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I am a 46 year old woman,
Married once and divorced.
NO Children.
I am considered petite and weigh only 110 lbs, Natural blonde with natural 34C's that I always get asked if they are real!
Yes, they are all me.

I am in good health and stay in shape.
I run and bike and swim, Own guns and also like to drag race.

I have always been told I am attractive and I become sexually active when I was young.
Younger then many women I know.
I lost my virginity when I was had just turned 13 years old to an older 15yr old friend from school.

My parents are what I call "semi Nudists" as around the home Mom and Dad where comfortable being naked and I was taught to be modest, but I was allowed to be naked also and feel comfortable doing so.
My dad used to shave naked in front of the mirror everyday and he was really well hung compared to the men I was screwing.
I later learned from my mom that my dad's cock was 9" when erect and he hung around 6" to 7" when limp.
While overseas my parents took me to a nude beach and I seen cocks of all shapes and sizes.
The really large cock'ed men , As large cock's facinated me
We lived in a farm house at the edge of the base dad was at,
The owner had a few horses and I was facinated by their large penis's too!
I never would do something like that, but still there are some guys I have found that are hung like one though..
But first...
I found many an opportunity to suck cock and get fucked by many men out there and found a guy in my neighborhood where we lived there that had a nice fat 8 1/2" incher.
I was amazed at how his fat fuck stick got me off so much better than the smaller or average sized guys cock's did. They may get me off, But the sensations of brians larger and fatter 8 1/2" made me scream and tremble in uncontrolled orgasms!

Back in the US, We moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado and I went to college there while my dad was stationed there.
It was while I was there with my parents that I met this guy named Grant.
To this day he the largest sized penis I have ever had.
I met him at a work out gym and he was friendly and funny as all get out and I actually asked him out!
He accepted.

We went to a movie and afterwards went downtown for few drinks.
He had me wanting him long before I got him out of his pants!

It was as we was sitting together and I looked at his crotch and in the light from the street shining in, I suddenly seen the outline of his shaft and cock head along his thigh of his left pantleg.
He was not hard at all.
It was curved even in his pants leg.
I tried to not stare, But he was huge and I could see it was quite thick.
I felt my pussy getting wetter and it tingled too.
He and I decided to get out of there before the rush and he was doing the driving, Which let me look at his crotch some more as he drove and shifted the transmission.
"I grew up here" he said, and he asked me if I wanted to take the long way home and I said "Sure" and he showed me where he lived and then was going to drive me home.
I was much more interested in making something else grow up indeed!

I had to think of something fast and needed to pee, So I asked if I could use the restroom and we went in..
I did have to go for real..
I went directly to his bathroom and liked how he had done his home and he had left some music on his stereo playing that was on even when we came in and he said it was to keep his dog from going nuts while he was away.
Even his dog was freindly and when I walked out his dog stuck his nose right up to my crotch and gave me a sniff..!!!
I was trying to push his dog away and as grant apologized and I made a joke of it and said .."He must be a male dog?"
And yes he was a boy!
I laughed at this and he said that "His dog just knows what his master likes!" and smiled at me.

I kissed him for the first time just then.
We soon found our way to doing more that just kissing.

I wanted to see his huge cock.
I wanted to be fucked by Mr. Grant Eaton's cock!

As we kissed I started feeling him up as he felt me up..
His hands grabbed my ass and pulled me to himself and I felt his hands grab and cup my breast's and I loved how he was already kneading my nipples and pinching them as I felt his firm ass and started to undo his belt buckle and unbotton his slacks and I could feel his hardness growing even thicker and longer and I did not even have his pants off yet!.
He unbuttoned my blouse and I was wearing on of my "cum fuck me " bra's that is mostly see thru, but in a mere second he had it undone and was pulling it off of my tit's and I tugged on his pants and got them off of his waist and he helped me by stepping out of them.
I could see his cock straining to get out of his boxers and his cock was actually sticking out of the hem line at his thigh!

