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Miss i dunno know in Cancun

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Default Miss i dunno know in Cancun

I was in my 20's and gone on vacation with by myself to Cancun for some sun and strange after college.
I rested the first day an sunned and checked out the scene and he niext night went out to a hot club. During the evenin and after checking out some of the women i noticed this hot little blond with very curly long golden blonde hair with highlights. She had a great body with was very pretty. She was with a group of girls and they like everybody else were drinking and flirting and dancing with lots of guys but i couldn't take my eyes off her. I introduced myself and she told me her name was Sabrina and she had just graduated from U.of Tennessee and lived in a small town in Tennessee. I bought her dirnks and we danced and we were into each other but she had these habits that became annoying like twirling her hair in her fingers as she talked and saying i dunno know.
I was putting it on hard and she was playing with me and even though i tried to get her to leave with me the best i could do was find out where she would be the next afternoon on a beach.
I was frustrated but had my sights set on her sexy body and met her the next day. She and a few girls were laying out and swimming and flirting with guys when i got there and quickly moved in to establish my position with Sabrina. We spent several hours on the beach and in the ocean playing and i was getting to think she was just a dick teaser because whenever i tried to make a move and suggest some private time she would say..i dunno
Finally she agreed to have dinner with me alone and we met about 9 pm.
She looked sensational in a short white dress and sandals. The dress was low cut with spaghetti strps and i wanted to fondle and suck her nice tanned tits all through dinner. Then we went dancing and she was very sexy on the dance floor and we got into dirty dancing and she had me so horny. She would lift her dress as she moved and she had very strong looking but sexy thighs and legs. We danced and drank for a couple hours and had a nice buzz on when i finally convinced her to go baak to my room at my hotel. I had a bottle of champagne on ice just in case and when i picked it up from under the cloth covering it most of the ice had melted and it dripped water as i opened it and she was giddy saying she never had champagne before. She sat on the edge of the bed as i poured it into glasses saying..champagne is for special moments like this one right..and she began to twirl her hair again and said i dunno know...her nervous habits were making me want to hit her over the head with the damn kidding.
I raised my glass and she did too as i toasted to a memorable night and then as we took a few sips to finish it i took her glass and dropped it with mine onto the floor and turned to her and rolled on top of her kissing her and putting my hands under her ass. Then i was feeling her up and want it ..hmmmm..i want you so badddd....i moved my head and started to kiss her neck and her ear and blow my hot breath in her ear and she was breathing hard and i wanna..hahaha..and YEP she did it again saying in a breathless way..i dunno know....i had heard enough of that crap and i slid the strap of he dress down and fondled one of her tits while i sucked it and she put her hand on the back of my head and ran it through my hair as i started rubbing my body on hers dry humping her and she was breathing shallow and fast as i slid down and pulled down her thong and buried my face in her pussy. As soon as i did that she raised her legs up and had her feet flat on the bed and had her hands on my head as i licked an sucked her pussy and it tasted pretty good. She started to thrash around as my tongue was working her pussy and i held her by the hips as i forced my tongue in her and wiggled and she moaned deep. Then i started to lick her pussy fast like a cat licks up milk and wiggle it on her clit and stopped briefly to say..lets fuck..hahaha..I saw that she had both of her hands on her head and was moving it from side to side and panting and she fucking did it again slowly saying...iii...dunno knowwwww...and she was licking her lips like they were dry and it was time to make things happen so i went back to sucking her pussy but this time hard and she was writhing around and moaning louder and while i attended to her pussy with my mouth i was opening my fly and pulld out my hard dick.
She was still laying on her back with her legs up and feet on the bed and i saw both her dress straps were down and she had her hands on her tits massaging them as i was going down on her. They were very nice and firm and her nipples were almost pink and very hard and she was licking her lips and panting. I had to have her so i slid up putting my hands under her legs as i moved up and rollng her legs back and up and i penetrated her and she moaned and i went back and forth a little and then pushed all the way in and it felt like a hot tight glove on my dick and she yelped out and groaned with a i fucked her.
She was somewhat of a disappointment as she basically just layed there and let me do all the work but i pounded her tight little pussy good and came inside her as she gasped for air and i banged her with thuds all through my climax. I really don't know if she came and i didn't care and i spent the rest of the night hammering her pussy..doggie style and missionary and made her give a feeble attempt at sucking my cock several times. To be honest except for having a great body and tight pussy she was terrible in bed but i got off numerous times before i took her back to her motel. I am sure she went home to Tennessee with a much looser pussy and full of me. She wouldn't even let me fuck her ass so i ditched her when i was supposed to meet her the next day and she must have been pissed or didn't care..i dunno she never came looking for me. I did get laid once more before my vacation ended but i will have to put that under mature
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Thumbs up Wow!

Your stories get us both hot. Thanks, Mark and Ann
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