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Sex Story2-Tuition Tit Fuck

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Default Sex Story2-Tuition Tit Fuck

Sex Story2-Tution tit job

When I was 17 years old, I would go for maths tuition, once a week, after school. It was at another nearby school. Back then I was 1.7m tall, average looking, and slightly over weight, however I made up for that by having a very witting sense of humor, and fair amount of charm…well for 17 anyway.

Because the tutor was really good there would be kids from lots of different schools coming for classes. That’s where I met Ally. The first thing you notice about Ally is her large brown eyes, they the type Japanese anime artists fail at drawing. She had a round face with a short nose, and lips that looked too wide for her face. Her dark brown hair was shoulder length but that changed during the year. She was about 1.3m tall and weighed 60kg. The second thing you notice about her is her large chest, and round ass. Best part was that she and her friends came from an all girl school. I met her through some friends of mine who knew her from last year.

Week after week we would talk about school, and maths, and other school crap, so eventually we traded numbers and started texting each other. Since she was at an all girl school she, the only guys she could talk about were at tuition, and she would complain about how they would only stare at her chest. I should point out I hardly looked at her chest when I knew she could catch me.

My advice to her was to flaunt them rather than hide them, and she tried and it worked! Of course all the other girls thought she was a slut, which left me “as her only friend”

As the year wore on we became closer and our texts got dirtier and dirtier. I even included her tits in those messages, and it didn’t seem to bother her. So when I started to look at her 38C tits she wasn’t disgusted. Near the last few months of the year we became physical. We would bunk tuition and sneak off into a quiet classroom somewhere and make out. We weren’t the only ones doing this. We walked in plenty of couples doing all sorts of things from oral to sex. Because of the difference in our heights she started to wear really high heels to make it easier to kiss her, which her more of a slut in some people’s eyes. Her lips were soft and tasted of chocolate (because of her lip balm).

I would to look forward to those days, when I would have her against the door grinding my hard cock into her pelvis, while kissing her slowly. Her one rule was not to ever touch her tits. I figured it was worth it just to make out with her. If my hands weren’t running through her sweet smelling hair they were busy massaging and pinching her sexy ass. She use to leave a wet stain in her pants, though I think it was due more to her inexperience than my experience. The days she would wear a skirt I would really go to town on her ass, she even said once I pinched her so hard it left a mark.

This one evening I started slow, pulling her towards me to grind my cock against while caressing her ass through her skirt to keep her in place. Soon I had my hands tugging at her panties, giving her little wedgies and fondling her bare ass cheeks while she had her hands in the back pockets of my jeans. The feeling of my cold hands on her bare ass gave her goose bumps and made her nipples show through her shirt. She leaned in close and whispered “that’s not fair” and started to unzip my jeans. I’m not going to lie, I have an average length cock, but it’s fatter than average. So you can imagine her surprise when she finally whipped out what has been grinding against her.

At first she stared for while and stroked my cock. Every women I’ve been with always stares a while at my foreskin sliding over my tip. I put my hands under her skirt and quickly pulled down her bright yellow panties. It wasn’t long before I had her back against that wall, my fingers working her clit, and her hands pumping my cock. We had to keep kissing just to muffle the moans.
I knew our time was going to be up soon, so I just asked her directly, “can I touch your tits?”
She didn’t reply but just pulled of her shirt. I was in awe, after nearly a year I finally saw the two most perfect orbs cupped by a plain white bra. I reached for them but she hit my hands away and said.” Wait a sec” and she proceeded to remove her bra. Her tits didn’t have tan lines, and were perky and nipples dark and hard. This time when I reached out for them she didn’t stop me. The juices from her wet pussy got smeared on her nipples and I had to clean them up with my tongue. I slowly licked nibbled and flicked my tongue across them until they were really hard. It was then I realized why she never let me near her tits before, her nipples were very sensitive. So there I was in an empty class with Ally against a door sucking her tits and kissing her while getting a hand job.
My hands made their way down south again to play with her sweet tasty pussy. She a little fuzz, but that didn’t bother me. Between her tits getting sucked and her clit being rubbed she soon forgot all about me and leaned back against the door to enjoy herself. Her breathing changed and became short fast gasps when I bit her nipples. I couldn’t help myself, she placed her hands on my head to try to push me away but she wasn’t enthstic about me stopping.
Her orgasm took both of us by surprise, her body shuddered and thighs clenched against my hands. I could feel the increase flow of her warm juices on my fingers. I smeared her tits with them and started to gently suck and lick them again. This time I made sure her tits were shining and slippery with my saliva.
She placed her hands back on my cock and slowly started to stroke me. I’m glad she did or else I might have came then and there.

“lay down on the floor” she commanded.

I didn’t think twice! I grabbed my jacket and threw it on the class room floor, and lied on it. “Spread your legs” she said, and so I did. She dropped to her hands and knees and crawled between my legs. Her hands were on either side of my waist and she slowly lowered her tongue to my cock. As soon as I felt her tongue flick across my glands I grabbed her head and started to slowly thrust into her mouth. She took it like a pro, and started to stroke my cock to control my thrusting. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, so when I yelled “I’m going to cum!” she stopped!!!

Almost immediately I felt my cum and orgasm retract back into my balls. She crawled forward so her tits were hanging over my cock and squeezed it between those two beauties. They were still a bit slippery from earlier, and she kept spitting down between them. I began to fuck her hot tits for all were they worth, my thrusts were lifting my hips off the floor. I didn’t care if I wearing down her breast plate.

I knew I wasn’t going last long, but didn’t want to give a warning incase she stopped again. So when I came, hot sticky cum shot out from between her tits and hit her in the chin. She didn’t stop and kept milking my cock between her tits. When I was finally empty she sat up, held her tits up and started to lick them clean. That sight will haunt my dreams for ever. After she cleaned up we began to sort ourselves out, and soon enough we heard the sound of chairs being dragged and knew the classes were over.

After that we still messed around but that night was the one to remember. Soon we had exams and texted and saw each other less and less. After school we both went to different universities and that was that.
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Very good story.

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