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My wife's friend

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Default My wife's friend

We had been married about three years, when one evening I came home from work to find my wife had brought home a friend ( co-worker) of hers. Now, remember, up to this time we have had three plus years of married/sexual bliss. Unbelievable happiness. Her open sexuality, the teasing, flirting, flashing (she flashed me more than anybody ) kept me continuously excited. Example!, When I would open the car door for her, she would always flash me. if we were standing in line at the movie theater, she would push her butt back against my dick, and slowly rub. It pleased her that she could get me hard anytime, anywhere. I think we f***** every way it is possible to f***. Many times when we were traveling, we would push the seat back as far as it would go, then she would straddle me, and we would f*** for 50 or 60 miles. she would cum at least a dozen times. Her ability to cum, and cum, and cum always intrigued me. She loved sex and made no apologies. Yes, she made a 'LOT' of snow meltincluding my brothers. I think the reason she was so open about her sexuality is that she was so confident, comfortable, secure in our relationship, that it just let her be "herself" She didn't hide anything, or hold anything back. She just let it all hang out. "what you see is what you get" and that brings me to this episode.
I had showered and was getting dressed when she came into the bed room, and ask me if I would join them in the kitchen, that they wanted to talk to me. So I did. As I entered the kitchen my wife got up, introduced her friend "judy" and fixed me a glass of iced tea. When we were all seated at the table, my wife began to tell me that they had been talking about this for quite some time. Judy had confided in her that although she had been married for eight years, and had a five year old daughter, she had never had an orgasm. At some point in their conversation my wife told Judy about my training,and expertise. Then at some point Judy ask my wife if she thought I could teach her to orgasm. my wife said of course!. Then Judy ask if she thought that I "would", and my wife said, there is only one way to find out, lets ask him. Then Judy ask her if she would mind if I did teach her. and she said of course not, All this time my wife is talking, making her case, I am thinking....Why not? After all this "is" what I was trained to do. So when my wife finally stopped talking, and looked at me with that "well?" look, I said, I'd like to ask some questions, They both said O K at the same time. ( up until now Judy has not said a word ) I had been listening, and thinking. O K lets find out if she is serious. I ask her " when did you start masturbating? She said, " I never did, I was taught all my life that it was dirty. I said "never?" she shook her head. So I ask when did you f*** for the first time? She said "on my wedding night". So I looked her in the eye, and ask her, Do you have any hesitancy fucking another man? She looked me in the eye for, I'm sure, a full minute, then said "Not if it's you" I said, when do you want to start? She said "can we start now? I said "that's the best time! I don't know if she was afraid she would lose her nerve if she waited or what, but I figured Lets get to it. I stood up extended my hand to her, and had her stand up. I reached up with both hands to unbutton her blouse. Both of her hands jerked up about half way, before she could stop them. For that one half second there was a look of panic on her face, then just that quick it was gone, and her hands dropped to her side. I unbuttoned her blouse, and removed it, then unhooked her bra. and removed it. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her to me as I sat down. with her tits about 6 or 7 inches from my face I just sat there and looked at them. I could see the nipples start to swell, and I slowly leaned forward, and let just the very tip of my tongue touch her nipple, then very slowly around the nipple several times, then to the other tit. slowly, touch, lick, kiss, then suck, very softly. I loved on her tits for about 30 minutes, before I slowly slid my hand up under her skirt, her panties were soaked. I stood up and led her to the bed room, where I sat on the bed, holding her in front of me, i unbuttoned, and unzipped her skirt and removed it. I then slid her panties down, and removed them. She is now standing in front of me totally nude. A pretty darn nice body. Again, I went to her tits, ( my teacher taught me that every woman, wither it is true or not, measures her worth by her tits, so be sure to pay a 'lot' of attention to them.) kissing, licking, sucking, after a while I slid my hand up between her legs, as I reached her pussy, she spread her legs so I could finger her pussy. I had my thumb in her pussy, I had two fingers in her pussy, Then I said lets get on the bed. As she moved to get on the bed, my wife said shouldn't you get undressed?, While she lay there and watched me, I undressed, when I took of my underwear, and my dick slapped my