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Couples weekend

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default Couples weekend

My g/f and i were invited to join her friends on a camping trip some years back over labor day weekend.

My g/f Barbara, lived in an apartment complex with 2 room mates. She was a ladieswear sales person at a local Macy's store. We met this couple after she had been in the complex for about 6 months.
Roger was a businessman who traveled 3 days a week, Robin did not work. We met at a complex cookout and hit it off pretty well.

When Roger brought up the camping idea it was totally out of left field. I did not mind camping i was not so sure about Barbara, but we have never talked about it. We told them we would let them know. Barb and i talked about it and she said it would be OK as long as there was a bathroom and shower.
We contacted Roger the next day and filled in the must haves requested by Barb. He laughed and said not a problem Robin was the same way.

The Wed. before the weekend Roger called and told us he had made reservations at a camp and we would be leaving Friday after work. Barbara and i went out and got some camping gear, sleeping bags, bug spray a cooler etc. Roger told us he owned a tent for 8 people so it would be plenty of room. Barbara asked what she should take to sleep in? We checked out the Target store and found a couple pairs of pajamas with shorts for her because it was going to be warm i figured it would work out.

The day came and with cars packed we headed out. The camp was a short hour and half drive down the Florida coast to the keys.
We arrived around 6. The girls began to cook Roger and i began setting up the tent. By 8 we were sitting having a couple beers.

The next day passed with nothing really happening. Roger and i spent the day fishing the girls spent the day laying on the beach. All seemed to be enjoying the time away from the city. Roger had to be back in the office on Monday so we were going to leave Sunday afternoon. Saturday night after dinner some neighboring campers came by and we sat for a fwe hours talking and downing a few beers. The couple was older and on vacation and really wanted to pick our brains for places to go and see. When they left Roger said he was beat and was going to hit the sack. The girls said they want to shower so i went with them. As i sat waiting for them to finish i could hear them laughing and having a grand old time in the showers. After twenty or so they emerged and we started the walk back. As we walked me in front and them lagging behind still passing giggles and wispers back and forth i began to wonder what was up. I turned and asked what they were so giddy about? They laughed and said nothing.

We got to the tent and i checked to make sure the fire was out. The girls went inside the tent. When everything appeared good to go i entered the tent and zipped it for the night.

Roger was to my left Robin to his right Barbara was next and my sleeping bag with to her right. The tent was dark the night was over cast so no moon light to speak of. I went to my bag sat down and pulled off my shoes shirt and jeans and got into my sleeping bag. It was not long before Barbara moved over next to me.

Barbara pulled the zipper open on my bag and reached in and began to play with my cock. I did not say much at first, but then rolled over to wisper in her ear that this was not a good time. She continued with out a word. Her hand moved inside my underwear and took my cock in hand. I was now throwing caution to the wind and rolled over to face her. She was laying on top of her bag in her t-shirt top and short pj bottoms. As i slipped my hand up inside the leg i found her with no panties. I moved my hand between her legs and found her hot wet and ready.
I rolled back onto my back and removed my underwear and reached for her pulling her on top. Barb rolled onto but closed her legs. I tried to push my knee between them but she only clamped harder. I stopped and looked at her in the dark. What i asked? I was surprised with the answer.

Barb rolled off and stood up. It was then that Robin stood as well and moved to my side. As i watched Barb moved over to Rogers side and lay down. Robin in the mean time had removed her T-shirt and was pushing her panties to the floor of the tent. I watched as Barb woke Roger and moved into his arms. Robin lay beside me and took my cock in her hand. Surprise as all she said before she moved down to take my into her mouth.

Robin began to give my one hell of a bj. Barb liked to practice but never seemed to get just right. Robin filled her mouth and throat with my cock as she played with my balls. I reached for her breasts that i knew were bigger then Barbs from seeing her in her bathing suit. Her nipples were rock hard and extened. I pulled on one and she moaned and sucked my cock deep. I heard Barb moaning across the tent and figured Roger was fingering her pussy. As i played with Robins tits i could tell she was getting ready for more attention. I did not want to loose my load to soon so i pushed her head away pulled her up next to me and slid my hand between her open thighs. He pussy was wet, i could feel she was getting warm as well. I pushed two fingers insde her. Her back arched she grabbed her breasts and began pulling her nipples. I could tell she was pulling on herself a lot harder then i had. She began twisting her nipples as well as her moans got louder. It was only a couple minutes before Robin wet the palm of my hand with her cum. She wrapped and arm around my head and pulled my face to her breasts. I took a nipple in to my mouth and suck it in then bit it as i pulled away. GOD FUCK ME NOW she said. I had only known Robin for a few months and this was not something i thought i would hear coming from her mouth. I rolled between her legs lifted them and pushed her knees wide. I moved in and slid my cock into her. She then pulled me down on top of her. Before i got to involved i glanced over and saw Roger had moved up and was over top of Barb forcing his cock into her mouth. Barb was rubbing her clit as she was want to do.

I lay down on Robin and began to move my cock in and out. She was beginning to gush. I could feel her squeeze my cock with her cunt muscles, this caused her cum to flood out onto my sac as it hit her ass.
DEEPER PLEASE GOD DEEPER. I heard the request but knew she had taken all 6 and half inches. There was no more! So i hit her harder. This seemed to do the trick. Robin spread her legs as slammed in to her. Her breathing was ragged. I pushed up off her chest but it did not help. I pounded into her until i felt my sac get ready to empty. Where do you want my cum i aksed. IN MY CUNT! IN MY CUNT! I was not sure but i let her have what she wanted. I sent a load into her several sprays after another. Her legs wrapped around my back pulled my into her. She was cuming as well as she ground her cunt into me.

We stopped to catch our breaths. It was then that we heard Barb cry out OH SHIT OH SHIT as Roger had now turned her over. Her ass was in the air as he took her cunt from behind. He pulled her hips back and drove his cock into her. I could see her smallish tits flopping in all directions as Roger took her. In no time Roger told us he was spraying Barb cunt walls. His head was back his hip pushed forward and low grunt and moan came as well. Barb was also cuming as well. Her back arched as he sent his cum inside.

The four of us spent the rest of then night giving the girls the fucking of their lives. I was told later that was the giggling that was going on in the shower and the on the walk back.

We left Sunday afternoon heading back home. When we got home we helped each other unlad the cars and called for pizza. After dinner we all went to Rogers and robins bed for one more holiday fuck.
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Wink memories

Many times with a few friends. It's great. Your story left me with a hand full of cum. Thanks, great story.
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