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Finally! Sex With Mother In Law and Sister In Law In The Same Day!

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Smile Finally! Sex With Mother In Law and Sister In Law In The Same Day!

I decided to get in touch with my mother in law after having anal sex with her a few weeks ago. I posted that event on the Milf board under "Anal Sex With Mother In Law" if you'd like to catch up. After giving her a call on Thursday, I drove round there on Friday. I didn't know what was going to happen as her reaction to the anal sex wasn't what I expected. Anyway, when I got there we had a chat about what had gone on. She said that it wasn't that she hadn't enjoyed the anal sex but it was just that I'm quite big and it hurt when I was all the way in. She also said that she wasn't opposed to doing it again but I have to be gentler with her next time. Fair enough, I thought.

At the moment, I'm in the process of deciding what to do with my marriage. I've met someone else and I'm deciding whether to leave my wife for this woman. In the meantime, I see no problem in continuing to fuck my mother in law on occasion. We had a cup of tea and a chat in the living room. She asked me if I needed to rush off and I said I didn't. She asked if I wanted to go upstairs. I certainly had nothing better to do so I agreed. We got to the bedroom and undressed ourselves. We lay next to each other and started kissing and groping. I eventually moved my hand down in between her legs and on to her wet pussy. I started to give her clitoris a rub with my finger and she took hold of my dick and started to rub it. We did this for a couple of minutes and then she asked me if I wanted to be inside her. I did, obviously, and I got on top of her and gently slid myself in to her pussy. I went slowly. Her legs wrapped around me. I was enjoying myself immensely and so was she. I remember thinking how incredibly hot and wet she felt when the silence was broken by a "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?!” It was my sister in law. It would appear that the mother in law had forgotten to lock the back door and she'd come round and let herself in. We quickly got dressed and she ran downstairs after her daughter.

I could hear a heated conversation coming from downstairs. I decided that I had better go downstairs and see what was happening. My sister in law was ranting and raving at her mother. Obviously she was shocked at the sight of me and her having sex. I listened to the conversation for a bit. "Your father is at work all day and when he comes home he just sits in front of the TV and falls asleep! We haven't had sex for years!” said Mother in Law. "And how is having sex with him (pointing at me) going to solve the problem!?” asked Sister in Law. "We give each other what our partners don't. Nobody is getting hurt.” replied Mother in Law. "And how do you think they'll feel when they find out!? My husband is away all the time! I don't see him for weeks at a time and I don't go and have sex with my sister's husband!” shouted SIL. I jumped in then. "Your husband has cheated on you more than once and you still married him. What do you think he's doing when he's away working? We all know he's shagging around but you won't believe it.", I said. "And what you're doing is any better is it? Shagging my mother behind my sister's back?" replied SIL. "I wouldn't be doing any of this if my marriage to your sister was absolutely fine. Like your mother said, we're filling in what's missing.” I said. Then MIL jumped in, "He's the best sex I've ever had. We have some affection for each other but we're not in love." My sister in law sat down in one of the chairs around the kitchen table, her head in her hands. "I don't believe this." said mumbled. Mother in Law turned to me. "Let me talk to her for a bit. It needs sorting before you leave." "Ok. I'll go and sit in the garden." I got myself a glass of water and then went out in to the garden.