belly, she said ooohhhh! I lay down beside her and made love to her tits, both tits, for quite awhile, then started playing with her pussy, after maybe 15 or 20 minutes, I moved down to her pussy, and started licking it. I licked her pussy lips, up and down, left to right, up and, down, and all around. I sucked her inner lips into my mouth and sucked on them, then moved to her clit. I sucked on her clit, i fluttered my tongue on her clit, I licked her clit. I felt her body stiffen, and now and then a little shudder. I just stayed after her clit. I don't know how long it was before her pelvis began those little involuntary thrusts, and every once in a while, I would hear a little ooohhhh!,..........ooohhh!. Then SUDDENLY her pelvis thrust forward violently, and the upper part of her body came up off the bed,to a strait up sitting position. I couldn't see her face, but my wife said her eyes were "WIDE" open, bugging, and her mouth was open, Then she flopped violently back down, and aaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhAAAAHHHHHH!!! Her legs shot strait out to the side, and she stiffened and shook, and shook, and AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Then she became quite, and stopped shaking, and just lay there.I moved my tongue off her clit, then slowly moved up between her legs, I could feel the head of my dick against her pussy. I looked into her eyes and said "are you ready?" I could see in her eyes that she was, and then she nodded her head. I used my hand to rub my dick up and down in her slit, then when I felt like I had enough lubricant I positioned the head at the opening, and slowly pushed. A little resistance at first, but then the head went through. She was so wet and ready, I went all the way to the bottom in one move. I think we f***** for 10 minutes or so and I could see no sign that she was even close, even though she was really getting into it. I ask , "are you close? She replied I don't know." I stopped and slowly pulled out. She looked at me with this big question mark look on her face, then said " aren't you going to come? I said " I am afraid I will make you sore, This is not our only, or last lesson!. She said " I sure hope not "( smiling ) This is when my wife got on the bed beside her, naked, spread her legs and said, come on honey, I don't want you to have blue balls. So I got on top of her, she grabbed my dick and guided it in. She must have been playing with herself, because she was "WET" big time. It only took a few strokes and she cum. Judy was laying beside us watching and I looked at her. Our eyes met and I could see the hunger in them. Then my wife cum again, and I just had to let it go. After all that, I really had a dozy. The three of us lay on the bed and talked for a long time.
As the three of us lay on the bed talking, it seemed almost surreal. Mostly it was my wife and judy talking. I mostly just listened to them. By doing so I began to get a real feel of just what they had been talking about all these weeks. Judy told my wife that she was envious of her, because I had cum in my wife instead of her. My wife laughed and said don't worry, there will be plenty of other times. I had explained to judy that was just a start. thankfully on our first effort she had been able to orgasm. Sometimes it takes several sessions before success. Now she needed to learn to orgasm while fucking. She said she watched my wife cum, and cum, and that it was so erotic, and that is what she wanted to learn to do. I explained to her, that was our goal, but that it would require her to be willing to practice. She replied OH!, I'm willing to practice. How soon can we have another lesson? I said "Are you in a hurry?" She replied " I want to have another orgasm" I said "good" I want you to think about it, how it felt when I was licking your pussy, how your body felt as it responded. Think about that as much as you can. She said Oh!, I'll think about it alright, I won't be able to think about anything else. I can't wait for another lesson. She looked at my wife, and said " are you sure you don't mind? My wife replied "of course not, This is what he was trained to do, and I enjoy it to, I loved watching your face! And Judy said, "even when he was fucking me? My wife said, Yes! even when he was fucking you, "THAT" is what it is all about. They continued talking, and making plans. They decided that she should have two lessons a week. My wife offered to help her pick out a dildo, so she could practice in between times. After a bit, Judy looked at her watch, and said Oh! my God look at the time, my husband will be wondering what I've been doing. My wife said, I am going to go home with you so he will know you have been with me! O K ? Judy said that would be great!. So they did, So now the training started. And 'that; is another story
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Wow that's great, I sure want to hear more. What an understanding wife you have!
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Good stuff man, you are like the Yoda of sex

It's in the right category btw
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