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My first time

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Default My first time

I guess it all started quietly and simply. I wasn't in the market for anything special, I just went for a walk on the beach one evening around dusk in late summer. The breeze was warm and there weren't many people out walking as the summer season was over. I was a sophomore in college...20 years old. I had lost my virginity only the year before and was somewhat less confident on my ability to get laid than most guys my age. Well, I parked at the public access and walked onto the beach heading north. I passes a few people. I smiled or said "Hi" as my nature told me to. I passed this one guy and nodded to him. He asked me what time it was, and untold him. He then asked me how I was and where I was headed. Ever clueless, I gave him a vague and polite answers as I was unsure as to his curiosity. He was 35 or 40, maybe 5'10" with a mustache and a pretty sizable belly. In contrast, I was 6', 200 lbs and still in possession of my hair and most of my football muscle. I have broad shoulders, a wide chest, thick muscular legs, and was in pretty decent shape. I was turning to walk away, when he asked me if he could give me a blow job. Immediately I curiosity stirred, but I was a little frightened, too. I had only been with a handful of girls, and had only had sex with 1. I wanted to walk away, but I didn't. He looked expectantly, and I told him to walk with me. We walked for a few minutes. I don't remember what we talked about, but I realized that it was totally dark now, and he had steered me behind a tall sand dune. I didn't realize this at the time...only after when I had to climb it did I realize where I was. I was stalling him...still scared and still curious. We had sat down on the sand. And he asked me again, almost with some impatience. I said I wasn't sure, and then I felt his hand on the inside of my thigh. I surrounded to him. He laid me back on the sand, and began to rub my groin. I felt him undo my shorts. Since I was going commando, I saw my cock, hard as steel, pop out. I closed my eyes and moaned when he took my cock in his mouth. It was so warm, and he went so...greedily...that's the only word I can use to describe it. He squeezed my balls as he went up and down the shaft of my cock again and again bringing me to the brink...and then slowing down. It would probably rank as one of the best blow jobs of my life....but something spooked him, and he jumped up and told me that he saw someone coming. I buttoned my shorts and we scrambled over the dune onto the beach. That was it. Spectacular and erotic and, ultimately, I didn't even come. But it was the first guy I ever hooked up with. I would visit that part of the beach every year or so...I hooked up with 2 others guys by the time I graduated from college. There were a couple of XXX bookstores with preview areas. I went there infrequently, but always with success. By 1995, the Internet had made the hunting much easier. Between the beach, the bookstores, and the Internet, I was set to begin indulging in a manic decade long foray into the seduction of various and random men. I became very good at getting guys on their knees to do whatever I wanted them to. From the mid 1990's until 2007, I had conquered over 80 men and had, all told, over 150 different exchanges. They ranged from quick blow jobs in parking lot of Tanger Outlets, to 3-ways with several couples to manic, freaky sessions of raw, uninhibited fucking that still make my cock hard just thinking about them. I had my share of forgettable episodes. But, invariably, they were on my terms. I ran the show, set terms, played the part i wanted to, and made sure we both had a great time. The guys ranged from 18(I never went into that territory) to the early 40's with one memorable 3 way with a stud and a man in his 60's. The venues were motels, condos, apartments...and cars, the beach, the bookstores(2 unforgettable experiments with the phenomenon of the glory hole) and other public places. I even fucked a guy in the woods....he bent over and held onto a tree. Most were one timers...a few were a few times. A couple were long affairs consisting of a dozen or more encounters. A more detailed telling of this tale will be forthcoming as I will detail individual encounters that would have won me an Olympic gold in fucking.
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Awesome! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.
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Smile hot

Looking forward to more.

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