I don't know how many minutes had passed but it seemed like quite a while. Eventually, the back door slid open. It was my Mother in Law. "Come in.", she said. I went back in to the house. "K is in the living room.” said S - gesturing for me to go in there. (K being the first letter of my sister in law's name and S being the first letter of my mother in law's name. I'll use K and S from now on.) I went in to the living room and sat down. K was sat in one of the chairs. S came and sat next to me. "Right, I've spoken to K. She's agreed not to say anything to anybody.” said S. "But I've had to come to an agreement with her but I'm not sure if you're going to go along with it.", she continued. "What's that then?” I asked. I looked over at K but she wasn't making eye contact with me. S carried on, "K is in the same boat I was before you came along. If you sleep with her then she won't say anything. Besides, she said that it would be getting her husband back for cheating on her." "Hang on; I thought you said that I was hurting your sister?” I said directing my words at K. "If you're going to leave her then it doesn't matter does it.", said K. I gave S a confused look. Having always wanted to have sex with my sister in law then this was my perfect opportunity. I looked over at K. "When do you want to do this then?” I asked. K shrugged, "Now, if you want." S jumped in, "Now? But I wanted to finish what was started earlier." "We can carry on later.” I replied. I looked over at K. "Are we going to go to your house then?” I asked K. Her house is literally around the corner from her mother. "Can't we just go upstairs?” asked K, looking at her mother. "Where K? I got rid of you and your sister's beds after you both moved out. There's only my bed. Can't you go round to your house? Or if you don't want to do that then you can use the settee and I'll go and wait upstairs.” S responded. I really couldn't believe the conversation I was hearing. "No Mum, I'm not going to have sex on your settee. We'll just use your bed and stay on top of the covers." S sighed. "Ok then. I'll wait down here." "What are you going to do?” I asked S. "I'll watch TV or something until you come back down." S replied. I looked over at K. "Shall we go then?” I asked. K nodded, got out of the chair and made her way upstairs. S looked a bit worried. I said, "Don't worry. I still think you're sexy. We'll finish what we started later." S smiled back and we shared a brief but sexy kiss. I then got up off the settee and made my way upstairs.

I got to S's bedroom and K was in there. She was still fully clothed. Let me describe K to you. She's around 5'3, curvy like my wife and her mother, blonde hair (dyed), sunbed tan. I don't usually go for blondes but there's something about K that has made me want her since the first time I saw her. She also has a similar arse to her mother but it's just a little smaller. I closed the bedroom door behind me. Once it was closed she turned her back to me started to remove her clothes. I noticed that she had a tattoo on her lower back. Not sure what of exactly, it was one of the pattern things. She got down to her jeans and removed them. It was very sexy to see her bend over whilst she was removing them and reveal her sexy bare arse to me. When she was finally completely naked she turned round to face me. Her breasts were just the right size and her pussy was shaven. "I thought you were getting undressed as well.” K said. "Sorry, I was distracted for a moment.” I replied. I got myself undressed and completely naked. K's eyed widened a little when she saw the size of my dick. I'm rather large. Women say size doesn't matter but I know that they're lying. K lay down on the bed. "Get on top of me", she said. I got on top of her and we started kissing. Eventually I moved my way down to her breasts and sucked her nipples. She seemed to be enjoying it a lot but I wasn't inside her yet. I was rock hard. She took hold of my dick and started to use it to rub her clitoris. I could feel how hot and wet she was. She was letting out little oooo's and ahhh's so she was certainly enjoying it. We did this for a couple of minutes and then she told me to get on my back. I obliged. I got on my back and K got on top of me in the 69 position. She moved her wet pussy close to my face as I felt her warm mouth envelope my dick. I got to work on her pussy with my tongue, circling, flicking and sucking her clitoris. She tasted quite similar to her mother but just a little bit different. I could hear her making little noises as I licked her and my dick still in her mouth. She was certainly giving an expert blow job. We went like this for a few minutes. To be honest, I could have 69'd all day. K turned and straddled me. She took hold of my dick and lowered herself on to it. I felt her pussy open up and envelope me. Her hands gripped me quite hard as I disappeared inside her. She started to move slowly at first as her pussy got used to my size. It was extremely hot. She started to pick up speed. Her breathing was heavy. She rode me for a while. I was desperately trying to think of something else to stop me from cumming. Luckily, I was able to hold on long enough until she came. "I'm going to cum", she whispered. Her eyes closed and her breathing changed. I felt the inside of her pussy get hotter. She continued to ride me, albeit slower, after she came. "Are you going to cum?” she asked. "Get on all fours.” I replied. K got off me and on to all fours. I wanted to cum in her pussy from behind and get a good look at her arse. I got behind her, took my dick in my hand and guided it in to her pussy. Her arse was amazing and I could smell her pussy as I moved in and out of it. I asked, "Where do you want me to cum?" "On me or inside me. I'm on the pill so it's up to you.", she replied. I then concentrated on cumming. I could feel it building up and I was going to cum imminently. I decided that I wanted to cum inside her and on her arse. I picked up speed just a little and then I started to cum. I came a bit inside her and then I pulled out and did the rest on her arse. There was quite a lot of it. K turned to me. "Now I know why my Mum likes you.", she said. "I had better go to the bathroom.", she continued.

