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much older neighbor

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default much older neighbor

I'm 26 now. I posted a story that happened when I was 19 with a 36 year old woman. Since then I have only been with women around my age until about 2 weeks ago. This may be long (sorry)

I just moved into a new apartment in Minneapolis to finish grad school at the UofM. My apartment is not very big or very nice, but you really can't afford much on a part time salary and student loans. I found the apartment online. It's just the basement of someone's house. The old guy that lived there rented the basement for cheap as long as you mowed in the summer and did snow removal in the winter. I was all for it if it meant cheap rent. I never really met and neighbors as I was at campus all day or work at night.

About two weeks ago when it got nice enough out my landlord asked me if I could chip ice in the driveway. I set aside time one afternoon before work to do it. I wasn't out there more than 5 minutes before a woman walked up to me and said hello. She introduced herself as Carol from a house a few doors down and asked if I could also chip her ice too. I had no sexual thoughts of this woman at all. I said sure, but it would have to be tomorrow. The next day I went and chipped her driveway and went back home. The day after that there was a thank you card with a $50 bill and $25 iTunes gift card. I went to her house and told her it was too much. Obviously I really wanted it, but I had to pretend to be modest. She made me keep and and offered more work. She told me to come back the next afternoon I had free.

The next day was Saturday and I like money so I went over there. Now I thought of her sexually. She was wearing work out gear. Tight black spandex pants and a white sports bra. She nervously covered up as she answered the door. She was about my height 5'10" and I would guess 150 pounds. Her breast were not big or small. Small C's probably. She needed me to take her Christmas lights down. While I was taking them down I watched her work out on the Wii to what looked like Jenny McCarthy. It was so hot. I could hardly keep my eyes off her the whole time starring in the front window. By the time I got done in the back and walked inside she was not around. I yelled and she said she was upstairs. I thought it was an invitation and walked up stairs. It was not an invitation as she was topless. Her breasts were not saggy at all. As I would find out they were fake. She screamed and I ran downstairs. I waited in the kitchen and she came down. She said no one since her dead husband had seen her naked. Now we talked for a long time. She was 57 and her husband had died 11 years ago. Her two kids were out of the house. She told me about the breast enhancement. Her friends had convinced her to do it. I told her my story, grad school, single, 26, blah, blah, blah. I told her I thought she looked really good and would have no problem finding a man. We laughed it off. It was almost 4PM now and I said I better get going. She invited me back for dinner. I don't turn down money or free food so I went home, showered, and grabbed a $8 bottle of wine. Still no thought of trying to fuck her.

When I got there she had on a sun dress. The nice weather must have been her motivation We sat down, ate chicken parm and pretty soon the bottle of wine was gone. She asked if I wanted more and I said sure. She opened another bottle. I bet I hat 3/4 of each bottle, but after her 1/2 bottle she was pretty flush. Talk went from local teams to politics to whether or not I had a girlfriend. I explained how I had no time, but I still did alright. And then she just flat said it had been 12 years since she had sex and probably 15 since her last orgasm. I told her I can't go 12 days. Now I was buzzing pretty good and feeling very ballz so I asked her what was holding her back. She just said she wondered if she's even be good at it anymore. Then I just flat out asked if I could kiss her. She looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. I got up and said I'm sorry I'm sorry, but she just grabbed my hand and pulled me back. She stood up and put her arms around my shoulders and kissed me. It was kind of a sloppy kiss you'd expect from someone that had not kissed in 12 years. I kissed back and soon we were leaning on the dinner table in a full on makeout session. Her dress ties around the neck and after about 10 minutes of kissing I attempted to untie it. She slipped her lips off mine went to my ear and said "please be slow." With that I took her by her hand and led her to the living room. Off of the living room was a guest suite. I continued to kiss her as I laid her down. I slowly undid her top and and pulled it down over her strapless bra. I continued to kiss her ears, lips and neck all the way down to her bra. Luckily it was a front clasp. I removed it an slowly began gently kissing her breasts. She was breathing very deeply at this point. I continued kissing from her breasts up to her ears over and over until she pushed my head down further. I took the hint in stride. I slowly pushed her dress up kissing both legs all the way up. Once I got to the panties it was a tiny bikini cut black pair. I slowly pulled it off kissing down each leg as a pulled each leg out. Then I saw the promise land. Her pussy was clean shaven and looked very good. Her brownish lips were flush with blood from being turned on. I dove right in fucking her pussy with my tongue and playing her clit with my hand. She had pulled a pillow over her face and was screaming into it. It only took 3-5 minutes of this before she filled my face and mouth with her juices. I unleashed an animal. I was hard as a rock at this point and she leaned up undid my belt and pulled my cock out. She didn't even let me wiggle my pants off. She just wiggled her pussy up to my cock and told be to be gentle at first. I'm not big, but it was hard to jam it in. I saw pain on her face but I slowly got a rhythm down or short but powerful strokes. I still had my pants, shirt, and socks on. She still had her dress on. I slowly pumped for a good 10 minutes before I felt like I was going to cum. At this point she had pulled the pillow over her face and was screaming into it again. I pulled out and jacked myself off onto her thigh. She reached down with one finger and dipped in the cum to taste it. It was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I never need to watch porn again with that image in my mind.

After that she asked me to hold her. She got kind of emotional and We just laid there for what seemed like hours in her guest bedroom. Eventually we go to talking and she asked if I like how she was shaved. She told me she just did it while I was home showering and she secretly hoped something would happen. She said it was the first time in her life she had more than one orgasm in a day. These poor older women. I told her I loved it and would not mind having sex again. She agreed, but she wanted to move her bedroom. We got ourselves together and walked up stairs. This time was not nearly as intimate. She went into the bathroom and told me to get in bed. I got completely naked and climbed in. She came in wearing just a shorty robe. She said she had not given a blow job in 20 years and wanted to try it. Money, food, and blow jobs are things I do not turn down. I just laid back and watched as she started to suck me. I pulled her robe off so I could see her ass and pussy. She was an old pro. She went and went and went never stopping for air. I pulled her up and said I could finish through sex, but she insisted on blowing me to the end. She then went into turbo mode and I was filling her mouth in minutes. She took it all down. She kept going until I was hard again. Now it was my time. I sat up, put her on all fours and fucked her doggystyle. Then missionary for a while. She stopped me and said it was starting to hurt. I started in slow again being more intimate until she was wet again. Then I made it so she was on top. She rode while we made out and I played with her tits. When I was getting close I told her and she told me to finish inside. So I picked her up so I was standing and she was bent over the bed. I could get deeper that way. I put it back in and was cumming within minutes. I came deep into her and pumped until it was all out. I just pulled out and laid down. She laid down and we fell asleep. We woke in the morning at about 6:30. The room was a mess and so were the sheets. All her cum and my cum had leaked out while we were sleeping. We kissed in the morning, but nothing else.

When I left she said thank you. I told her the feeling was mutual. I went back later that day and she told me it could not be a daily thing, but she would be fine with a couple times a month. Hopefully after next weekend I can report on "much older neighbor II"
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Very hot and great details! Look wise how would you rate her? Was she a blonde?
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Her hair was very dark. I think it was dyed.
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Sounds good to me
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Mature people are the best! Good job, big guy. May she be a long-term fuck buddy.
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great story/experience.
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