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To the woods (3) the gang bang.

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Smile To the woods (3) the gang bang.

The recent events and the fact that Carole had spoken of the forest visits prompted me to have another attempt at persuading her to go again, secretly hoping that she was missing the fun we had with the men. I was right and she agreed at last, warning me though that she might not go as far this time if we did find an audience and I must promise not to try and push her into anything. It was early evening with the sun still out, making it warm and pleasant, a time that we had not been before as it was always early afternoon when we went. We were very surprised at the amount of people there, families playing games, dog walkers, cyclists and even horse riders, so we decided to venture even deeper into the forest, picking little used tracks through the trees and thick bushes but to no avail as there were still lots of people with the same idea.

We went back to the car and went down a few country lanes that skirted the trees until we came to a smaller car park with perhaps a dozen cars in it and went down the paths to see how the land lay. I thought we had found a good spot this time as there were quite a few men seemingly wandering aimlessly about, obviously keeping a close eye on us though as we went further into the forest. We came across a secluded spot, bathed in sunshine and surrounded with thick bush and brambles, sitting down and not having to wait long before men were passing by with a smile and a nod of polite greeting, some not moving out of vision as they waited, obviously hoping we were there to have fun. I was a little perturbed to see so many hovering but after about ten minutes with no sign of the number diminishing I hoped there would be safety in numbers and slowly undressed Carole to the obvious delight of the watchers.

I gave them time to feast their eyes on her naked body while I stood and stripped, already rampant as she took my cock in her mouth sucking me a while before I went to her and used my tongue on her clitoris. The men closed in and cocks were already on display as I entered her and fucked her to a quick climax that lasted and lasted as she writhed and gasped and begged me to shoot up her, I obliged and erupted, keeping a fast pace up until, emptied, I shrank and slipped out. She leaned on her arm and had a good look at the effect our actions had had on the men and one of them approached her and for a moment there was a look of concern in her eyes until she saw the packet of tissues in his hand. He begged to be allowed to wipe her and as she lay back down took it as consent, quickly going to her side and opening her vulva for all the others to get a good view of her red inner cream covered flesh.

He took his time and made sure that he kept her still swollen clitoris excited and I was glad to notice that four other men took the opportunity to close in with no apparent disproval from Carole. The man that had started the ball rolling was flicking at the gristly protrusion and got Carole panting so that she did not have time to do anything to stop the other men from gradually caressing her body. She was definitely enjoying having her tits fondled and nipples sucked and teased with light nibbles and it was only when one of them went to her button with his tongue that the first sign of panic showed and she started to protest a little although it was obvious from her wriggling body that she was very aroused so she did not struggle too much.

She had another orgasm and as she wriggled her bottom on the grass she squealed softly grabbing at two men and masturbated their stiff shafts, surprising me by taking a stiff cock into her mouth when it was offered, her first time in the woods. She was looking after three men now and gurgled with satisfaction when the man in her mouth ejaculated and she swallowed the thick semen as the other two men exploded over her tits and belly. Things moved rapidly then and two of the men held her legs apart while a third knelt between them, erect meat at the ready but she struggled and protested very loudly this time when she realised what was going to happen.

All the men looked at me and I realised that there was not much I could do and must have involuntarily shrugged my shoulders and so another man lay across her heaving tits and restrained her as I watched another manís prick disappear into her and even as she continued to protest started to fuck her. She still wriggled but the stiff meat of the man must have been giving her tunnel plenty of friction and she soon gasped and moaned with pleasure instead, another man worked on her swollen pleasure button and want to or not she had a body wrenching orgasm with this new prick and as she still shuddered he shot deep in her.

The next man did not wait for her to be wiped and was soon moaning and groaning loudly as he pushed in and out of her now well juicy vagina, soon emptying himself, no orgasm with him but her protests had now ceased and she wriggled in excitement as she was cleaned, thoroughly and carefully this time. The last of the four men, the one that lay across her breasts, moved to take his turn and she surprised me by going on all fours and making herself readily available, doggy style, for her next fuck, another orgasm taking over her body and lasting until, as he pumped his spunk, she gasped and squealed in satisfaction. Two more men took her before they all left, looking guilty but thoroughly satisfied, leaving me to clean all the semen that covered her and was oozing out of her vagina as I used the pile of tissues that had been left behind. Carole was sobbing, probably from some guilt, and her body shook but when I had finished and looked at her she was smiling as well through the tears as she coyly enthused about what had happened.

