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The Bachelorette Party

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Default The Bachelorette Party

My three best friends Rhonda, Tiffany, Mitzi and myself had sworn that we’d all be bridesmaids to each other and maid of honors at our weddings. We even put out names in a basket and drew them out to see who would be maid of honor to whom.

We had all pledged the same sorority together when we first arrived at LSU as freshmen and quickly we were a foursome. Rhonda and Tiffany had been the most promiscuous and they roomed together in the sorority house. Mitzi and I roomed together and we usually would just date one guy for several months to a year, much less promiscuous, though if I could do it over I’d change that!!!! But I admit that Mitzi and I did have a fun but small collection of sex toys. Strangely enough by the end of our junior year Tiffany was the first one engaged. Early our senior year Mitzi became engaged.

Tiffany’s wedding was in May, one year after graduation and Mitzi was getting married 2 months later in July. This all fell soon after my fling with Jules had ended. Rhonda and I were sharing an apartment in New Orleans and we booked a flight together to go to Tampa, FL to have a bachelorette weekend at Tiffany’s parents’ weekend lake house three weeks before her wedding. The lake house was over an hour from where Tiffany’s parent’s lived. And we had use of it for our first bachelorette weekend and the combined bachelorette party for Tiffany and Mitzi.

It was a Thursday night when Tiffany and Mitzi met us at the airport and we drove up to the lake house. We all had gone home with Tiffany before, twice all of us and had been skiing on the lake there. I was really looking forward to doing some water skiing. The lake there was just big enough to ski on and there was a ski jump platform. Then Tiffany told us the bad news. Several alligators had been spotted on the lake so it was off limits to skiing and swimming until the alligators were all trapped and re-released somewhere else. I was really bummed because I love to water ski so much. At least there was a swimming pool and we could swim and get some sun.

On Friday we just hung out sunning at the pool and swam some, then we did take the ski boat out for a fast fun ride and cruised around the shoreline looking for the alligators. We did see one floating on the surface. That night we headed into Tampa to eat and go to a club that was featuring male dancers that evening, allowing only female patrons!!!

We got to the club just in time to get a table up front. That place filled up fast with a couple of hundred or more women for the show. It was really getting loud by the time the dancers started. All the male dancers were very good looking and buff!!! Most of them were white but there were also two very sexy black dancer, about 20 dancers in all. They were all very muscled and had 6-pack stomachs. I don’t know how many dollars we slipped in their g-strings. Tiffany & Rhonda kept feeling up their package when they gave them a dollar. We were all drinking a lot and laughing and screaming so much. Then after they had all done their routine, they were free to roam about and give table dances. The women there were almost fighting over these guys.

We finally got a guy to dance at our table. This time I made sure I snuck a feel. He had a big cock!! I felt it!!! We had a few more table dances before we finally got both of the black guys at the same time. They were our favorites and we got several table/lap dances from them and indeed we all snuck a feel of their cocks. The guys were pretty aggressive themselves and at some point felt us all up and gave us tongue kisses but were careful about it because there were some security guys walking around. They actually made one table of ladies leave because they were groping the dancers so much.

On the drive back to the lake house we got to talking about how we had never been with any black guys but each admitted to actually fantasizing about it and thinking it would be so hot. Well, Rhonda dropped a bombshell!!!! She admitted that she'd been with a black guy! We were all screaming, “Oh My God!” and we made her give us all the juicy details. She’d had sneaky sex a few times with a black basketball player from her hometown when she was home for the summers from college and never told anyone. She said he had the biggest cock she had ever seen and he was in fact the best sex she had ever had. And Rhonda had been with a lot of guys.

The next day the four of us went shopping at the local mall to the lake house, just a one level mall. While shopping we had seen these 4 black guys together walking around. They had to be 2 or 3 years younger than us and we were aware that they really checked us out. While we were sitting at a table in the food court eating those guys came and sat at the table next to ours and were obviously checking us out there. Tiffany shocked me when she started a conversation with them. They scooted their chairs over to our table. They were all cute and the short one about 5’ 9” wearing a sleeveless shirt had really muscular arms and nice shoulders.

