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Drunk wife

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Default Drunk wife

We had been married for about 4 years, already Carla and I have talked about threesomes, swinging, and other sexual activities. Both of us were open to the idea of another man, woman, or couple. Little did I know how soon this would unfold.
On a Saturday night, I was in the military, and had a few friends over for a night of drinking. Soon us guys were engaged in a rousing game of quarters. Didn't take long for some of us to get wasted as some people are good at this drinking game. As the night was winding down, it was just me, Bryan, and Matt sitting at the kitchen table continuing to get blasted.
Bryan and Matt were both single and living in the dorms. All the other couples had left and my wife Carla was just cleaning up some.
Carla is very attractive, 5 foot tall, about 110 pounds, blond colored hair, 32B breasts, and kept her pussy shaved mostly with a strip. Bryan and Matt have told me repeatedly how lucky I was to have such a wife. I agreed. Matt kept on Carla about coming and drinking with us. She told him that she wasn't much of a drinker and it wouldn't take much to get her drunk.
But after either boredom of cleaning or curiosity, she finally agreed to play some. We had been drinking mostly hard liquor, and was finishing of a bottle of peppermint schnapps. Back in the day, this was Carla's favorite drink. Didn't take long for the boys to get her feeling numb. She had drunk quite a few and was feeling warm. She was drunk and couldn't go no more.
I told her then, "Well honey, why don't you just go to bed then, turn the fan on if you're too warm". She smiled and stood up telling Matt and Bryan goodnight. Us guys kept drinking, listening to rock and roll. Didn't take but maybe 15 minutes when I saw this shadowy figure coming down the hall in the dark. When I could see, it was the wife, but she was butt naked.
I stood up to help Carla, but when I did, Matt and Bryan had already seen her in full glory. All I remember hearing is "Oh wow's and holy shits" I walked over to Carla, and was telling her, "Come on babe, let's get back to bed". With that she replied, I'm too hot", and she shoved me outta the way. I just shook my head and chuckled. She walked over to Matt and promptly sat on his lap.
Matt was giving me this, I dunno look, and shrugging. I played it cool, while Bryan was laughing some. We just kept drinking, teasing Carla some about her drunkenness. She was laughing with us too. But soon I seen Matt's expression change. Carla was rubbing his crotch through his jeans. Matt kept this surprised look, but I just nodded and said relax.
Carla looked at me , smiling, and said, Hey, Matt's cock is hard". So being playful myself I replied back, "So, you know what to do about that". Both her hands went for Matt's fly. She sprang his hard cock out. Stroking it as she sat there. Matt had a nice cock, about 6 inches and nice and fat, with a big cockhead. Carla looked at me, I said, "well, don't leave him like that". She slid off his lap. onto her knees taking Matt's fat cock in her mouth.
Both Matt and Bryan had this "look". Carla bobbed her head up and down on Matt's cock. Making sucking noises, slurping all on his hard shaft. Bryan and myself trying to get a better view. It didn't take Matt long to cum. He was sitting there like "holy shit" as he came in Carla's hot little mouth. She swallowed and lapped up every drop moaning, MMMM!!!
She let Matt's sticky limp cock fall from her lips. Stood up, looked at Bryan and said, "I guess your next buddy". She stumbled over to Bryan, putting her arm around him. Shoved her 32B's right in his face. Without hesitation, Bryan licked and nibbled her hard pink nipples. Carla's head was back, moaning, enjoying her tits being licked. Now it was Matt and I watching. Carla pulled Bryan's head away from her tits as she set her ass on the kitchen table.
With some help, she sat on the edge of the kitchen table facing Bryan. She spread her legs, reaching down rubbing her already wet, hard clit. Her hands reach out for Bryan as she pulls his face into her smooth slit. Bryan starts to eat her pussy, licking her, sucking her clit. Carla moaning in delight, holding his face in her pussy.
Bryan can't take no more, he stands up undoing his fly. He wants to take her right on the table. But I motion him to the sofa. I help Carla up and escort her to the couch. She lays back opening her legs, waiting for some cock. Bryan follows, pulls down his jeans and gets between her legs. Guiding his hard cock, which was the same as Matt's, just not as fat. He has no trouble finding her hot wet fuckhole.
Carla's eyes close as Bryan fills her aching pussy. Bryan starts fucking her wildly. Nice and hard and deep as he can. Carla moaning out, "Yes baby fuck me, give me your cock". He keeps at a fast pace. the whole time Matt and I just watch. Soon, Bryan says he's getting ready to cum. With that Carla says, "Cum on my clit baby, squirt your juice on my pussy". Bryan pulls his sticky cock out and jerks it hitting her pussy with his jizz.
By this time I know how hard I was, I was ready to cum in my jeans. Matt was sitting there staring at her, as I nodded to Matt. "Go ahead buddy, she wants more". With that Matt stood up, pull his jeans off and climbed on top of Carla. Carla's eyes rolled as his fat cock opened her hole like it never has before. She said, "Yes Matt, fuck me with that cock, make me cum all over it".
He fucked her good, nice and slow, with some deep plunges. I could tell as Carla came all over his cock. I couldn't take anymore, I got up, pulled my 7 inch dick out and shoved it in her mouth. She took me hungrily, like a cock starved whore. I kept my eyes glued to Matt's cock filling her hot pussy. It didn't take me long until I emptied my balls in her mouth. It was incredibly hot. She sucked me down, while Matt was still fucking her.
Matt finally said he was coming, this time Carla kept quiet. Matt pounded her harder as he was moaning, "oh shit man, oh shit". Carla wrapped her legs around Matt. "Fuck me baby, fill my pussy with your cum" she said. Matt soon did, letting his cock fill her with cum. Carla shuddered as she came too, as she loves having hot jizz in her pussy.
After we finished, the guys headed back to the dorm. I told them to try and keep this to themselves. I put Carla to bed. In the morning, when she confronted me, she asked if I was okay with what happened. I looked at her and said, God yes babe, it was awesome". She smiled, gave me a hug. This was just a beginning to more adventures in the future.
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Great story! I wish I had been one of the guys. By the way, I love your wife's picture.

Thanks again for the story!
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Fun times man! Btw, I move this story in the "Wife Sharing / Swapping / Cuckold Stories" section, I think it fits better there..
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Good story!
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Reading a story in the Interracial Section
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Yea man good one!!!
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Excellent story!
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Wink Wow!

Very hot, I could use some of that fine cunt about now. You are a lucky guy. You wife is definitely a keeper. So is mine ,but that's for a later story. Thanks to both of you for the great read.
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