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Gran Canaria Break: Part 1 – London

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Default Gran Canaria Break: Part 1 – London

This is so recent I can still smell the tanning oil on my skin!!

It started only 3 weeks ago when I had to attend a 3 day planning meeting in our London office. My husband had to be in Europe a week later so we decided to take a short break between. We had been to the Canary Islands a few times where there is a fun resort called Maspalomas on Gran Canaria. The nudist beaches there are lovely and backed by huge sand dunes. It looks like a moonscape with some of the dunes 50’ high. The area attracts large numbers of Brits and Germans and is renowned for its liberal air. There is a large presence of gays and swingers among the crowds on the nude section all year round.

We had played around only once in the last year or more (Fun at Haulover Beach) and had no real plans for this trip – until my very last night in London. On the Friday night the Director running the planning session announced that there was a dinner for all to attend. My husband was arriving the same night so I was pissed, and also I had nothing suitable to wear. We finished at around 4:00 which at least gave me a couple of hours with my husband, and time to buy something. When I got back to my hotel my husband was in the room, and he was not too happy when I told him the news. Still, we were leaving for vacation Sunday morning so I promised him all sorts of sexual favors during the trip to make up.

He likes shopping about as much as he likes the Red Sox so when I told him I needed to get something his night was complete. Close by was a smart ladies store so I popped there quickly while he had a beer. I grabbed a dark suit that was sexy chic with a skirt that finished about 3” above the knee, and a box jacket. Then I realised I had no suitable hose or underwear so selected a really sexy pair of black stockings that looked like vines climbing my legs. That of course meant a garter belt, and when I found a lovely belt it was part of a set including a very sheer black g-string and lacy bra. Luckily I’m the one who checks the credit card bills!!!!

While I dressed my husband lay on the bed watching and loved my underwear. He decided that I should start paying for leaving him tonight so lay me on the bed and ate my delightfully. I had been a week away so my orgasm arrived quickly and was way up the scale. As I lay recovering he gently put my panties back on me, pulled me to my feet and held my skirt as I stepped into it and zipped me up.

We were dining at an upmarket sushi joint. It was wood everywhere, and simulated the Japanese style of sitting at a low table by having several tables positioned over a pit so you could sit on the floor cushions without suffering cramp in 2 minutes. Ours was a normal table with chairs and was on a raised area. When I arrived (late) I noticed two Japanese men sitting at a sunken table facing our raised table. The guy facing me watched me walk towards him and climb the 3 or 4 steps to our table. A girl I was friendly with had kept a seat opposite her at the end of our table so when I sat I was facing the man at the sunken table. His gaze was unrelenting as he openly looked me up and down before returning to his conversation. It was pretty obvious that if I was careless with my seating position the guy would have some view up my skirt. There were even mood lights sunk into the floor at my feet to aid him.
When his companion left I noticed him order another bottle of wine and figured he was staying for one reason. I had enjoyed a few glasses with my girlfriend while the guys kissed ass big time at the other end of the table. We were talking holidays, kids, work, and sex……and not in that order.

My husband’s oral treatment had left me very horny and this guys’ attempt to look up my skirt was adding to it. I knew that he would love my undies so eventually I rather slowly crossed my legs while looking right at him. He took in the view for 30 or 40 seconds before I closed my legs and he toasted me with his glass. When I laughed at his gesture my girlfriend followed my gaze and asked if I was teasing the guy. I whispered to her the story of my shopping fun, my husband’s reaction, and now this guy’s voyeur behaviour. The fun continued for the next 30 minutes or so until I needed to use the ladies’ room. When I slid out from the table I decided to give him a long flash, so spread my thighs wide long before I was ready to stand up. His reaction was sweet and flattering.