The guys were all either 19 or 20 years old and local. The 2 taller guys played on the local junior college basketball team, one was a student at FAMU in Tallahassee and the other went to South Florida U. and they were both home for the weekend. Tiffany invited them to come over and party at the lake house with us and swim in the pool. Mitzi and Rhonda piped in too, encouraging them to come over, telling them we had plenty of beer and liquor. The guys said they'd come over later. On our way home from the mall we stopped and bought beer and liquor, then we dropped by the pharmacy and picked up several boxes of condoms. The teenage boy that rang us up at the cash register could hardly contain himself. His eyes nearly jumped out of his head. He had a great big look of glee and excitement as we walked out. I bet he couldn’t wait to tell his buddies that 4 hot chicks just bought 4 large boxes of condoms from him.

When we got back we all decided to put on our bikinis for when or if the guys came over. Tiffany broke out a thong bikini and so did Mitzi. I couldn’t believe it. Rhonda and I didn’t have thong bikinis so Mitzi and Tiffany actually said they each had an extra one each if we’d wear them. Rhonda eagerly said yes, and after some coaxing I agreed to also. Sure enough they guys showed up. They were obviously excited to see us in thong bikinis.

We hung out at the pool drinking and swimming, the guys tried several funny dives off the diving board then we girls showed them how to do it right. We were all drinking and having fun and eventually started to couple up. It was getting to be late afternoon, I ended up with Eric, only 19, 6’2” tall, one of the basketball players. Everyone eventually was sitting on the pool furniture starting to make out. I saw that Rhonda had her top off and was sitting straddling the shorter muscled guy and making out with him, Mitzi and Tiffany were both laid out on recliners with their guys. I was getting really hot and wet while kissing with Eric and he was rubbing my exposed butt cheeks in that thong. I noticed he had quite a bulge in his swim shorts, so I suggested we take it to the bedroom.

I led him by the hand inside and down the hall to the bedroom I was using. I noticed all the others followed right behind us and everyone went to their bedroom. As soon as I closed the door behind us I untied the bikini top and exposed my breasts to Eric. He cupped my breasts and felt my nipples which were hard and excited, then we started kissing. Right away his hand slipped into my thong bikini bottom and he discovered how wet my pussy was. We stood there making out while he fingered me for a couple of minutes before we collapsed on the bed and he slid my bottoms off and then he spread my legs apart and looked eagerly with those hungry dark brown eyes at my pussy. I grabbed his swim shorts and pulled them off to expose his already completely erect and very big black cock. I felt an extra twinge of excitement and immediately took it in my mouth. I gave him the best wet blow job I knew how, sucking his big thick dick and licking his nuts. He was moaning intently!!!

I brought him to the brink of an orgasm then stopped. I looked at him smiling and told him it was his turn to lick me. Eric said, “Great!” and attacked my pussy with his mouth. He sucked my lips and clit and licked me for several minutes while I let him know how good it felt. I was ready for him to start fucking me so I asked him, “Do you want to fuck me now?” Eric looking like a kid in a candy store with a big smile just said, “oh yea! OH YEA!” I unwrapped a condom and slid it seductively onto his cock while I looked at him sexily in the eyes. He pushed me back on the bed and with my legs all spread out wide to receive him and he pushed his cock into me. I felt like my eyes rolled back into my head from the sheer pleasure. He felt so good. He went deep into me and started fucking me slowly the faster and harder. I wrapped my legs around him as he thrusted into me. I certainly didn’t hold back verbally. Eric was so excited that he soon was cumming. I think he was embarrassed that he came so fast. I told him just to hold me tight and snuggle me until he was ready to go again and he said “okay.”

It was maybe 5 minutes that felt him starting to grow again so I licked him until he was totally erect and slid another condom on him. I asked him to, “Fuck me doggie!” I pushed my ass up in his direction and he pushed his erect cock into my still very wet pussy from behind. I told him he could grab my hair so he grabbed a handful and I told him to fuck me hard. His big thick dick felt so good thrusting in and out of me and I was able to finger myself at the same time. We fucked like that for several minutes and Eric showed no signs of cumming, I however, did cum. Then I told him to lie down that I was climbing on top of him. As I slid down onto his big thick long cock I knew that this was going to be a great position. His cock went so deep into me, oh wow! It was fantastic!. I know my wetness was soaking his testicles and groin. I fucked him hard and ground myself on him and I bent over on him so I could kiss him while fucking him. I had another orgasm while on top of him and then soon he did too.

