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Default MILF likes what she sees

I have been dating my current girlfriend for about 9 months now. We met during the summer after my freshman year in college and she was actually transferring to my school. When I first met her, I discovered that our hometowns were only about 20 minutes apart from each other and only about an hour from our school.

This girl is an absolute bombshell. shes about 5'7", white skin, brown hair, slim but not too skinny, huge 34 C tits, beautiful ass, flexible and in wicked good shape from being a dancer (ballet dancer, not a stripper, lol). needless to say, it didnt take much for her to turn me on. even just a little making out and feeling each other up would get her wet and me hard as a rock.

Sex with her is incredible. I like to start out with a lot of foreplay to get her dripping wet before I enter her. She gets so turned on when I kiss her whole body, moving from her sweet lips to her neck, tits, taking plenty of time to lick and suck on her gorgeous nipples. By the time I get down to her pussy, she is literally quivering she's so turned on. I love eating her sweet pussy. It's so wet and tasty and she loves the feeling of my tongue working her clit. I usually finger her while I suck on her clit bcuz she goes absolutely wild and cums all over my fingers, which only turns me on more.

When we fuck, she likes it in every position. Missionary, doggiestyle, reverse cowgirl u name it. She is unbelievable at riding cock, the way she bounces up and down on my shaft, moaning and groaning, it doesn't take her long to cum. When she orgasms, her whole body starts shaking and i can feel all her juices gushing over my cock. My favorite way to fuck her is with her legs over my shoulders bcuz I can get all the way balls deep inside her. I love fucking her pussy hard and fast, each stroke making my balls slap against her tight asshole. There is nothing like burying myself all the way in her and busting a huge load deep in her pussy. Just thinking about it makes me hard.

My girl is always up for a fuck anytime I'm around and when we're at school, thats just about all we do. We fuck an AVERAGE of twice a day and one day we fucked 5 times (I couldn't have sex for 2 days after that bcuz my balls were so drained).

However, we came home for the weekend a couple weeks ago to visit our families and whatnot. That Saturday, we planned on hanging out and going to the movies or something. I went over to her house early in the afternoon to pick her up. She has a huge house so often no one bothers to answer the door if they're all the way upstairs, so I usually just let myself with. I expected her mom or siblings to be home but I saw no one as I walked through the kitchen. I made my way over to the stairs and called up for her.

"I'm up in my room," she responded, so I ran up to meet her. She met me at the door with a big kiss, saying she was so happy to see me and all that.

I asked "where's your family at?" as I took a seat on the corner of her bed.

"Oh, both my brother and sister are at friends' houses and my mom is out running errands. She shouldn't be back for a while," she said giving me a little smile that let me know what was going on.

"So we have the house all to ourselves?" I asked, grinning as she started coming onto me as I layed back on the bed. She was now right on top of me and I was getting hard. I knew she could feel my wood and that this turned her on. I started fondling her big tits.

"Yup, all the time in the world for just you and me," she said with a sexy smile and she proceeded to start rubbing my cock through my pants. Then we got into it, making out, feeling each other up and getting really hot and turned on. We quickly got undressed and I started fingering her as we continued to make out.

After a few minutes, she pulled off my underwear, exposing a very erect cock, which she immediately stroked and then put in her mouth. Her blow job skills could use a little improvement, but she tries her best to please me, and it still feels amazing so I can't be critical.

After several minutes, I decided to return the favor. Many of my buddies say they don't like eating a girl out and a couple even refuse to do it, but I never hesitate to go down on a woman. I like the sweet taste of pussy, especially when my girl cums and it all goes right down my throat. It turns her on so much, which is another thing that I love because I know that I'm doing something right and it makes for wild sex after lol.

I eat that pussy for a few minutes, concentrating the tip of my tongue on her clit, and then she orgasms hard, clenching her thighs around my head. "Give me your big fat cock!" she screams in pleasure. I of course, am more than happy to oblige.

We started off with me laying on the bed with her on top riding me for a while, which is always a wonder. When shes on top, her juice slides down my cock onto my balls and it feels amazing. I wanted to take control so I got up and layed her down on the end of her bed with her legs spread wide. I stood at the edge of the bed and pushed my meat deep in her. She immediately moaned with pleasuer and told me to fuck her silly, so I did lol. I started balling her in this position, putting everything I had into each thrust. We fucked like this for about ten minutes until...

"KATE, where are you?!" her mom called. She was coming up the stairs, we hadn't heard her come inside. We both quckly scrambled but before I could even put my pants on her mom busted through the door. "Kate, I said to keep the door open while your boyfriend..."

