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07-11-2009, 12:22 AM
This is embarrassing but here goes. I had to get a prostate exam from my new doctor. Because of family history I had my first exam a few years ago which was probably ten years earlier than usual. The first exam was by a male doctor who had me bend over the table just like you'd expect.

Now because of insurance changes I have a female doctor who's 40 and not too bad looking (in a bookish way). So the nurse whose probably in her 20's takes me to the back room and does my vitals. She then tells me to undress but realizes there's no gown. She leaves without saying anything. I undress and am slightly hard because the nurse was hot and when she was making notes of my vitals she had dropped her pen and I got a nice downblouse view when she picked it up. Anyway I'm standing there naked when the nurse opens the door. She stops in the door seeing me naked. This leaves the door open and I actually see this female patient walk by and peek in. The nurse now walks in and hands me a gown. I apologize saying I hadn't known she was getting that. She's smiling saying it's ok and that she should have told me to wait until she came back with a gown.

After I have the gown on the nurse leaves and the doctor comes in. Like I said she's 40 and not bad looking. She talks to me a little getting a history. She admits she works mostly with women but just recently started taking more male patients because the other doctor in the practice, a male, is overbooked. She assures me she knows what she is doing although I'm her first full male exam in a few years. She does a few minor things before having me lay back on the table and lowering my gown just above the pubic hair. She presses all around the abdomen. I'm still slightly hard. She now asks me to stand. I start to put the gown back on but she says to just leave it on the table. I stand up and she sits on her little stool. She checks my balls for lumps and then does a hernia test. All is well but I've gotten noticeably harder. When she was doing the last two test I noticed her really staring at my dick which I'm happy to say my old doctor never did. She's very professional though. Finally we're at the prostate exam. I've told her I've had one before, but only one. So I lean over the table. She actually touches my ass cheek and says to get on the table. I stand up look at her and ask "what?". She explains she finds it more comfortable if I'm sitting on the table. She brings the back up and then pulls two metal stirups up. Maybe since she works mostly with women she treats this like a gyno exam. She has me put my feet in the stirups. She explains it's embarrassing at first but it opens things up making the exam less painful.

Now one of the problems may be that I've had a few prostate massages since my last exam and they are very sensual. Now I have a decent looking woman standing over me while I'm mostly hard about to give a medical prostate massage kind of. So the doctor lubes up and gentle enters me. Another problem was from this angle my dick was sort of in the way since it was mostly hard. If she had been sitting instead of standing it probably wouldnt have been in the way but now she was looking down and it waved back and forth in front of her. Maybe it was just a distraction. Anyway she took her free hand and placed it on my dick sort of holding it down and at the same time asked if it was ok to do so. I said "yes" of course. As she felt around she would keep stopping and asking if I was ok because she didn't want to hurt me. Finally between her holding my dick and the familiar feeling from those prostate massages I shot a load of cum. She didn't see it but must have felt it coming from my dick. She looked over to see the next load shoot out. She didn't stop the exam as I apologized. She had turned red though and said it was ok that she had heard this was a possibility. After the exam she handed me the gown, which was just paper, to clean up with. She apologized to me for the embarrassment but watched as I cleaned up. Afterwards out front before I left she talked to me about getting some blood work and welcomed me as a new patient, with a little grin which might have meant nothing but who knows.

07-15-2009, 03:16 AM
Nice story, you'll have to go back as soon as and find out if it meant more :)

El Suave
08-04-2009, 01:32 AM
Naughty boy :laugh5:

08-23-2009, 06:40 AM
Man checkout my story. It might give you an idea for another visit.