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Wifey Ashley- Full blown Glory

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Lightbulb Wifey Ashley- Full blown Glory

If you had read our previous sequels (Dr. Dud & Mrs. Ashley), you would know that my wife Ashley could never have enough men. First it was Ryan, the college kid, then it was Mark - my friend in politics, then it was our gym instructor. We now had several porn videos which we edited and sold in large numbers.

Longing for a break from the regular fuck, she asked me if I had any ideas. Since it was Sunday and I didn't have to go to the hospital, I offered to drive her to a mature side of town. This area boasted adult theatres and libraries, and we set about getting an adventurous partner for Ashley. I had come ready with my videocam to record all the action. Ashley was dressed in a neat bikini style tube top combined with a mini skirt that stopped short just above mid thigh and panties.

I hid in a corner and let her roam the corridors in the library, videotaping as many guys who passed her gave her a butt or a breast - squeeze. The plan was that Ashley would stop any guy she liked and we would continue from there. After half an hour of having various strangers grope my wife, she soon found her choice- a dark handsome muscular man about 6 feet tall. She stared at him longingly then turned around and started walking fast toward the end of the corridor. Naturally, he followed her. At the end of the corridor was a cubicle with a glory - hole. She headed straight for it and locked herself in. When the guy had gone to the other end, I knocked and entered inside with her.

I took out the cam and switched it on again, as she stripped. The guy had now introduced his cock inside the hole- I could see it was as huge as Ryan's.. thick, veiny and elastic- and it wasnt even hard yet. Ashley was really turned on at the sight. She started stroking and kissing his cock protruding through the hole in the wall. I could hear him moaning on the other side. She gave the tip a gentle kiss and ran her tongue over its entire length- he could not control himself and started becoming huge. He was certainly a monster. She massaged his cock till he grew to his full length before taking him into her slutty mouth. I placed the camera on a shelf to record the action and started to strip myself.

I then started massaging my wife's back as she sucked harder on the dark cock of this unknown stranger. She kept at it and in three minutes her face was filled with his cum. But he was a man of amazing stamina, and he continued to be erect which was the signal for my wife to change position. "You idiot, help me turn around", she reprimanded me, as I quickly turned her around and bent her over so that he could fuck her cunt doggie - style through the hole. I do not know what kind of a pounding she was receiving, but the way she kissed my lips as I knelt in front of her was amazing- she had never kissed me that way before and I enjoyed it- I peeked at the cock inside her cunt and I could see that she was stuck to the wall, which meant the whole of the huge monster was inside her! I took out my own cock and waved it like a juicy piece of meat in front of her.

She hungrily grabbed it and started sucking on it. She soon stopped and I opened my eyes to see why- the stranger had unloaded himself again inside her. Her body was shaking with tremors as she held on tight to my hips. Having finished his job, the man quickly withdrew his penis and was even decent enough to shove a 500 buck note through the hole- he apparently thought Ashley was a high class prostitute- well she certainly was, but what he didn't know was she was married to the richest doctor in town!

Anyway, Ashley didn't seem content with being abandoned, ordered me to sit, then sat atop me and made me cum inside her. Only after she felt fulfilled did I get up, and switch off the cam that had recorded all the action. We then walked up to the guy (who was looking a little apprehensive). Ashley was dressed again, but she wouldn't look him in the eye and shyly brushed her feet against the concrete floor. I learnt his name was Jean. I gave him our contact details and asked him to pay a visit now and then. He seemed very satisfied as we could see by his broad handsome grin.
"Mademoiselle?", he murmured.
"Yes?" My wife's voice had a light tremble.
"Thank you for the awesome experience", he whispered as he kissed her hand lightly
"It was our pleasure", she replied, blushing.
He then turned to me, "Can I kiss her now?".
"Sure", I replied, then looked over at Ashley "I'll be in the car. Come over when you're done". She nodded excitedly.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could make out they were furiously kissing shamelessly in front of everyone else in the library. His hand had slid up under her mini skirt and they kissed passionately as her grabbed her naked butt. Her hand was on his chest and they looked at each other a long time before they gave their goodbye kiss. I ran back to the car and pretended I didn't know what had happened when she arrived. Now we had come to a close of one of our most exciting adventures. Looking forward to hear more from our new friend Jean!

************************************************** **
With love, Dr. Dud & Mrs. Ashley
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Smile Good Time

Libraries can be very instructive. Hot story.
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Thumbs up Doc...

Wow that must have been some experience... Great story
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