She stopped and gasped as she saw her naked daughter on the bed and me standing there with my cock still very hard. Her mom is gorgeous, only about 42, with a pretty face, big tits (though not as big as her daughter's lol), a nice figure and a big ass. She was still in pretty good shape and defintely fuckable.

If you want to hear the rest of the story, leave some comments. I promise it ended well
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Default Ok...

I'm interested.. how does it end?
Mr Music
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Hi, I'm new here
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damn this is hot and it turns me on i love your story please send me the rest part of please thank you i just want to know how it ends
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Good story!!!
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First half is pretty hot!
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-1/10 for no part 2!!!!!!!!!! O:

Shame on you for turning me on like that, and not posting part 2 >:[

LOL hotttttttttttttttt
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Default MILF likes what she sees part 2

After my gf's mom walked in and saw what we were up to, she couldn't do anything but stand there and gasp. I was very scared but i also kept hard and turned on because i could see her mom's eyes staring straight at my fully erect cock that was soaked in her daughter's pussy juice.

I just smiled right back at her mom while my gf tried to cover herself up with the blanket. I knew she must be horny because she's divorced and doesnt have much time for dating while raising the kids. With this in mind, I decided to try something very bold. I broke the silence by saying to her mom "y don't you take a picture, it'll last longer." Not very original and pretty corny, I know, but it was the first thing that came to my mind.

I thought she might get embarassed and leave, but instead she made her own bold statement. "Shut up and let me suck that dick."

I was very surprised by this remark, but there was no way I was about to deny her even with my gf right there. Her mom pushed me back on the bed and took my cock in her mouth. She clearly had a lot of experience giving blow jobs and i could feel my dick throbbing after only a few minutes. My gf sat up and watched interested as her mother deep throated me and held it in for as long as she could. It felt so good and I couldn't hold back anymore as i blasted my load straight down her throat. She swallowed the whole thing and licked her lips clean.

Then she turned to her daughter and said "You don't deserve a dick this big. i haven't been fucked in so long, so ur gonna sit and watch while I fuck ur boyfriend."

Again, no objections on my part and she started to suck on my cock again, getting me hard. To my surprise, my gf was apparently more than okay with this as well, as she removed the blanket and started masturbating while i got wood. Once I was ready to go, her mom quickly undressed, exposing and athletic and tight body with big tits and big nipples that stood up nice and erect. The first thing she had me do to her was tittyfuck those sweet tits. She spit on my dick as I fucked her tits hard and fast and she squeezed her boobs together while i did.

I could tell how horny my girlfriend was getting and i wanted her to see a show that would make her cum hard. There's nothing that turns me on more than when my girlfriend has an orgasm.

After the tittyfuck, her mom got on the bed on all fours and told me to take her from behind, which i did with pleasure. As I fucked her surprisingly tight cunt, i could hear both her and my gf moaning and i picked up the pace, causing my balls to slap her mom's clit with each thrust. After several minutes I pulled out and both my gf and her mom tasted mom's pussy off my cock.

Then I decided to try something really bold. Mommy got back on all fours and i got behind her but instead of shoving my cockhead back in the pussy, i moved it up and pushed it right into her tight asshole. She yelped a little at first, saying "oooowww, my ass, fuck!" I went slow at first to loosen her up and i could telll it was starting to feel good for her. I pushed my meat all the way in her ass, yielding another groan. After a few more slow thrusts I picked up the pace and started fucking her back door hard. My balls slapped her pussy with each thrust and she yelled "FUCCCK, IM GONNA CUM!" and she came hard, with her legs bucking. I could feel her asshole tighten on my cock and I let out a groan knowing I was gonna cum soon.

Upon seeing her mom get off from my dick in her ass, my gf started fingering herself really fast, and i could tell by how wet her pussy sounded that she was gonna cum. I looked at her while still fucking her mom and then she let out a long moan and had a huge orgasm, with her pussy gushing on her bedsheets.

This must've turned on her mom more cuz she started telling me to fuck her harder and finish in her ass. It wasn't gonna take long after watching my gf cum so i took a few last hard strokes, burried my cock deep in her asshole, and busted a huge nut, moaning and groaning.

I stayed inside her for a couple minutes, pushing every last drop into her ass. Suddenly, one of my gf's sibblings started calling for her mom downstairs and she frantically started getting dressed. she walked out the door, and then turned back to us, saying "This never happened," and smiled. I smiled back at her and she left.

I haven't had an opportunity with her mom like that since then, even though me and my gf still fuck all the time. but everytime i see her mom, she gives me a special smile. I'll never forget that fuck.
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Default Wow!

You are a stud. Where were you when I was younger???
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