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Good things cum to those who wait

Job Related: Co-workers / Masseuse / Nurse / Pool Boy / Maid Stories

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Default Good things cum to those who wait

A few years I was at a trade show in San Francisco. I know a lot of people in the industry -- have somewhat of a public profile, semifamous in the industry. As a result I get invited to a lot of dinners and the parties at night.

There are about 20 of us at dinner -- nothing special. Some friends vendors who were eager to tell me about their products. The person who put it together owned a marketing firm and she knows how to throw a good party. At the time, she employed several hot looking women. They showed up after we had finished eating.

We ended up sitting around drinking, getting a good buzz for an hour or so when someone suggested we head over to one of the vendor's parties being held at one of the clubs.

There was one particular girl I was hitting it off with. She was wearing a summer dress that was short enough to show a lot of leg. And she was showing plenty of cleavage. Imagine, blonde with glasses with an unbelievably gorgeous body. Sort of a cross between a stripper and a librarian.

While we're sitting there, she's touching me a lot -- hand on the arm, "innocent" touches on the thigh. All the while, she's providing me with glimpses down her dress and dropping double entendres the entire time.

We all head outside to get cabs -- it becomes clear I'm going to end up in a cab with all women. As we're getting in I lean over to the cab drive and tell him to take the real long way to the club and that I would take care of him.

Sure enough, I'm in the backseat with a hot redhead sitting next to me with her skirt riding almost up to her crotch. What's better is that I have the blond sitting on my lap with my quickly hardening cock right between her ass cheeks.

I whispeed to her that the cab driver was going to get lost on the way to the club. She kissed me in my ear and whispered back, "Sounds like fun," She then positioned herself so her hand was able to reach under her ass grabbing my cock.

Meanwhile, I slid my right hand under her dress, teasing her as my fingers played their way across her thigh till they reached her pussy. Her underwear was soaking wet. She opened her legs a bit while I proceeded to slide my fingers inside her panties, finding her pussy. She came at least twice on the way to club. She was biting my ear, talking dirty, asking me if I wanted to lick her cunt and fuck her.

We got to the club, and the redhead asked the blonde if I was any good -- She responded, "I wasn't acting."

We get into the club and we're all dancing. The redhead starts dancing with me, and it's getting dirty. I've got her with her back to me, her ass in my crotch, my hands on her tits, with the blonde behind me rubbing her body all over me while we're dancing.

The blonde, after a while, whispers to me that I should take care of the redhead, as long as came back to her that night.

So, I take the redhead to get a drink and we end up on one of the couches upstairs in the corner. She sits on my lap -- she's wearing one of these tight blouses and a short tan skirt -- and no underwear. She unbuttons her blouse enough so I can see her tits which were rock hard.My one hand, meanwhile, finds her pussy and begins to play. Pretty soon, my finger is sliding in and out fucking her pussy. Being drunk and horny, she came with an explosive orgasm.

So here I am, I've made two girls cum (one twice) in the space of an hour, and I'm still rock hard. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to get my shot....

It took a few hours, but later that night, the blonde and I fucked the night away in a suite in the W -- It was mindblowing. I'm maybe good for two times, but this girl made me cum 4 times -- once in her ass.
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Very good story!
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