We lay side by side, still naked, and she wanted to know how many times she had taken prick, giggling and gurgling with satisfaction when I came to the conclusion that I had been too excited to count, concentrating more on watching the different cocks going in and out of her, but she must have had more orgasms than she had ever had before at one time as she was shot full of cream. She leaned on her elbow and laughed at the sight of my own second erection as I admitted that thinking and talking about it all had aroused me again and, although admitting that every muscle in her body ached, she straddled me and lowered herself onto it with a glint in her eye, giggling again as she rode me. She did not have an orgasm but soon milked me dry as I roared with relief and pumped spunk up her very slippery tunnel then, as she was still sitting on me, we both admitted that at times we had been a little scared by the menís behaviour and we would have to think carefully as to whether to do it again, and indeed this was the last visit we made to Sherwood Forest to sample the merry men for a while.

After her fun in the forest Carole was, not surprisingly, a little off sex for a week or so although we did speak of it often and she admitted that it had been an experience of a lifetime. I was glad though that she was eager when our second liaison with Graham came and her excitement grew right up to when he arrived. It was as much fun as last time and we spent a lot time laughing as we tried to invent poses that showed my cock up Carole while Graham took lots of shots and we were ready for a rest and a couple of glasses of wine as we sat and talked afterwards. It was not by design that I showed Graham the photos of Carole in the woods as he had not seen them before and we were obviously talking pictures and modelling, he was impressed and said it was a pity that we could not find a spot to do some with him.

Carole blushed as she told him we were not visiting the forest for a while, getting redder as he gradually wheedled out of her all that had happened over the time we did go regularly and did not take the camera. He was speechless as the story unfolded and Carole squirmed and looked uncomfortable and as she was still naked subconsciously crossed her legs as if to protect her vulva from his gaze until he gave her a big smile and made her laugh by saying he would bet she had enjoyed it in the end, she laughed at last and coyly said she had loved taking all those cocks.

Everybody was still relaxed and laughing and it was Grahamís turn to blush as he admitted that all the things Carole had told him had aroused him and over sixty or not still thinking about them was causing him to become swollen and he was as near to an erection as he had been on his last visit. Carole started to giggle and told him we had suspected he was aroused that night and he became even more embarrassed as she looked at the slight bulge in his trousers and then suddenly leaned forwards and unzipped him, taking his penis in her hand slowly masturbated it so that it swelled even more. She dropped his trousers and went to her knees so that she could cup his balls as she used full strokes to pull his foreskin right back along his hardening length and even though it took her a few minutes to get him to full glory he was soon wriggling in the chair as he became more aroused.

She was relishing having the power to bring him to a peak and I thought she would have carried on for an hour if it needed it but he started to squirm and moan with pleasure as his now rampant prick pulsed and the deep purple bell-end swelled to itís maximum and he was gasping as she took his length into her mouth. I watched as she teased the prick by licking it like a popsicle, then ran her tongue round the rim of the helmet, causing her man to moan loudly with the exquisite feelings he was being treated to. She clamped her lips round the throbbing meat and sucked as she bobbed her head if full wanking motion and with a roar he exploded but she carried on until I new she had drained every drop of semen from him.

It was a satisfied couple that sat relaxed and thoroughly satisfied for the time being and for the first time since I had known Carole I realised that I did not know that much. Yes she had sucked me to climax from our first sex together and now I had just seen her expertly work on her third man while I watched and I also now suspected that this lady was the nearest to a nymphomaniac that I would ever meet, after witnessing her take all those cocks in the woods. My train of thought was interrupted by an excited Graham asking Carole where she had mastered her technique of prick sucking and it was a very red faced Carole that blustered that she was probably just a natural at it.

Our guest still raved at the treatment she had just given him, admitting that he had always found it difficult to find a woman that willingly went the whole way and insisted she must have had good tutors in the art. I kept my peace although I knew I would love to hear how Carole had been become involved in sex in her younger years, wondering how her secrets could be unlocked. Graham joined us on the couch and so Carole was in a naked men sandwich and we were soon caressing her to arousal then took it in turn to tongue her to two orgasms, watching her writhe and gasp in pleasure.

She begged for cock, telling me she needed cream inside her to finish the evening off but with a wicked laugh Graham told me I should make her reveal her secrets first. I joined in the banter and as I went between her parted legs, rubbed my bell-end up and down her slit, making sure I excited her love button as I told her to tell us all. She coloured up and looked uncomfortable again for a few seconds but with a long sigh of submission grabbed the other manís soft tool and closed her eyes and began in a very soft voice. She was early to mature and her adolescence was marred by the insistent warnings from her mother for her to be careful when it came to boys older than herself. She had few friends as a result of this but eventually had a regular boyfriend who only tried the odd grope at first and was easily kept in check.

The next chapter, Carole's confession.........
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Wow! That's a great outdoors adventure!!!
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