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Wife next door - kinky night

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Default Wife next door - kinky night

To recap earlier threads: I'm currently in a sexual 'relationship' of a sort with the neighbor's wife. Her husband has encouraged me to be her boyfriend, and given me a blank check to give her whatever she wants, pretty much whenever she wants it. I'm a divorsee who works from home, and she is home alone a lot. So we have lots of crazy sex.

She's 27, 5'1", size 0, small breasts (a small b-cup), amazing ass, straight black hair and slightly asian eyes. Also, kinky as hell. I'm 5'8", muscular, kinda average, greek/italian with olive skin.

So after our threesome last week, we had dinner at my place and a somewhat soft night of sex on Friday night. It was passionate and hot, but nothing to write about. Just good sex. But after that, on Saturday, she sent me a pic via text of her ass, spread and neatly shaved. That was all I needed to get me going, and I started planning for Sunday night.

The girl loves dirty messages... Sunday morning I texted her that she was going to swallow my cum and then spend the rest of the night getting fucked in the ass. She replied "bring it". Unbenounced to her, I had set asside some satin curtain ties and a newly purchased spreader bar (its a steel bar with a velcro strap at either end, for keeping her legs spread wide). She was totally going to get tied up.

6 o'clock Sunday rolls around and she arrived dressed in a hot skirt and tight v-neck. I went in for a kiss, and wasting no time, slid my hand up her skirt to check for panties. None. A moment later I picked her up, flipped her upside down so her legs were resting on my shoulders, sat on the couch and plunged my mouth down on her pussy. She was already wet and hot, and as always, tasted amazing... sweet and slightly musky. I could feeling her fumble with my pants, and before long my cock was out and she was sucking it wildly.

I ran my hands down her legs and all over her body, pushing her skirt down and pulling her shirt off. Her body feels amazing... hard and soft at the same time. Her small breasts fit inside the palms of my hands perfectly, and as I sucked and flicked at her clit, I pinched her nipples hard. She was moaning softly around my cock, and as she was getting closer and closer to climax, I put my hand at the back of her head and thrusted my cock down her throat. She has no gag relex at all, so all 7" thick goes right down to the base every time.

Usually I like to make her climax a few times before I get off... but the combination of hotness factor and the fact that I hadn't cum since Friday night made it impossible to hold out. I didn't bother telling her my closeness to orgasm (she gets off on the surprise), and just suddenly let loose with a HUGE blast of semen. My cock pulsed over and over in her mouth, shooting massive quantities of cum... she was furiously gulping and swallowing, trying to stay ahead of the torrent. And halfway through, it was too much for her. My orgasm pushed her over the edge, and she was twitching and gasping with her own orgasm. We sat there for a good 5 minutes recovering and enjoying one another's flavor.

Eventually I put her down, and ran my hands over her body. Her face was beet red from being upside down so long (and just having a huge O). I asked her if she was good for more and she gave me that 'do you have to ask?' look. I scooped her up, carried her upstairs and deposited her on my bed. She looked around and for the first time saw all the ties and toys I had spread around. I explained I was going to tie her up and use her for whatever I wanted, to which she replied "will you fuck my ass?" Better believe it.

A few minutes later, she was on her knees, head down on a pillow, spreader bar in place (keeping her legs about 120 degrees apart), and arms tied to the bed on either side. I turned her head and facefucked her for a little while to get good and hard,then gagged her with a satin tie. I've fucked her ass before, but usually its an afterthought to regular sex. This was round two for me... I go longer, harder and better the second time. She was really going to get it.

I lubed up her ass, sliding one finger in, then two, getting her nice and loose. She squirmed and squeeled through the gag at the coldness of the lube, lol. But it warmed up quick. After a while of teasing her hot pink little hole with my fingers, I got behind her and slowly inserted my cock head. Her ass was tight and puckered, form fitting around my shaft perfectly. I slowly slid deeper and deeper, her moaning the whole time.

Finally I had reached the base, and I told her she had 7" of cock in her ass. Did she want a good pounding? <nod>. Did she deserve a good firm pounding? <emphatic nod>. I reached forward, grabbed hold of her shoulder length black hair, gave it a good tug, and let her have it full force. I made sure each time my cock came out all the way to the tip, then slammed back to the base hard. Each time she gave a muffled cry of pleasure, and before long I could feel her ass was totally relaxed. I quickened the pace, fucking her fast and deep. Her cries turned into a low continuous moan, punctuated by sharp squeels every time I slapped her round ass cheeks.

I fucked her like that for 20 minutes easy before I gave her a break. She was breathless and quivering, but still unable to move much. I untied one of her arms and put a vibrator in her hand telling her that for round two, I wanted to hear her cum. Then I got back in place, and with a couple firm spanks, resumed ass fucking. I could hear the buzz of the toy as she cranked it to high, and smiled as almost immediately she came. She let out a high pitched moan and her ass clenched up and gripped my cock so hard I couldn't thrust any longer. So I spanked her twitching cheeks and road out the climax till she relaxed enough for me to continue.

I fucked her like that for nearly an hour before I unloaded for the second time, right inside her. My legs were killing me from thrusting on my knees for so long, and I was glad to be done, lol. In fact, my hips and legs are sore today! I untied her and stroked her body for a long while. We kissed, had some light pillow talk and eventually showered together, getting nice and clean. After we got back into bed, we went back to 69, and both had another orgasm. It was an awesome night... she texted me this morning that her ass was sore, but it was a good sore, lol.
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WOW!! I would love to have a man like you next door!! Mmmmm... I have to read it again!

<3 Alice
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Really good story!!!
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