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Mom Is Shared Amongst Friends

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Default Mom Is Shared Amongst Friends

Had a wonderfully different experience one Saturday afternoon while visiting my friend Jake and his girlfriend Suzy. On arrival, they had a few of the guys round (John, Tony and Graham) and they were all drinking beer so I joined in as well. I asked Jake where abouts Suzy was. He said she had just fed the baby and was putting him down to sleep. Eventually she came down and we all sat and had beer.

After a few cans, one of the guys, Tony, said to Susy "Wish I was the baby, then I could taste your milk". She said "You can taste it if you want" and got from the kitchen a bottle of milk. He said, "No, I mean from your tits". To my surprise Jake said "Go on then". She looked at him and smiled and Jake added "I don't mind if you don't". So she opened her top and she had a bra on which opened at the nipples. Wow, they were large gorgeous tits wiith huge nipples. She seemed really proud of them and fondled one of them and put it near Tony's mouth. This was such a turn on. After he had a suck, the milk started dripping out and her nipples were really sticking out. We all sat there dicks very hard wanting to try. Jake then said, "Go on, I know you are all turned on, have a taste". Jake seemed to be getting such a kick out of it all. She seemed to be enjoying it and Jake seemed to be happy about it, so we all took our turn playing with her milky nipples with our tongues while she fondled her breast to encourage milk flow. She seemed to be turned on and Jake knew it and said to her why dont you show them the sexy knickers you have on. So she took off everything including her black lace knickers. Wow. Jake got his dick out and Jackie got down on all fours. Jake said to me "You get underneath her and suck on one tit, and said to John to get under the other tit. We sucked and played with milk leaking over our faces. Jake took her from behind for a while and came inside her, then said to Tony to put his dick up her arse and said to Graham to put his cock in her mouth. She was loving it and started to play with her clit. By now Tony was pounding his dick in her arse and her big tits were swinging back and forth with milk seeping out over our faces and into our mouths. What a turn on. Then Jake masterbated her pussy while Tony was pounding her anus. So she had all holes filled plus a guy on each tit getting mouthfuls of milk. This was sooooo hot and she was moaning with joy and Jake was well turned on too and started to wank himself hard again. Then Jerry came really quickly in her arse.

We all got up and the carpet had cum and milk all over the place. She laid on her back with her gaping pussy and anus. Jake said to Graham to get underneath her and put his cock inside her pussy and said to me to get on top and put my cock inside her pussy as well. She loved it, so both me and Graham pounded as hard as we could. The more we pounded, the louder she got. She said "I want as much cum inside me as possible". It didnt take us long to cum! Jake wanked as he watched the sex show of the two cocks cuming his girlfriend's pussy. We took our cocks out. Cum was everywhere and seeping out of her gaping pussy. She started to rub her clit vigorously. We all watched as the cum still all over her pussy and milk still trinkling from her erect nipples. She then orgasmed and squirted at us. What a session.

A good time had by all. We decided it would be fun to make a movie of it next time!
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Thumbs up Wow.

That sounds like a lot of fun. Have you guys done her often?

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Nice love the sluty wife!
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