what seemed 10 seconds, and drop my cum all over the bro's pillow. woops. Well, turned it over & he wouldn't be wiser. I cleaned up and quietly ran down stairs.

To confirm what had to be true, he came down a minute or two later, and had a buldge from his semi hard cock, and a wet spot forming on it. Like he came and then just pulled his suit up to go swimming. ahaha.

I was never brave enough to question it or bring it up. I think they got off knowing I was in ear shot.