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Party Naked!!! Second Annual “Pool” Party

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Smile Party Naked!!! Second Annual “Pool” Party

episode 35 (The Grand Finale)

I was beginning to feel very sad as spring semester my senior year came to a close. Because of overloading classes and a couple of summers of night school while I also worked, I was definitely going to graduate, while most of my close friends, though seniors, still had just a little longer to go.

Several would finish after summer semester and some just needed to go through the next fall and we were all quite melancholy over the fact that we’d never be together on a regular basis again after the next couple of weeks. It was quite heartbreaking in fact.

So we decided on a final blow-out party and remembering the ‘First Annual “Pool” Party’ as we had dubbed it, decided to do that again and possibly make it go all weekend.

We sent out our crazy invitations requiring bikinis for women and banning bikinis for men (normal heterosexual American men DO NOT wear banana hammocks!)

We dusted off the ‘kiddie’ pool, stored under the house from the year before, set up volleyball nets, horse shoe pits, a croquet course, cornhole board, and a Twister game (which of course would become Naked Twister!)

We had beer kegs, Vic played bartender with the liquor. Chip grilled out hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage brats, and smoked a bunch of baby back ribs. I made a huge pot of barbecue baked beans. The girls made marijuana brownies and brought all kinds of chips and cookies.

Everyone in my gang was going to be there, most of my fraternity, our groupie chicks and a big chunk of Katie, Kelli and Mary Beth’s sorority.

Early Saturday morning it was just my immediate closest group getting everything ready for the party. Jennifer, Brittany and Renee were making a huge tub of party punch with several bottles of vodka, orange juice, Hawaiian Punch, grapes, strawberries, watermelon and apples cut up and floating in it and sampling it as they worked.

They remembered how all the chicks ended up topless at the previous year’s party and Jennifer and Brittany decided take their bikini tops off right there, standing in the kitchen. Of course Renee followed suit.

Kelli over at the counter making cole slaw cracked up laughing and tossed her shirt off too. The girls then stepped out onto the back porch to exhibit their liberated breasts to Vic, Chip, Mack and myself while we were firing up the grills.

About then Katie, Mary Beth and Nikki came around the corner bringing the marijuana brownies and other stuff. They were quite amused and soon joined in the revelry tossing their bikini tops too.

Soon after that bit of excitment and revelry our other friends began to arrive and found the girls topless. Each new arriving girl also shed her top as soon as they saw what was happening.

So just as the previous year’s party had ended up topless, this year would be the same, only from the outset, rather than later.

By mid afternoon there must’ve been a hundred or more people crowded into the backyard, on the porch and inside the house. Of course the word was passed “no nudity” on the front porch or lawn. We did not need the nosy ‘gestapo’ Athens/Clarke police harassing us.

Everyone was playing games and drinking and just having a super great time when the group playing Twister decided that it should be “Naked Twister.” That development brought a loud cheer from throughout the backyard.

Of course my friend Psycho was in that group and they stripped off their bottoms and we all watched to great delight as 2 guys and 2 girls played Naked Twister. When one girl’s face ended up right in Psycho’s crotch that crazy party elevated. There was great laughter and cheering and the mood into an even more sexual party direction, as if it needed any help since all those hot girls were walking around topless.

More and more people began to shed their bottoms as I just stood on the porch with a cold beer in one hand and a barbecue smoked rib in the other eating and watching in amusement. About then I felt my swim suit as it was yanked down around my ankles.

I looked down in shock and desperately hoped I wasn’t suffering any embarrassing shrinkage but due to the fact that I had just been ogling those chicks playing naked twister I discovered shrinkage wasn’t the problem but a semi erection was! (All these thoughts shot through my head in a split second as my shorts were down around my ankles.

I couldn’t grab them and pull them up with a beer and a messy barbecue rib in each hand and I soon heard Jennifer's and Brittany's giggling voices say, “Just step out of them silly!”

So that’s what I did! I turned and looked at Jennifer and Brittany, the two who were guilty of jerking my shorts down as they stood behind me stark naked.

The sight of their hot naked bodies and my penis immediately jumped to full attention. Jennifer looked down at it giggling and in front of everyone gave my cock a quick flip and exclaimed, “Are you glad to see me?”

Still eating on that baby back rib I did my best to look calm and cool and non-chalantly stated, “Obviously so!”

Jennifer the took my cock in her hand, stroking it, and leaned forward and planted a big wet juicy tongue kiss on me, even getting barbecue sauce from my lips on her face.