I was so horny and wet already as he started to finger me and I pushed him away and took my own panties off for him as he took off shirt.
I watched as he pulled his boxers down off of his cock and it instantly sprang free of the confines of his shorts and stood straight out and I knew I was in trouble!
Grant' cock was at least a 12" incher and thicker than my wrist.
His cock's head was all shiny and glistening with pre cum oozing out of it's head.
Both of my hands could not cover it and with just one hand alone I could not touch my fingers together around it's girth.
He lifted me up and carried me to his loft and as he carried me his hands where spreading my pussy and feeling and spreading my wet pussy and he was already teasing my hard clitty.
I almost had an orgasm as he carried me up the stairs and I felt it coming as he sat me down gently on his bed and I was face to face with his huge cock.
I stroked it and liked it's weight, and barely could get his head in my mouth and as I stroked him.
I have to say he was at least 11 inches or more and I sucked gently on his balls and stroked at the same time.
I loved his cock's taste and smell and I rested it between my tit's and he titty fucked me as I licked his head non stop and never had to bend my neck to do it!.
He had shaved is balls and I loved his tools look and how strong and thick and veiny it is and as I bobbed on his head I wondered if my pussy was up to his size or not.
I knew I had to try!
I pulled off and asked if I could make him cum now and he told me to "Please Do!"
I sucked on his head and only an inch of his shaft as I stroked him with both of my hands and and for like 15 minutes I worked on this thick cock harder than I had sucked on a man's cock since I was a younger woman and then I felt his head swell even more and I struggled to keep my own mouth on grant's cock as he erupted and I finally held my mouth wide open as he cummed in thick ribbons of semen and stroking himself with both hands and I felt his hot load land on my cheeks, face and tit's and even my legs..
He let me milk it with both hands and then he pushed my legs apart and started doing me with his tongue.
I was soon cumming on his lips against mine and I started to grind my pelvis into him hard and I just kept cumming and cumming loosing track of how many times I climaxed, But it was at least twenty times before he brought me his cock.
It was just as hard again and he spanked my a bit with it and started sliding his head up and down my slit and I looked at his size as it's girth completely covered my pussy lips and all and I felt the weght of it against my vulva.
I prepared myself to breath as he entered me and at first as his head went into me and my poor pussy lips stretched to accomodate it,
I gasped and my hole was not as ready as I thought it was!
Grant must have senced this, As he grabbed a thing of KY out of his nightstand and lubed his own cock up and put some on his fingers and put them in me.
Then as I watched and I caught myself saying "Oh My God!" : outloud.
He rested it against my hole again and squirted even more lube on his thick shaft and he entered me with his head this time.
I actually screamed in pleasure as I felt the pressure in my vagina give way to intense pleasure and I was soon stuffed with half of his cock and he was rocking it back and forth in me and for about a half hour he worked it slowly and I cummed more than any man or even myself had made me cum in the past.
As a little girl I used to rub my hard clit and pussy and finger bang myself and my little holes until I had many orgasms and I had not even started growing hair on my pussy yet or breasts yet.
Sometimes I would take a shower with daddy and afterwards get myself off before falling asleep thinking about dad's nice thick cock..
It felt so good those first times learning my limits then and now
Later, Mom caught me doing myself with her vibrator and she took me to a porn store and bought me my first vibrator.
Now, mounted on grant eaton's cock I was willling to do anything if he asked me!
I watched in amazement as my pussy took his cock and I started to try to get even more of him into me.
The largest toy I have is 10"inches long and that fits all inside of me.
The largest man I had had till now was just at 9"inches, But nowhere near as thick as grant's cock!
I pushed back and it felt like he was entering another part of me. another ring of muscles inside of me or something,
His thick girth size maybe.... But I cummed in that instant also and was just trying to keep up as he picked up the pace.
I seen he had about three inches left to go to be all inside of me and already his ball's where slapping against my ass and then I felt it.
We must have already been doing it for twenty minutes at least.

He was hitting bottom in me and even though it hurt I took it and he still had an inch to go himself.
Suddenly he was ALL in and I felt myself being pushed as he started 'Power fucking me harder".
I cummed a few times squirting already on this man.
But as I cummed this time It was different.
I spasmed and just trembled and I could do nothing to stop it.
My body was on it's own and I collapsed under him as he finshed his second load and rested still in me.
It was nothing like what a smaller cock does.

dont get me wrong. In fact the guy I'm fucking now is only 8"inches long in the cock....
But after grant's huge cock I love big ones Please!!!
I admit I am a size queen and have a 15" dildo I fuck myself with now and look at pictures of grant's cock I have taken of us as I do myself..

