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Wife gives it guy from dance club

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Wink Wife gives it guy from dance club

Hey there! My husband and I are recently married, (2009), and in southern cali We are both in our late 20's, and I am 42DD natural, latina girl, nice tan, have long wavy hair (brown with highlights), fully shaved, and my husband tells me very pretty face with full, pouty lips (which is why he always wants me to give him head). I love receiving oral though I don't really like giving it, love foreplay and having my big breasts played with and sucked on (even in public), love sideways 69 though while doing it, usually just jerking you off and licking your cock while you have at my pussy with your tongue, and adore regular sex (missionary is my favorite!).

A couple weeks ago, I went with my husband to this club by our house just to check it out. This was after the incident where I laid my high school friend while my husband was at work (my husband posted this story previously), so I had already been with another guy while being married. My sexual history is very brief, I'd only had a partial sex experience with one of my boyfriends before my husband, once, so my husband has always been urging for me to swing, even if it was just with another guy so I could get experience.

At the club, we sat there, talking and drinking, checking out the club. It was pretty busy, as it was a Saturday, but not too packed like some clubs get. My husband left to use the bathroom and then get us some more drinks, but while he was gone this muscular black guy pulled up a chair, sitting all close to me, flirting with me, and asking if I thought he was sexy and all of that. Damn straight I thought he was sexy, I would have sucked his cock right then and there! He was attractive (which is a must for me), had a fantastic body, he was ripped, and dressed well. He was dressed hip hop style or whatever, but all high end clothes, and he smelled great too, had on a nice cologne. His hair was a very short buzz style like my husband, and even though I knew he just wanted a piece of ass, I'd never been with a black guy before, and wanted to give it to him. I flirted back with him, and saw my husband walk back with the drinks, notice us and get surprised, and sit at another table, kind of looking at us, but not in a jealous way, in an interested and horny way. As we were flirting back and forth, I was running my hands over his muscular shoulders, and up and down his arm. We were at a booth, so he reached under the table, pulling my skirt up and rubbing my panties. I moaned and put my head on his shoulder. He pulled my panties to the side and began fingering me, his big middle finger felt nice, just like a big dick being pushed into my wet pussy. I looked around the club, worried that someone might notice, but no-one really was paying attention, just my husband, and it looked like he would have paid to watch us messing around. The black guy was fingerbanging me all the while, and eventually I shoved my head into his shoulder, opening my mouth wide and trying hard not to moan loudly as I came. After that, I was going to give him some pussy. I led him out of the club, and on the way to the car (ours), texted my husband that we were going to fuck in the car (I told him it was one of my girlfriend I was texting). My husband always has me carry some condoms in my purse, so once we got in the backseat of our suv, which has great space by the way for sex, he got his big cock out (yes, it was bigger than my husband's, even though my husband's is pretty damn big!), and I slowly rolled a condom on his dick, doing it smooth and sexy, like a handjob. He pulled my panties all the way down to my ankles, and shoved his huge cock inbetween my legs, pushing all the way inside of me. I gave him a show, moaning like a slut, and getting my tits out, pushing them together so they looked nice, and so he could suck on them as he fucked me. I saw my husband walk nearby where he could see, where he wasn't really noticeable, and I knew he just loved watching this black guy work me in the back of his suv. This guy's black cock was -big-, sometimes it hurt because it was a little longer than my husband's, and much thicker. But it felt so good as he gave me a good fuck, he wasn't sensual at all, he was taking me in the back of the suv, spreading my legs apart with his hips, not being nice about it...rough and hard, and I loved it. I was his slut underneath him, just a bitch giving him pussy, moaning as he got his...all while my husband watched. I could barely contain myself, his huge black cock sliding in and out of me pushed me to a really big orgasm. I was moaning and screaming as I came, and he grabbed my big breasts as he pulled out and shot cum all over my face and hair. He got dressed and left as soon as we were done, and my husband got in as soon as he was gone. I was still so horny, I unzipped my husband's pants and gave him a well deserved bj for watching me get banged by a hot stranger, and even was nice, swallowing the cum as it shot from his smooth thick cock when he came. We laid in the back of the car, talking for a while, and then eventually my husband got on top of me, and we made love for about half an hour, being loud and catching the attention of other couples leaving the club. We noticed at least two other couples following suit, their cars rocking from side to side shortly after they saw us. It was a wonderful experience at the club, and we're definitely wanting to get more into swinging and swapping.
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Hey! You've got some big tits!!!! You and your husband sure are having a wild time, clubbing, well you're getting the better end of it! LOL Great post!!!

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Great post!!!!
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Sounds like you all had a great experience
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Definitely hot!!! Great post!!! Love big titties!!! Welcome to this great forum!
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It's always the best when you hear a story from the woman's POV ! Thank you and keep us updated on your adventures.
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Hey babe that's one damn hot story!!!! Glad u went black....
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awesome story definitely hot I really enjoyed the ending.
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you know what they say.........once you go black, you never go back. lol
great story
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Well written until the point when u said he blew his load all over u, and previously said u had put a condom on him??? What did he whip it off just as he was about to come?????????
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