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Fucking my Cousin.

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Default Fucking my Cousin.

Well this kinda just happened. I mean, I'm just coming home from this.

I have this cousin named Paula. Before tonight I never even thought about her and me having Sex (well, not really anyway. She pretty much looks exactly like Carmella Bing, just not that voloptous, but still big Ass and Boobs, so I kinda had that fantasy, but never made a move, since she's my cousin.) I need to say that shes a few degrees away from me on the family tree.

Well, tonight I went over to her place to help her score some weed. I already made the moves, so I arrived with the weed at her place. I obviously invited myself to smoke a Blunt, as I don't do errand-runs for free. While we were smoking we started a conversation. As conversations go when you're kinda High we were zig-zagging from one subject to another. I don't know why, but suddenly I told her she'd look like an actress I had seen in a Movie. Dumb move, as I basically had to confess that I watched Porn from time to time. Obviously she asked me like who, and I dumbed it up even more, telling her it was Carmella Bing. Since both of us were stoned she asked me, if I could show her something from her. Reluctantly I loaded up one of the typical pages and showed her a random video of her double.

After like 15 minutes my cousin told me "Man...I haven't been boned like that in ages!". I kinda choked on the smoke upon hearing that. Told her then "I find that hard to believe, guys must be lining up for you!"...She then looked at me and told me "You never tried...guess I can't be that hot then..." (I have a reputation amongst friends and some family-members, that I'd hit on anything that moves) "Well, that's cause you're my cousing." I replied.

What happened next, is still hard to believe to me. She just leaned over and grabbed at my Dick through my pants. She got close to my ear and whispered:" Yeah...we're really not that closely related, and I really need to fuck right what do you think, nobody will ever know."

I couldn't believe what was happening. Instead of answering her, I started kissing her and grabbing her boobs and ass. We were naked in about 5 seconds (mild exageration) and she started sucking my dick. She really knew how to do this, as It only took me like 5 to come all up in her mouth. She looked up and opened her mouth, so I could see my cum. She then closed her mouth again and swallowed.

I was still hard so she came up and sat herself on my lap. She slid my dick into her pussy and started riding me. After some time she got off and got on all fours indicating I should take her from behind. I obliged and started fucking her doggy-style. I could hear the slapping sound pretty loud, as I was ramming her hard. I came again, all over her Back. She cleaned it up and asked me to follow her into her bedroom. We fucked 2 more times, then I left.

Like I said, this just happened, I'm still processing this.
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You lucky fuck. Did the fact that she was your cousin make the sex better, or did you barely think about it as you fucked her? Only thinking after oh, that was my cuz! ?
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While fucking, I didn't even think about it. I was just to swept up in the moment. Afterwards I felt kinda weird...but hey...both of us had fun, and if she asks me to do it again, I will definitely do it.
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