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70 years old

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default 70 years old

While in Anchorage, Alaska at 34, I was looking through the personal ads (1985) in the newspaper. I came across one from a 70 year old woman who lived in Fairbanks and traveled to Anchorage for business and was looking to have some "fun" while in town. This turned me on, so I took a recent photo of my uncle and I, cut the photo in half, deleting him and sent it in a letter to her. I explained I was a graphic artist and worked in advertising.

At the time I was collecting unemployment. The benefits ran out, I was about four months away from collecting a auto accident settlement, so I left Alaska for my sister's couch in San Francisco, to await my settlement payout.

From there I went to L.A., Mexico, Arizona (Got a job offer back in Alaska at a small ad agency), Alabama and in January of 1986 I went back to Anchorage and moved in with a 63 year old woman I had been involved with before I left.

I start my new job at the ad agency in a highrise building downtown. About a month or so after I was working there, our receptionist came to me and said there was a woman at the front office asking for me. As I approached the area, I saw a tall thin, weathered looking old grey haired woman with glasses, dressed in a nice pants suit, she had light blue eyes. She asked if we could speak in private and I took her to our conferrence room. I closed the door and she pulled a worn photo from her purse. I was shocked to see the photo I had cut up and mailed to the woman in Fairbanks. I had totally forgotten about that.

This woman had not! She tried writing to me, but the letters came back. So, knowing I worked in advertising, when ever she was in town, she would visit agencies to see if I worked there. And now she had found me. I was impressed that she would go to such lengths to find someone from a classified advertisement. She told me she was in town for that night and wanted to get together. So, I made plans to meet her at the Hilton Hotel bar after I got off work at 5 o'clock. I was hard in my slacks.

5:15PM I enter the bar and sure enough she was sitting at a table. I joined her. She had a drink, so I ordered a martini, double on the rocks with three olives. We small talked for about 45 minutes then she said we should eat something. We had dinner and then I asked if she would like some desert... I took her hand and pulled it under the table and placed it on my crotch and let her feel my cock swelling beneath her touch.

We went to her room she had there and I took her straight away in my arms and pressed my mouth against hers... One hand cupped her ass while the other came up to feel her small breast... Her hand went down to rub on my hardened cock trapped in it's cloth prison... our mouths still locked together and my tongue searching for hers, finding it and dancing with it in her mouth... I then took off her suit jacket and began unbuttoning her blouse... she went to work on my belt and pants... She was very wrinkled, and that seemed to turn me on more... her flesh felt soft to the touch and I wanted to give her what she had been searching for for about five or six months... She must be a very determined woman, and I was determined to "know" her.

Naked now, we both got onto the bed and our bodies came together as we again engaged in mouth to mouth combat... her hand again went for my cock and she pushed and pulled on IT slowly, gently, but also firm... My hand came up her inner thigh of her thin legs and found the prize between her legs and my fingers spread her love lips and rubbed her, creating wetness as I did so... She opened her legs more to grant me better access to her mature womanhood... When she was very wet, she pulled away from my embrace and turned her body and went down face first to my crotch and took my cock into her mouth... He legs near my head, I grabbed them and pulled them over my body so that her dripping pussy was above my hungry mouth and I leaned my head up and my lips grabbed her love lips and my tongue began to taste her sweet juices... After about 5 minutes of this, I had to simply have her... I moved from her and turning, got behind her and holding my cock, I guided it between her legs, below her ass and in between those luscious pussy lips into the warm grasp of her charms. I came quickly!
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Wink hot

North to Alaska.
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