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First time anal

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Default First time anal

This is a true story.

Back on the 70s, right around the time I graduated high school I worked in a gas station. Back then it was all full service, so I basically pumped gas.

There was another guy I worked with. He was a year older then me but looked older because needed to shave. We used to hang out sometimes and wed work on our cars and stuff at his house. Hed buy some booze and wed drink and hang out. When his parents were away wed drink openly in the house and hang out. One night we were inside drinking and he put on some porn. We were watching porn and hanging out and suddenly he said lets beat off.

Since Ive beat off with another guy before I really didnt think much of it. So I got undressed and he got some hand lotion and Kleenex and I started masturbating. He was standing there watching me but hed look away at the porn video when he noticed I was watching him.

Right when I was about to cum, he suddenly kneeled down in front of me and took my cock in his mouth. It surprise me, but the moment I felt the warm wetness of his mouth I started to cum. I yelled out, stop Im cumming, but he took me deeper and I came in his mouth.

Afterwards he sat back and said its ok. I do this all the time with some other friend. This was the 70s and I never even heard of a guy sucking another guys dick before. I didnt have any sexual feelings for guys. But it did feel good.

He sat down on this big chair and said, now you can suck me off. I didnt want to at all. But he talked me into trying it. He said it was only fair since he sucked me and that I was sure I would like it if I tried it. I had been drinking and I was like, ok Ill try. I kneeled down in front of him and put his dick in my mouth. But I was instantly repulsed by the feeling and started to gag. I think I even spit up a little. I told him I couldnt do it and I got up.

He kept saying that I had to and to try again. But I couldnt. Then he asked, how about if I fuck you in the ass? I remember it clearly today. I never heard of anal sex before. He kept on saying how it would be fine and that hes done it with other guys and even does it himself. I was pretty drunk by now and I let him do it. I remember laying across this ottoman and he got behind me and put hand lotion on his cock and shoved it into my ass. It hurt at first and I told him it hurts. He said, just relax and get used to it and it wont hurt. So I tried to relax and he started pumping.

I wasnt comfortable at all and I pushed the ottoman out of the way and lay down on the floor. He laid on top of me and fucked me for about two minutes then came inside me. I remember I could instantly taste him in my mouth. I cant describe it, but when he cums inside me I can taste how he smells. I got some light stomach cramps and I went in the bathroom and pooped out a bug wad of his cum. We never talked about it after that.

But, a month or two later he moved out into his own apartment. The first time I came over and hung out he asked me if I wanted a blow job, and I simply agreed knowing Id have to let him fuck me again. Id got undressed and laid down on his bed and hed got naked then sucked me until I came. Then I rolled over and let him fuck me. This time it didnt hurt and it actually felt very good.

We did this maybe 7 or 8 times. Hed blow me, then Id roll over and hed fuck me. Every time he fucked me it felt better and better and it would take him longer and longer to cum. Then one time I told him to fuck me first and we fucked in 3 or 4 different positions. At one point we were laying on our sides, and he was laying behind me holding me and driving his cock into me and I felt like I was going to cum then I did. I never touched my cock, but it just started spurting cum. But the orgasm was like a whole body orgasm.

After that Id come over about once a week and hed fuck me until I came. We did this for about two years, then I joined the military and never had sex with a guy again until about two weeks ago.

But thats another story.
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Can't wait to hear your next story.
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