In the ladies room I felt very very horny and given that it was getting close to leaving time I decided to finish the night in a style that I knew my husband would love. I slipped off my G-string and put it in my jacket pocket. Then, as I refreshed my lips I had a moment of naughty inspiration. I lifted my skirt and drew a lipstick outline of a heart on my shaved mound. The ‘point’ of the heart led right into the top of my slit. When I looked in the mirror it looked hot, but I decided to make sure he couldn’t miss it and colored in the outline. Now I had a blood red heart over my moist labia that I figured he might enjoy.

As I walked back to the table my hand was in my jacket pocket holding my g-string. When I drew level with his table I took my hand out and twirled my g-string on my finger. His expression was priceless. As I turned to our table I noticed that my napkin had fallen on the floor so took the opportunity to tease, as I bent to retrieve it in a pretty exaggerated manner. My companion was talking to the guy next to us so I decided to grasp the opportunity while I had my admirer’s attention. I looked straight at him and let the moment stretch out before opening my legs to expose my very own artwork. If he had been on a chair he would probably have fallen off it, but as it was he stared at my open thighs with delight on his face.

When a waiter approached him I had to close the show temporarily. He spoke with the waiter and handed him a card which was obviously coming my way. It was his business card and on it he asked if I would spend the night with him at his hotel around the corner in Leicester Square. I smiled at him and shook my head but blew him a kiss. I was still feeling very flirtatious and when I realised that his mobile # was on his card I decided to have one more fun moment with him. My girlfriend had moved up one seat and was talking so I slipped my Blackberry under the table and pointed it between my legs. I took 4 shots quickly of my open labia and my artwork above. One of the pix was dam near perfect so I mailed it to the number on his card. Sure enough a few moments later he obviously saw a mail notification and looked at his own device. When he saw the image he looked at me then placed his hand under his table. He made it obvious that he was touching himself while he enjoyed my gift, before he got up and headed towards the rest rooms. Minutes later my Blackberry buzzed and there was a reply. It was him standing in the men’s room with a lovely erection resting in his palm.

He arrived back at his table a few minutes later a little flustered, and a mail arrived very soon saying he had been caught in the act by another customer. To compensate for his embarrassment I decided to entertain him for what was left of the evening. I crossed and re-crossed my legs, opened and closed my thighs and generally exposed myself to my new friend. It was a fun way to spice up a boring dinner.

As we left he stood and gestured to me. When I stepped towards him he took my hand, kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for the show. I told my husband the whole story when I climbed into bed and he thought it a great start to our vacation. A few days later while in Gran Canaria another mail arrive from my Japanese friend. Attached were several pix of him erect and looking very impressive. A short video clip showed him stroking his shaft. Thank goodness I hadn’t used my corporate email address!! I teased him that he could have downloaded the pix from any hunky website, but a few minutes later a fresh pic arrived of a lovely erection on top of that day’s London Times. He told me that the black splashes on the paper were where he had come as he recorded himself masturbating for me. Now I was convinced!!

There was still plenty more fun to come on this trip. It seems once a sexual flow starts it becomes a tsunami before it’s done.

Alex xx
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Thumbs up WOW! Flashing, Teasing & Sexting!!!!

ALEX!!!!! Wow! I'm blown away!!!! That was one super hot story, you sexy hot babe!!!! You teased, you flashed and you SEXTED!!! And your ARTWORK!!!! (You are the Picasso de la Pussi) Alex you really blew me away!!!! Just go ahead and formally make me president of your fan club...if not I'll take it by coup d'etat!!!
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Now that's flirting!! Now I need to update my old cellphone, I have terrible image resolution and a small screen! lol
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Default awesome

Terrific story again.

As always, the stories are so sexy.....................

I always love to see when you have posted a new story.
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Alex I got so horny reading this!!!LOL If you don't mind I am going to start a little notebook with ideas I get from your stories. I am going to have to try this one out sometime!!!LOL It's a great story girl! You have so much fun! I love it!!!!
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Your stories are always hot and sensual! Excellent!
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It sure is fun to read your stories Alex. That was some show. This one was some serious fun! I sure would have liked to been sitting in that restaurant watching you!
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