I could feel his hot semen hitting me in places that had never been touched and I was practically seeing star's!!!
I barely could catch my breath and he seemed to be already to go again.
He pulled out of me and snuggled and covered me up with him and I seen his dog was laying by the bed.
I was sore now, But a good kind of sore..

We talked about what happened and he asked If I wanted to stay the night?
I said yes and we talked for a long time about all sorts of stuff.
Even stupid stuff.
I was honest and told him I thought he was really huge down there,and the largest guy I had ever been with!"....
I asked him "How long was his cock?" ....and he told me.
"Eleven and Three Quarter's Long"
I was still weak from our sex, but he started rubbing my back and I felt his cock growing hard and poking me in my ass as he sat stradle over my legs.
I did not move away as he rested it against my ass hole as he rubbed some massage oil on my back and butt and I felt him as he slipped a finger covered with oil up my ass.
I love being ass fucked, But was not ready for what happened next.

He took My legs and pulled them up under me and I felt his oil covered hands rubbing me all over down there and then he without asking...
Then he started to enter my ass with his cock.
I have never felt something so large as this as he pushed it into me and I had to make him stop for a few minutes and let my ass muscles relax around him It is often this way with smaller men, But the pleasure of his cock again made me go wild!!

I felt his head twitch and it almost made me cum just froze like this...
I slowly subsided and as he pushed again I reached back and felt his shaft with both hands as he fucked me slowly at first and then faster and I could feel his balls as he got more worked into me and as he started to pound me with his monster cock I cummed screaming so loud I could not believe it was myself I was listening too.
I had so many more orgasms So fast I was completely wore out as his oil covered cock fucked the hell out of me and I even found myself grabbing my own ass cheeks in an effort to help him get his cock in me deeper and as he erupted and I felt his hot cum flood into me and his cock he held still in me and his cock muscles just spasmed in me filling me up.
I was so rewarded for my actions I suddenly wanted to taste myself on him and turned and sucked on his slick head and licked his shaft and did not care that he had just fucked my ass with this huge thing and as he got hard again I mounted him doggie style and slid his fat "11 3/4" up my cunt and I pounded him squatting and watching his cock as it pistoned in and out of my shaved holes and I left his cock a frothy mess as my cum mixed with his and I climaxed in small one and he said he cummed again, " But was about out of ball juice" as he called it.
I collapsed on him and fell asleep on top of him.
I awoke with his big cock still in my now very sore pussy hours later.
He was actually all the way in but limp.
I felt it and myass with my fingers as [i] laid there still stradling him and my legs to his sides..Very satisfied and very sore pussy and as I tried to climb off (as I had to pee) ...He awoke and told me he "Needed to sleep some more"
No problems...
I pee'd and looked at his huge limp cock laying there as I pee'd.
went to my purse and got my phone and took some pictures of his limp cock as he started to snore a little...
I positioned myself to be in the picture too and snapped it and quickly sent it off to my girlfriend with a ""Guess where I am at?" caption.
With a giggle..
I crawled back in bed with him and fell asleep already wanting him again.

I have since had a few more men that where hung around 9 "inches, but nothing larger than grant's cock except for my dildo.
Amazed my little body can take so much of a good thing!
Lisa M.
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Hi girl! Let me welcome you to True Sex Stories!
That was a really big cock! Bigger then I've had and it seems bigger than I can take! LOL Good story!!!
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Default Congratulations !!!

Wow ! What a post ! Full of biographical detail and an excellent story . Thank you and well done !!!!
Bisexual Warrior
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..............WoW -
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A child comes out of a womans vagina so any sized body (small & large) can take pretty much any sized penis. Kinda common sense.
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Thumbs up Wow!

You loved it. He is a guy that knows how to USE his wonderful cock. My wife would like that in all of her holes.. I'd like to suck him off.
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Hi, I'm new here
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wow ....explained each and every movements
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Good story!!!
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Gosh how beautiful is this story. You certainly are a very lucky lady.My family and i are naturists and have seen some wonderful huge sized cocks whilst on holidays....Its a pity mine isnt lol.Have a wonderful day xx
Why not reply to me after all you have just look`d at my profile...xxxxx
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foot long cock, my first huge cock

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