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Sarah sucks and John watches

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Default Sarah sucks and John watches

I love to post my memories of encounters here for others to enjoy but i also like to post current encounters. I met Sarah and John through an alternative dating site. Sarah is a housewife about my age and i was very attracted to her when we met the first time. She has shorter brown hair and big brown eyes and is very pretty and has a very nice body. John is about my age and is a voyeur. His wife Sarah is an exhibitionsit. They did the cam thing and all the cyber stuff butn had been dabbling in real time meetings. They had a preference for Sarah giving head to another man while John watched and soemtimes masturbated.
I do have a regular friend that is married and we meet maybe once a week and recently had two encounters with my negihbors wife but it is fun to play with Sarah, she is very good at what she likes.
We first met in person about 4 months ago in person for a drink and to see if we clicked. Sarah is a very typical middle class woman with this sexual fetish for pleasing a man orally. She likes to dress provocatively when we meet out usually at a different place each time some distance form home. I would sit down and they would go to the bar and she would sit on a chair and turn to me giving me a look and quickly opening her legs to se she was not wearing panties and then closing them before anyone else noticed until they joined me in the booth i was at. Then we would have a drink and i would play with her under the table until she was good and hot and we would go somewhere in th beginning there car and she would sit in the back with me and suck my dick to completion while he watched. She was maybe the best i ever had and she always took a long time working me up and working it knowing when to slow up or stop and making me last until i just had to CUM !
after maybe 6 weeks we were all comfortable enough that they would let me call and come over sometimes on the way to work or the way home. Even in the evening when i was horny but she would not let me fuck her.
We were so comfortable with each other that they let me come by and for her special treatment sometimes when he was at work.
In usually wanted to see her a couple times a week but i was a little frustrated becuase i really wanted to fuck her.
She would take off her top and bra sometimes and let me feel her tits or let me titty fuck her and cum but for the longest time she would not fuck me. She did have nice pretty firm tits and she worked out at a gym almost everyday so she had a good firm body. Recently the weather has been bad and i have not for various reasons been able to see my special married friend or neighbors wife and i have been super horny. So i was watching the superbowl and horny as hell Sunday evning and called Sarah.
She was home alone. John had gone to a super bowl party and she didn't go, they had some type of argument. So, she said come on over.
When she answered the door she had on a full length robe which was unusual and i was going to go sit on the couch as i had done so many times for her to take care of me and she said lets go upstairs..we will be more comfortable. I walked into the bedroom and she said go ahead and get undressed and that was unusual too. I usually just have my pants down or even just my zipper open but i did and layed down and then she slowly undid her robe and dropped to the floor saying is this what you have been wanting and smiling. She looked sexy as hell. Sarah was totally naked and was shaved smooth. She works out all the time and has some muscle definition in her arms and thighs and is very toned. Her tits stuck straight out hardly dropping at all and she was a solid 36 C.
All i could think to say was OH i felt and saw my dick spring to life and start to grow. I said what about the no fucking rule and she said John won't care. It's really always been up to me and i am ready for it now. She said i feel really sexy and want to feel that big dick in me. She slowly crawled onto the bed and up to me and began to caress and lick my balls and cock and suck me as she has done many times before but this time i could use my hands not only on her tits but her soft skin all over her body. She had me hard as a rock and we began rolling around touching and kissing and i slid down and slowly pleased her orally like she had always pleased me and she was writhing around and loving it. It got to a point where she almost sat up with my face buried betwen her legs and i turned her on her stomach and slid on top of her laying down on her and she arched her butt and i penetrated her. I had waited so long for this and it felt incredible and hot and i put my hands on the bed as my head was near hers and i moved back and forth fucking her and it felt so tight i had to CUM so i put my arm under her neck and was balling her as fast as i could in that position and we were both moaning an i exploded in her. The surge i felt coming in her was worht the wait and we spent another hour or so with her sucking me and fucking in there bed. It's only Tuesday and i am thinking of calling her to see if we can get together tonight. She makes me as horny as Jackie my married special friend and thats saying something.

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YOU DA MAN! Kudos, dude.
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Default Update on sarah and john

I have not seen her for weeks due to the weather and she had the flu. Sarah texted me this morning telling me she felt better and really horny. She told John she had fucked me and now he wants to watch her get fucked. I will see her soon.
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Keep us posted, Sarah sounds hot.
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