While we were both laid back naked on the bed relaxing, Rhonda thrust open the door and rushes in naked with her guy, the shorter muscular one and jumps on that bed. Rhonda blurts out to me, “So how did you like getting black balled?” And she laughs out loud. She then high-fived Eric and said, “Congrats you’re the first black guy she'd ever fucked!” Eric just smiled a little embarrassed looking, not knowing what to say. Her guy, Dontavius, sat on the edge of the bed, he was naked too. Rhonda then asks, “You guys want to switch for the next go round?” I just looked at Dontavius and he looked at me and we both shrugged our shoulders and the word, “Sure” came out of our mouths at the same time. “C’mon,” said Rhonda and she led us all out of the room. To my surprise Tiffany was curled up naked on the sofa with the tallest guy, both of them naked. Evidently they had fucked right there in the back den. Soon Mitzi peeked out the door and saw us all in the den and she and her guy came out and joined us. We were all naked in the den. Rhonda announced that we were switching guys for the, “next round of sex.” Then she suggested they do and we’ll all switch again later on. I didn’t know what to say but everyone seemed enthusiastic about it. We got some more beer and all went out and swam naked in the pool for awhile.

Then when Rhonda took Eric by the hand to lead him inside we all took the cure and did the same. I went in the bedroom with Dontavius. I was really horny again and very aggressive, so I pushed him down on the bed and gave him a wild, wet, sloppy and noisy blow job. Then I mounted him. Dontavius had a really thick cock, not as long as Eric’s but even thicker. I stayed on top until I had orgasmed and soon he was on top of me and fucking me hard as hell until he came. I went and got us another beer. We ended up sitting in the den talking until everyone else had finished fucking and returned to the den.

We sat around for a while talking and we ordered pizza. The pizza guy got a real eyeful. Rhonda & Tiffany answered the door naked! LMAO Really they did and when he peeked in while she paid him he saw us white girls sitting in their with 4 naked black guys! His eyes almost bugged out! After the pizza came and we all ate it we just hung around. After awhile we decided to switch and I ended up with Jason, the tallest guy. Back to the bedroom we went and I sucked his cock giving him a great blow job. Jason couldn’t contain himself long and he ended up cumming on my face. I then cleaned up and told him since he came on my face he would have to lick me until I cum. At first he looked hesitant. I assured him since we had all been using condoms there was no cum in my pussy and then I ordered him to lick me. He went down on me like an obedient little boy and started licking me. I told him exactly what and how to do it and he licked me until I had an orgasm. By this time his cock was hard as a rock again and after putting on a condom he fucked me in the missionary position until he had cum. I couldn't believe it I had 4 condoms laying in the floor by my bed and once got my face creamed. And it wasn’t over yet.

With everyone in the den again, Tiffany said that we might as well swap up once more that way everyone will have had everyone! We all laughed and that’s what happened. After a few minutes we retreated to our bedrooms with the 4th guy for each of us. He was Dante, tall and well muscled. He had the longest cock of all but not especially thick. What Dante did have was endurance or maybe since he had already cum several times he was desensitized some, but Dante fucked and fucked me. We fucked missionary, doggie, me on top, on our sides and doggie one more time before he came. I had cum twice by then.

By the time this all ended it was about 4 in the morning. Tiffany knew of a 24 hour Denny’s so we all went their to eat. We were the only customers in there for awhile. Afterwards, the guys drove home and we went back to the lake house. In the car we started laughing and laughed so hard saying we were the “whore four!” We all talked about which guy was the best. I think we all got mixed results form each of the guys. I didn’t have one favorite. But that made our bachelorette weekend a much bigger success than any of us had planned. And it’s still our little secret to this day getting little snickers out of us when we visit. Of course their hubbies don’t have a clue, but then again, what happened at their bachelor parties?
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wowee whoa four guys!
That was quite a hot story Missy!!!!!!
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Ha ha ha! MISSY!!!!! You are nothin' but NAUGHTY!!!!!! I mean NAUGHTY!!!! Missy, this must be that story you promised you were working up the nerve to post!!!! I love it girl!!! That's the way to paaaartay! What can I say? You go girl!!!!!
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Sounds like an EPIC bachelorette party to me.... Soon-to-be-husbands' worst nightmare
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MISSY!!!! That's wild as shit!!! I'm going to have to send you an email so I can say everything I really want to!! LMAO You are one wild child, girl! You and your best friends!:h ard:
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Oh my Missy!!! Now that was a serious bachelorette party! "Girls just want to have fun!!! And you all did!!!!
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Yes Sleekie, I was naughty!!! This is probably the Wildest thing I've done. But it was so much fun!!!!
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group sex, interracial, party sex

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