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Fucking a stranger

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My hubby and I have a pretty wild sex life..that would be a slight understatement but recently we have started doing some more daring stuff and Monday night I did something really naughty at his request. We have a sports bar here locally that is always full of nice looking guys and when we went there for a few drinks after work Monday, I spotted a real sexy guy at the bar and he was all alone. I remarked to my man that "he looked lonely". So he tells me he wants to make me a bet to see if I can get in his pants in less than 30 minutes. I gladly accepted the challenge and casually walked up to him and sat in the stool next to him. We made some eye contact and said hello. After some small talk about what was on the tv (soccer..yawn)then he asked me "what do you do for fun around here"
I told him not much and that this was a boring town most of the time. He told me he was in town for business and looking for something exciting to do. So then I told him the "most exciting thing in this town was having sex" His eyebrows perked up and I knew then I had him right where I wanted. I asked him "do you want to go somewhere and talk?" He told me his hotel was just a few blocks away and I sent my hubby a text message that I would be leaving shortly. After we finished our drinks, we went outside and got in his car and drove to his hotel. My hubby followed closely behind and I felt safe enough knowing he was right behind us. We got to the hotel and went up to his room. As we were entering the door I saw my hubby pull up right outside so I knew I was safe. We got confortable on the edge of the bed and turned on the TV. After a few minutes I got up and used the bathroom. When I came out, he had already taken off his pants and was sitting there nearly naked on the end of the bed. I kneeled down between his legs and started rubbing his cock and balls...his cock was so nice!!! about 8 inches erect and very thick. After rubbing him for a few more moments, I slowly took his cock into my mouth and started running my tounge across his head inside my mouth...his eyes rolled back in pleasure and he layed back on the bed as proceeded to give him a nice slow and hot blowjob. After about 5 mintes of this, he told me "I want your pussy". SO... happy to oblige him, I took off my dress and revealed to him I was wearing stockings and no panties..
He practically threw me onto the bed and spread my labia apart and started licking my pussy up and down..mmmm it felt soooo nice!!! I was a little nervous at first at being so naughty with my hubby only a few feet away outside, but after feeling how good he was making my pussy feel, I couldnt take it anymore and I climbed on top of him and gently guided his cock into my snatch..from there I started riding him reverse cowgirl, he started feeling my ass and after humping him for a while he asked me if he could be on top. I was perfectly fine with this and I layed back on the bed as he grabbed both my ankles, pulling my ass in the air as he dangled his rock hard cock before my pussy lips..slowly he entered me and the feelings were so hot and erotic..he began pumping me and after a few minutes he was fucking me so hard it was making me so horny watching him thrust in and out of me..after about 10 minutes of this I told him I wanted to do it doggy style and I got on my knees and he entered me from behind..his thrusts got harder and harder as he was burying his cock into my pussy...I was so close to cumming he must have sensed this as he told me he was ready to cum and told him to let me do the rest with my mouth..he didnt seem to mind and quickly I started sucking his head and shaft until he finally grabbed the back of my head as he was about to explode after a few seconds, I felt him tense up as he unloaded a huge cumshot into the back of my throat!!! He must not have had sex in a while because his cum was thick and forceful, and I swallowed every last drop as he fell to the bed.. I gave him about 5 minutes or so the recover and then I started sucking him again..this time licking his balls and gently taking both of them into my mouth, he groaned in approval and after a few minutes of this he asked me if he could fuck my ass. Anal is something that I only do with my husband but the thought of having this mans hot cock in my bum was more than I could resist, so I told him he could.. He got out some astroglide from his luggage and dribbled some on his cock and poured some on my tight little ass..after probing me with his finger and loosening me up I told him in a very slutty way "I want you to fuck my ass" He parted my ass cheeks and slowly entered my asshole with his rock hard cock. It really hurt at first but after a few minutes of putting it in and slowly taking it back out I was ready for all he could give me.. I told him again to "fuck my ass" except this time I added "hard" to my request..he was very happy to oblige me and he started grabbing my hips as he plunged his thick cock into my tight little ass..I moaned with pleasure as he was filling me up and he thrusted his cock into me so far his midsection was smacking into my ass with every thrust...after about 20 minutes of him ravaging my ass I told him I was ready to cum and he went even harder, expecting his own orgasm too before we quit.. I felt so naughty having this stranger fucking my ass so hard while my hubby waited outside patiently.. after a few more hard strokes i told him "I'm cummming!!!" and as i did he told me he was close too..My orgasm came over me in waves and my clit was throbbing like crazy as he fucked me harder and harder. he finally let out a tremendous groan and had a second orgasm as he came another time, this time dumping his cum in my ass and continuing to pump me full of his cum after his he laid back on the bed all he could do was smile and tell me how wonderful that felt.. I told him then that I never have anal sex with other men only my husband and he thanked me for letting him do that.. After we sat and talked for a few I told him I better get going and he agreed saying he had to get up early the next day.. I told him I had a ride avaialable and he didnt have to take me back to the bar and he looked puzzled but walked me to the door and told me thanks for letting him enjoy my pussy and ass..I told him no problem, ad thanks for letting me enjoy his rock hard cock for a while.. I went outside and got into my hubby's car and as we backed up and left, I looked at his room and there looking from behind the drapes was my hot little fuck..watching in amazement as I rode off with my was a hot experience and my hubby told me later that he really got turned on knowing I was in there and getting my brains fucked out by a complete stranger..I later on I finally told him I let him fuck my ass and after some upset looks he finally told me that was okay if I wanted to do that again in the future!!!! yay!! So in the weeks to come, I hope to have some more really hot fuck experiences to tell you horny people about!

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Hot! VERY HOT! Great Post! Thanks!!!!!!
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Hot damn that was a good one, babe!
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Wink Hot

Hot story. A real CUM churner.
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anal, cock, fucking, stranger

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