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Default adult theatre

I moved to Atlanta area 15 years ago. I was working in Retail and working with me was a girl that was in her early 20's.
She was not a bbw but she was a little thick and had a very pretty face.
We quickly formed a friendship and I could tell she was interested in more than being a friend.

I decided to let her think I was gay or at least more interested in guys.
This turned out to be a great decision as any walls we had quickly fell and we became really good friends with no secrets.
We would sometimes take our off days together and usually spend them at the lake just laying in the sun and swimming. She was very comfortable with me and we had no problems being nude in front of each other.

One day we were off together but because it was cloudy and supposed to rain much of the day, I suggested we take a trip into Atlanta.
I had gone a couple of times to an adult theatre and had a blast. Yes, it was mostly guys there just trying to trick each other but I had no problems with that either and played several times myself.
We walked up to the counter and found that couples are FREE!
We went inside and it was super super dark. We stood at the back of the theatre and let our eyes adjust to the stark darkness.
There was a st8 porn movie on the screen and I looked at my friend wondering if she was flipping out. She smiled and winked. I knew this would be a fun day.

We made it down to the couples sitting area and found a seat without any problems. We were barely in our chairs and I looked around to find we were surrounded by guys.
I asked her if she was alright and she smiled and said, Hell yes! She said she had always wanted to try this and just didn't have anyone to go with.

We settled in and watched some of the flick, it was a good movie and the whole arena was filled with sexual overtones.

To our right and left were guys that were playing with themselves. From time to time she would look around and smile in approval but never touched or invited anyone to touch her.

As she and I were sitting next to each other I decided to put my arm around her just so she would be comfortable. She pulled my right hand down and into her top. I was playing with her tit and she was happy.
The guys around us started to pump even harder.

She started rubbing my cock through my pants and it was feeling really great. I stood up and dropped my pants much to her surprise and delight.
In return she lifted her top off and there we were for all to see.

Feeling caught up in the moment I leaned in and kissed her. She returned the favor with viger.

The guy sitting to her right took this opportunity to make a grab and she moved his hand down to her pussy. She then stood up to take off her pants and panties. She then sat down with her face towards me and told me to kiss her.
As I kissed he fingered her and felt her up from his vantage point.

She then leaned in and began to suck my dick. With the bottom half and her tits open to any and all that wanted it.

Within a few seconds she was getting dicked left and right. She had me in her mouth, a guy fucking her pussy, one guy on the row behind was standing with his dick in her left hand another guy in the row in front of us was giving her is dick in her right hand.

She was in cock heaven to say the least.

We spent almost 4 hours in this place. I have no idea how many guys she fucked and sucked that day. It was one of the best days of my life.
We continued to go back many many times over the years and yes there are plenty of more great stories to share.

I will.
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Telling a girl you are mostly interested in guys seems like a great trick to get closer to her. Sleeping with her will then be formality
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Thumbs up Damn

Damn,Not even Ann would do that. Great story.


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i love adult theaters if you have a fun girl to go with
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