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My young shy timid wild wife.

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Hi, I'm new here
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Unhappy My young shy timid wild wife.

When I met my wife I was living in a halfway house recovering from a bitch of a ex ,who cheated on me almost from jump street. This is my sad pathology it seems as I refect, Most of the women I was involved with sexuely were banging black guys prier to me and on most situations after, and during. I always wonder how this had come to be, I am on the tape measure less then five inches long and less then three wide. I do not hang or act black,however, there is the wild animal free spirit that holds to me. This would be ubserd on any other opionion,but it may be the only similarity, in better notation I am a rough tough tatoo musicaian poet drinking singing carefree mother humper. Any way, Norita is only twenty five now and when I met her she was twenty -one. I am over twenty years older and she is a sweat treat in any candy store. From the start we were banging sucking eating and cumming in eachothers faces ,mouths and ass. She has the shy librairan ,thing going then , Big d size tits and a thin curved ass and body. I was taken back to find she was very easy to take and seduce and guide her young ass into any position ass fucking cock sucking dick licking ball kissing, she was impressive. Soon into our twentyfour hour fuck party, she let it out Norita had been bitten by the andoconda, and many many times, At first I was full of dismay and anger, however, I really wanted some more cock sucking and ass fucking from her and of course pussy pounding, except I was fast and quick to be alittle insecure now specially with the pussy part. She told of how these black bulls had her fucking other blacks and she said she sucked a black dude off because he was to big for her tight white still not broken in pussy. tHIS WAS THE FIRST AWAKENING OF SOMETHING DEEPER THEN i EVER FELT BEFORE,instead of discusted thoughts I was begining to be extremely hard and was really being turned on by her so called forced cock suckings and bangings.\
I think it was the way she was so shy and gulable and sexualy steaming pussy in the air I really mean it you could feel the sway of your cock and brain fighting for a piece of her. She was a lamb a easily lead young but of age hot slut in the making. So I married her, and jerked off or while hitting it would emagine how she was when these cock man were ripping her apart. Why was I going insane to have her pleasured by a huge cock stud, I was insane with fevor untill almost three years fucking her I never expierenced what I whitnessed she came I think seven times, I know this white eight inch six wide fuck mIonster did. She sucked him without a request and even swallowed his full load, I was out of my fucken dick with energy, I never even got it up ran around the bed video taping and was just so blown away from how diffrent a good big cock monster can change the dinamics in a bedroom so completly.
Well this is when it slows down to a fucken turd stuck in your ass, she refuses to do it again or talk about it, however, during a three month split I am curtain she went back to black with ex fuck buddy. What the fuck can I do to show her its for us and she needs a pounding Shit I can handle the rest. any one have a helping answer to convince my hotty young wife to indulge in her desires and keep the fires burning with us it will be so complete but shit I come thinking about her deep secret wild slut side.., Mister Chips
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Unhappy Sorry guy

Your wife sounds like she has her mind set on what she is doing. BUMMER.

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hot, shy, wife, young

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