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Girlfriends Best Friend

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Default Girlfriends Best Friend

About two years ago I had a girlfriend who went out of town on business once in a while. When she did we often had phone sex. One of these times while we were in the middle of things there was a loud banging on the door. When I realized it wasn't going to stop I walked over to the door with the phone and looked out the peephole. My girlfriends best friend stood there and she was really drunk. I told my girlfriend what was going on. She told me I had to let her in. We often did this because the friend was too drunk to drive home and we lived about a block from a bar she hung out at. She often slept on our couch.

So I grab my underwear, I was naked, and put them on. I opened the door and told her my gf was out of town. She came in anyway and just looked at me in my briefs. I was completely hard and it was obvious. She suddenly reaches out grabbing my bulge as she says "is this real?" She then lets go laughing and apologizing and explaining she's drunk.

Meanwhile my gf is asking through the phone "what's going on?" I tell her friend maybe she should explain and hand her the phone. She takes it and explains. Then she hands me the phone and my gf says she thinks we should have some fun and to give her friend the phone back and just play along. I do and they chat for a minute or two.

Now the friend tells me my gf is going to give her instructions and she needs to follow them if she wants to sleep over. I'm just like "ok, whatever." So the friend reaches over and yanks my briefs down. She then gives a detailed description of my dick and my reaction to my gf. I start to cover up but she tells me "no". She then reaches over feeling my dick and listening in the phone. Now she starts rubbing it and telling my gf how hard and hot it is. Now she bends down and licks the head a few times before taking just the head in her mouth. After she pops it out she tells my gf how good it tastes. Then she takes my whole dick in her mouth for a few suck before telling my gf it's difficult but possible to deepthroat me.

Now the friend tells me to lie on the floor. I do as she starts taking off her clothes. Still talking in the phone the friend straddles me and sits on my dick. She's telling my gf how it feels as we start going at it. My gf has us switch positions a few times. Finally the friend finishes me off by sucking me until I expolde in her mouth.

The next day the friend was a little embarrassed once she sobered up. When my girfriend returned she told me how she thought it was so hot having that control and only wished she had been here to watch.
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Wow, what a girlfriend, allowing you to do her friend
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that's some hot stuff! Like a reverse cuckold or Ever tried a threesome with her and your gf?
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Wink Friends

What are friends for??LOL-----Ann
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What a fun thing to do. Totally awsome.
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wow this is erotic and you certainly are a lucky fella
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Default Sorry, what

Your comment is very good
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