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Mother In Law, Sister In Law & My Wife: Cumming On K's Arse

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Smile Mother In Law, Sister In Law & My Wife: Cumming On K's Arse

After briefly mentioning in my earlier post, which can be found here, that K (sister in law) occasionally teases me with her sexy arse, I though that I’d elaborate a little further.

Like I mentioned previously, K knows that I absolutely love her arse but I’ve never been able to be inside it. Whether it be a finger or my dick. But just looking at it gets me hard. However, K has allowed me to pleasure myself over it. What’s good about it though is K gets as much pleasure from it as I do. Let me explain. And this is something that K and I have never mentioned to S (mother in law) or my wife. This is something that has happened on a few occasions over the past few months.

I remember the first time it happened was when K returned home from work. I was walking past her bedroom and the door was wide open. K was facing away from me and getting undressed. I watched as K got down to her knickers and then she removed them. She climbed on the bed on all fours to reach over to the other side and plug her mobile phone in to charge. My dick was fully hard and I wasn’t wearing much so my excitement was obvious. K climbed off the bed and turned. I startled her a little.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were there.” K said.
“Just admiring your body. Can’t be helped.”
“I bet you liked seeing me bent over my bed.” Said K.
“You know I love your arse.” I said.
“I do. But I’m a bit tired and I need a shower.” K said.
“And there was me all excited.” I joked.
“I can see that.” Said K. “Hang on, I’ve got an idea.” K continued. “Come in and shut the door.”

I entered K’s bedroom and shut the door behind me.

“Take your pants off.” K ordered.

I removed my pants revealing my hard dick.

“If you like, I can bend over the bed then you can masturbate and then cum on my arse?” K asked.
“Really? Are you sure?” I asked.
“If I wasn’t sure then I wouldn’t have said it. Do you want to?” asked K.
“I’d love to.” I replied.

K bent over the bed and presented her arse to me. It was lovely and slightly tanned in perfect proportion to the rest of her body, as always. I moved in closer so my dick was centimetres away from it. I gripped my dick and began to rub it quickly. As I was rubbing, I gently caressed her arse. After a few minutes, I began to cum. I fired my cum on to her arse cheeks and crack. Her slightly tanned and perfect arse was now covered in white splashes.

“Did you enjoy that?” K asked.
“Oh yes, that was great.” I replied.

K then got up, gave me a kiss and then went off to the bathroom to shower. I watched her walk across the landing with her arse covered in my cum.

It’s happened on a few occasions and I enjoy it every time. K said she enjoys it too, that’s why she lets me do it. When it does occur it’s when she gets home from work and is too tired to have full sex so she pulls me in to the bathroom and lets me cum on her arse before she gets in the shower. I remember a time when she was on top, facing away from me, and she rubbed her arse crack along my length. It was such a turn on that I actually came. And there have been odd occasions when she’s been feeling kinky and asked me to pull out of her pussy and cum on her arsehole, which I happily do. K really is a special girl with an influence over me that no other has.
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Thumbs up Mr. Lucky

Yes, Just like the old TV show. You should change your name to " Mr Lucky". Tap that ASS.
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ass, cum, dick, pussy

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