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Default Nympho maniac

I live alone now in my own home my nymphomaniac wife passed away in February of 08. We had a long and wonderful married, I met her in a bar in Germany I fell in love with her on first sight not knowing any of her background but I knew I wanted to marry her regardless. After going to that bar on several occasions. I noticed she was very popular with GIs real popular, but I still wanted to marry her. It was a couple of weeks before I found out from one of my friends that she would not make a good wife because of her sexual habits that only turned me on more about getting to know her.

On the first date. I figured out why she was so popular with the man she was a wild sex machine that could not be turned off by one man but that did not discourage me from still wanting to marry her. I think either second or third date she asked me if I would go steady with her. My answer was. I would love to marry you. But she told me she had a few legal problems to take care of.

A few months later we were in the City Hall getting married I also knew they would be many men in our bed throughout our marriage which I agree with her before we got married.

Well anyways our marriage lasted a little over 50 years sharing her with many men, including most of my coworkers which will black.

I would love to find another female with her abilities to share my rental property with plus many other things.
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