The crowd of laughing friends that and gathered around watching this erupted into a loud laughing cheer.

Then Jennifer leading me by holding onto my now very erect and throbbing cock, took me into the house, through the kitchen by our gymnasium (set-up in the dining room into the hall and into myt bedroom and closed the door behind us.

In my bedroom with the sun shining in the windows, Jennifer and I began passionately kissing. Her tongue and mine intertwined in a passionate sensual dance. Her breasts rubbing, bouncing against my chest. Even without touching her nipples with my fingers I could feel how hard and erect they were.

I fell back onto the bed with nothing on but my sandals which I desperately was trying to kick off my feet as Jennifer was crawling up on me kissing me and slowly sliding her wet passionate tongue down my body, slowly down my chest, across my abs until she was teasing the end of my cock with her wet warm tongue.

I moaned loudly as her wet tongue slid down the shaft of my cock and lapped its way around my nuts and then pressed hard against my scrotum then teasingly back up to the top of my cock again.

After nearly bringing me to an orgasm Jennifer pulled herself up and mounted her crotch in my face for me to lick her aroused dripping pussy. And that I gladly did she rode my face like a sex starved nympho until she exploded into a convulsive orgasm.

Jennifer screamed, “Damn! Damn! Damn! I’m cumming!”

Then she collapsed next to me panting and out of breath, but that didn’t stop me from pulling her around and underneath me and mounted her missionary.

“Oh My God!” she yelled as I pushed my hard throbbing erect cock into her, feeling her wet warm pussy squirm and squeeze around my penis.

Jennifer started doing pussy contractions as I pumped myself into her. Of course it wasn’t long before I felt my pulsating cock start to build to an orgasm and my cum exploded into her as her legs tightened around me.

Then we both just lay exhausted looking at each other and we started to laugh. We were both covered in sweat and quite messy with cum and needed to clean up. We got up and eased over to my bedroom door and I opened it to see if the bathroom was empty and thank goodness it was.

I said, “C’mon!” And we both scampered into the bathroom and slammed the door behind us and cleaned up.

Once we were secure enough to rejoin the naked party we discovered that everyone was aware of the fact that we had just fucked and kidding us. And by then everyone was naked. One hundred or so wild crazy drunk naked college students!

The rest of that day and evening was one long naked party and a lot of fucking happened in that house, on the back porch and in the back yard that night. In fact Jennifer and I had sex two more times before the next day.

The party did continue into Sunday but one day of naked activities had been enough as Sunday found everyone in bathing suits or shorts!

Jennifer and I later ended up having a long discussion and decided we were back together. That lasted all summer....

This is the last of my college series of stories. I graduated just after and later that summer found a job. Jennifer got a job in Texas in September and got mad at me when I hadn’t proposed to her and given her a ring by time. She was also mad that I didn’t ask her not to go to Texas.

I actually did want to propose to her and had started saving money for the ring. We broke up and over the next 2 years I had 2 girls that wanted to get engaged to me, while Jennifer went on a wild tirade jet-setting around the country.

Finally Jennifer decided enough was enough, came home, chased off the last girl friend I had and now Jennifer and I are about to get married.
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El Suave
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Wow Buz... sounds like a legendary pool party you thrown there!!! Sounds pretty epic... whish I was there!
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Buz my sweetheart, I just love your stories! I'll miss your college series but I guess they had to end sometime! LOL That was one great party and some great sex with Jennifer!!! I loved it!
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hey buz, that's a BBQ with style. Were there any ribs left when u surfaced? :-) x
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Damn Dude your parties were wild! Man while I was working and going to community college it just wasn't the same. We always heard about Georgia being fun as hell with all those hot babes. I'm kind of jealous! hehehe Glad you had such a great time Dude!
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OH WOW!!!!!!!

I am a little upset for the college stories to come to a close, but I am glad you went out with a bang!!!! I am going to transfer!!!!!!!

<3 and lots of kisses

Naughty Alice
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Default Wow

So happy for you to be getting married, but I have to say that I am sad to have the college stories end!!! I hope you are able to continue with some other stories!!!
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Default sounds like Jennifer really wants you

that's a great start for a long term
Mr Music
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Buz your college stories have been so much fun to read and I hate to see these come to a conclusion. Great story and a great party!
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Too bad your college stories have come to an end. Maybe you should go back for some post graduate degrees and get some more story material. It looks like your last major party before graduation was a great one! Great story! I wish you and Jennifer the best!
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