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Keeping it in the Family

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default Keeping it in the Family

A number of years ago my wife & I use to spend a lot of time with my brother & his wife. We did all the usual things like movies, diner & such so all became close. We also spent some time drinking & smoking some & when we all got a little high we would tease each of the wives about giving us blowjobs or doing a strip dance for us. We progressed to playing strip poker & after 2 years of teasing we finally got to see each other naked. One night after we had played & my brother & sister-in-law had left I ask my wife as we were having sex if she would like to fuck my brother. She said that it had crossed her mind a lot but did not want to mess up our relationship with them. I could imagine what this would look like & this only made me harder & we fucked like animals that night, both thinking about what may be.

We went over to their house one Saturday night & after dinner, drinks & some smoke we all were more than a little blasted. We talked a while & I soon fell asleep on the couch.
I woke up to an empty room & through the haze in my head I started looking for them. I saw that the bedroom door was closed & I quietly opened it to looking. I became wide awake as I looked in to see my brother, sister-in-law & my wife naked on the bed! My sister-in-law was sucking on my brothers balls on one side of him while my wife was sucking on his dick. He had each hand rubbing & fingering both of their pussies at the same time! My sister-in-law looked up & saw me & said “We have company!” My wife looked up at me & smiled with her mouth still sucking my brother’s cock. I started to get undressed but my sister-in-law asks me not to join as this was a present for my wife & my brother. I sat in a chair close by & just watched as they kept going & was stroking my cock to the sight of the three of them. My wife stopped sucking his cock & said I need to be fucked, now! She climbed on top of my brother & just sat down all the way until she had all of his cock in her. They started fucking & moaning & my sister-in-law crawled between them & started licking on both his balls & her pussy & ass. This with all this going on it wasn’t long before my brother yelled I ‘m going to cum & my wife sat down as hard as she could & said fill me up I want to feel you cum!

I could not resist any longer so I put my head beside my sister-in-laws & watched them fuck & cum up close. If you have never seen two people fucking from about 6 inches away you have missed something! When they both had came they lay still with her still on top & his cock buried in her pussy & she started moving some & his cum started leaking from her pussy. My sister-in-law looked at me, smiled & licked both of them again getting some of both their juices on her tongue & stuck it out at me & swallowed.
I stuck my finger between them & felt where his cock was in her & wiped some of their cum on my wife’s ass.

We all stared to get up & the girls went to clean up. I ask my brother how was it & he smiled that she was one great piece of ass & was a great cock sucker just as I had told him the week before. The girls came back & I ask “When’s my turn?” My wife laughed & said another time as she was too tired but said she would suck me off when we got home. We had several adventures with them & I did get my turn but that’s a future story!
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Nice story.
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Default memories

Our four ways usually end up with cocks in assholes, mixed blow jobs, mixed and same sex 69 and everything else you can imagine. How does this work with your brother? Do you have a line that you would not cross? Your story got me hard and curious. Thanks
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