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Sex with friend's horny mother

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Default Sex with friend's horny mother

I was over at my friendís house watching a movie with his mother on the living room sofa. I was there to pick up my notebook computer from my friend, who had borrowed it. He called a half-hour later and said he was still up in Bombay, and because of poor weather conditions, he would be staying overnight and apologized for not getting my computer to me. I told him that it was OK, as I was enjoying a great movie with his mother and Iíd see him when he got back.
Since it was getting a bit late, his mom said for me to take a bit of my own advice and she invited me to stay the night. I thanked her for her offer and commented that the sofa was very comfortable. She kissed me on the cheek and said that I didnít need to sleep on the sofa. While she was probably suggesting that I take her sonís bedroom, I took her offer to mean that I should share her bed. I pulled her to my lap and thanked her for the offer before kissing her on the lips. Then I began rubbing the crotch of her slacks.
She moaned and gasped, and while she wasnít very responsive at first, it didnít take much before she moaned for me to fuck her. I groped and fondled her breasts through her sweater for a moment before pulling it off. And while her was a petite woman, it didnít stop her from having what were perfect C-cup breasts. Then, as she undid her satin underwire bra, I took off my clothes in record time.
She let out a gasp when she saw me naked and pulled me to her before sucking on my cock. She was quite the accomplished cocksucker, and because of how small she was, I was able to do something that I had only tried once. I picked her up, flipped her upside down and began eating her pussy, while she continued to suck on my cock. We were in a vertical 69 position, and from the amount of secretions coming from her shaved pussy, I could tell that she was getting quite aroused by what we were doing. I was right, as she experienced the first of three orgasms.
I lowered her on to the sofa, as she was getting a bit too limp for me to hold her safely. Once I had her on the sofa, I penetrated her immediately from behind and began fucking her doggie-style. She moaned and gasped with every stroke of my cock. I really enjoyed this position, as it allowed me to reach around and finger her clitoris. It brought her to yet another orgasm. I couldnít hold off much longer, and with perspiration streaming down my face, I orgasmed and fired jets of cum into her.
We rested, with my cock still lodged in her pussy, but it wasnít long before I was sliding my cock back and forth and fucking her yet again. When I did slip my cock out, she rolled onto her back and this allowed me to fuck her in the missionary position. She was such a petite woman at just over five-foot that I was able to really pummel her and control the pace of the lovemaking. I felt almost if I was masturbating when fucking her.
When we finally stopped, she and I washed up before going to sleep in her bed. I asked her when she invited me to spend the night, was it her intention then to sleep with me or to simply use her sonís room. She kissed me and simply said, ďYou know what I wanted.Ē I didnít care, as I had a beautiful and sexy woman in bed with me. Whatís more, I was hard again and ready for more action.
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Congratulations. Well written, too. I trust this wet pussy will see many more of your penetrations.
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Good stuff man! Sounds like you had a hot time!
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I enjoyed this short sexy story thanks for submitting.
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fucking straight, my first sex encounter, sex with lady

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