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Wife Shared for First Time

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default Wife Shared for First Time

We have been married 18 years now but the first time I shared my wife with another guy we had only been married 2 years. I remember it like it was yesterday and think about it often.

At the time, she was 25 years old and OH SO SEXY. She stands 5' tall has 36D breasts and weighed about 140 or so when this happened.

We were discussing fantasies one night while we were naked in bed. She admitted that she had thought about having sex with 2 guys and that it turned her on. I wasn't sure how I would feel but I have to admit, the idea intrigued me. GREAT sex followed our talk.

A few nights later we were discussing this again when I asked her if she had anyone in mind. She admitted that she thought my best friend Nicky was cute and she would like to have him and me at the same time. A few days later Nicky was over and I told him that I had a serious question for him. I told him what she had said and brought some nude pictures of her out for him to look at and stuck a video we had made of us having sex. I assured him that I was ok with this and that it wouldnt affect our friendship. Needless to say, he was very interested so we made plans for the next Friday night.

When Friday came, Tina was a but nervous but very excited. Hell, we both were. Early in the afternoon she went to take a shower and get ready. She always kept herself trimmed with a nice landing strip. She shaved and showered and spent the next couple of hours on her makeup and hair. When she came out of the bedroom she was wearing a short jumper outfit that we got from Fredericks of Hollywood. It was black and the shorts and tank top were all one piece. The shoulder straps fastened with velcro and the shorts left a couple inches of her butt cheeks hanging out. VERY SEXY INDEED!

I put some porn on the TV and when Nicky got there I got us some drinks and we all settled on the couch with Tina in between us. All three of us were nervous so we just watched the movie and chatted a bit. I knew I would have to get things going so I undid one of the velcro straps on her outfit and exposed part of her breast. We started kissing and I started playing with her breast a bit. Nicky was just watching so I reached up and undid the other strap which made her top fall completely down, exposing both her breasts. I nodded for him to touch her and he did. Tina had her head back and her eyes closed while we both massaged her tits. She leaned over towards Nicky and he kissed her. She opened her mouth and let his tongue inside her mouth. I undid my pants and pulled them down a bit and placed her hand on my hard cock. Nicky followed suit and took his cock out. I guess me and Tina both had the same expression when we saw it. It was at least a couple inches longer than mine and a hell of a lot thicker. He was at least 8 or 9 inches long and as big around as her wrist.

We played for a bit while she stroked both of us until she finally said we needed to head to the bedroom. When she stood up, her jump suit fell to the floor exposing all of her. We followed her to the bedroom. When Nicky walked in she started undressing him. She was down on her knees when she took his boxers off and started sucking him into her mouth. I had never seen anything so erotic and so exciting before. My wife of 2 years was giving my best friend a blow job and I was loving it. I finished undressing and layed down on the bed. Soon she laid down beside me and kissed me deep and told me she loved me. Nicky got between her legs and started licking her while me and her kissed and I played with her tits. It wasnt long before she came for the first time. Nicky kissed his way up her belly to her tits eventually laying down on top of her. He was grinding himself into her and she was doing the same to him. He got up a little and placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy. Slowly he inched forward being very gentle. Tina moaned while she looked into my eyes. Finally he was all the way inside her and thrusting for all he was worth. The sounds coming from my wife were incredible. All I could do was watch as his cock stretched her out going in and out.

Tina pulled my cock closer to her and took me into her mouth. It was almost too much to handle seeing her getting pounded and I wouldnt have lasted long had I let her keep going. I sat back and watched as they had the most incredible sex for about 20 minutes. She came 3 or 4 times and finally he started to tense up. She knew he was close and dug her nails into his ass to pull him in deeper. This sent him over the edge as he emptied himself inside her. When he was done, he pulled out and cum started dripping out. I moved over between her legs and pushed myself inside her. The feeling was so silky and smooth. I didnt last very long at all before I deposited my own cum to mix with his and hers.

We ended taking turns with her for a couple more hours before he had to get home. After he left we had sex one more time while we told each other how much we enjoyed ourselves and how much love we had for each other.

I have shared her with several more guys over the years and 1 couple where we did a full swap. But none were as great as that first time.
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This is a hot story!
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sexy story. The right 3-sum is great for any woman.
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Good story that is hot & sexy!!!
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Wink memories (old and new)

Very good story. We judge a story on how hard it makes me, or how soon it makes my wife start rubbing her pussy. This was high on or scale. I prefer to watch my wife being fucked over having her (go) with some one . I like to share her fun. She in turn likes to watch me fuck other women. You have a good attitude. Let's read more. Thanks
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