She got off the bed and wandered off to the bathroom, her arse covered in my cum. I put my boxer shorts back on and wandered downstairs. The stairs lead directly in to the living room. S was sat on the settee. "Are you ok?", I asked. "I could hear you both. Have you done now?", she responded. A voice shouted from upstairs, "Mum, I'm having a shower!" "Ok!", S shouted back. S got up and started to make her way in to the kitchen. I noticed she was looking at bit worried. I stopped her. "What's up?", I asked. "I supposed you're going to go off with her now and forget about Me.", S replied. "Don't be daft. Why would I do that? I've told you time and time again that I think you're incredibly sexy." I was still extremely horny. You know how sometimes after you've had sex you could just go at it again straight away? That's how I was feeling. I wanted more. I pulled S towards me and kissed her. I slipped my hand down her pyjama bottoms and started to give her a little rub. "No, K is upstairs.", said S. "So? She's in the shower. Anyway, she wasn't bothered with you sat down here." This seemed to change her mind. I pulled down her pyjama bottoms once she was wet enough and then I kneeled down and buried my face in to her pussy. She put on leg up on the settee so I could get to her pussy easier. I wanted to make she that she came. I flicked, licked and sucked at her clitoris. I got her to the brink of cumming when we heard the shower stop. I quickly asked her to rest her hands on the back of the settee so I could enter her stood up from behind. She did what I asked and I quickly entered her. I went at it quite fast as I badly wanted to cum again and I knew that S was close to cumming and I knew that K would be coming downstairs in a few minutes. After about a minute after I entered S I started to cum and this set S off cumming too. I love fucking S from behind and now I know that I love fucking her daughter from behind too. We finished cumming and S got her pyjama bottoms back on and I pulled my shorts back up. K came downstairs about two minutes later. "I could hear you both from upstairs you know." K said. "And? I could hear you when you were upstairs." S replied. "Fair enough then." K said. We chatted for a couple of minutes but unfortunately I had to leave for the drive home. K stayed behind with her mother. I certainly had a fun afternoon and I was contemplating this being the last time I get myself involved with them both and instead concentrate on sorting my life out. That was until I received a text from her S when I got home saying, "We'd like to do that again. Next weekend or one day this week if you're free?" Excellent! Could this be the threesome that I've been dreaming about with them? If not, I'll happily take them one at a time.
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Default Story

To me, it seems to be untrue.... May be I am wrong.
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Are you going to post that comment on every detailed account that is posted on here just like you do with thkdicknu's posts? Like thkdicknu said, if you don't want to read the detailed posts then stick to the "I had sex at the weekend. The end." posts. Forhad, some people have the most extraordinary sex life (like thkdicknu and I) and want to share it on here for others to enjoy. I go in to great detail so it will help people visualise my experience, just like thkdicknu does. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion but you have not idea of how wrong you are. Peace.
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Default Bravo

Pay no attention to forhadx. These situations do happen when your confident and open to it. I don't see any posts by forhadx..what does that tell
Congrats on your new found experiences with your mother and sister in-law. I look forward to reading about your future encounters with them. Having them together would be very exciting but women can be very jealous so take care with that. Having only one bed is a problem but i am sure you will work it out and make them both happy.
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Thanks thkdicknu. I'm glad that you enjoy reading my experiences as I do yours. I did notice that Forhadx has not posts. Ah, the life of the sheltered. This new situation I find myself in is certainly a hot one. I'm going to pay a visit to them this Wednesday and I'm looking forward to it to say the least. Whether it's a threesome or just one at a time I won't be able to complain. We'll see what happens on Wednesday and I'll post the experience on the board.
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Hi Ablecain, I bet you can really work the room at a family reunion. LMAO

Your posts are different but very interesting!!!!
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Smile hot

a family that lays together. Good story.
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ass, cum, dick, milf, pussy

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