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adventures of a 30-something wife in mexico

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Default adventures of a 30-something wife in mexico

this past winter i went on a trip to cancun with some girlfriends. there were 6 of us... long-time friends, all in our mid-30s (i was 37 at the time), some of us married, some divorced, a few moms. we'd been talking about the trip for years and had finally managed to coordinate everyone.

(i'm not entirely sure why i'm sharing this here. i guess i spend a lot of time fantasizing about stuff like this, maybe to the point of obsession, and i don't feel like i have very many outlets for talking about it. a few of my friends have a vague idea of what happened, but i haven't shared all of the details. something tells me their opinions of me could change. anyway...)

i guess i should start by describing myself. i'm 38 years old, i'm about 5'4" and 125 lbs. i'm an active person, i think i'm pretty fit, but i've got an hourglass figure. i wear a 34d bra. i have long blonde hair and green eyes.

on our second night there we met a group of guys. they were on some kind of dive trip. they were in their late 30s and early 40s. i liked the look of one of the guys, very my type... tall, really in shape, kinda muscular, kinda rough around the edges, some tattoos. but he seemed drawn to one of my friends and i ended up being the focus of someone else's attention. which was ok... he was a big guy, not muscular but really fit (i guess all divers are?), really good looking and really nice, he seemed genuinely interested in talking to me and getting to know me. it was a lot of fun flirting with a total stranger and it was flattering to have someone seem that interested in me right off the bat. i guess some women are offended when guys pay that much attention right away because it means they're trying to score - personally its an ego boost for me because they think i'm THAT attractive. to each her own, i guess!

anyway, most of us took it for what it was... just flirting and a bit of fun. some body shots, maybe an attempted kiss on the dancefloor, that kinda thing. but way out of character i got completely drunk and went back to this guy's room with him. it started with him asking to take a walk on the beach, which my friends were trying to discourage me from doing, and it turned into him offering to walk me back to my room. when we got there, we started kissing in the doorway. i asked him if he wanted to come inside for a few minutes and he agreed. once inside we continued kissing, he fondled my breasts and nipples first from outside my shirt and then he helped me take my shirt off. i wasn't wearing a bra and he said that he'd been watching and thinking about my breasts all night. i could feel his semi-erection against my stomach and a couple of times i was brave enough to reach down and touch it from outside his pants. then, out of the blue, he asked me "do you want to see it?" i kinda laughed and said "sure!" he was being playful and kinda joking, but i played along. for some reason i still hadn't accepted what was going on. i mean, so far we'd only kissed. sure, he'd been playing with my bare breasts, but if you counted all the nipple tequila shots we'd done in the bar, so had a few other guys that night! i really didn't feel like we were going down 'that road' yet. so he pulled his pants down. he was big. not huge but still bigger than what i'd been seeing at home. and he was almost hard. then he said something like "i really really need your help with this." again, he was half joking and being playful, to this day i'm not sure he was convinced about how i'd react. he stared at me for what felt like a whole minute or more and then it hit me... this is going to go one of two ways... nothing or all the way. trying not to think too hard, maybe because i knew i'd end up asking him to leave, i knelt down on the floor in front of him, put my hands on his hips and put my mouth over the head of his penis. it was the first new cock i'd had in my mouth in years. at first i just twirled my tongue around a bit and licked the tip, maybe thinking i still had time to change my mind, but then instinct took over and i started on him for real. giving head is a funny thing for a woman... some complain about it, some think its degrading... but when your doing it, you want to do it right. i found myself trying extra hard, maybe too hard, thinking: if i'm going to do this then i'm going to send him home feeling like he just got the best blow job of his life. i tried to rotate between fast and slow, and i made a point of trying to get it all in as best as i could. and it didn't phase me when, a couple of times, he kinda did the pushing himself. i gagged a bit and each time he'd stop and ask if i was ok. i'd answer him by starting again.

after a while he tapped me on the chin as if to tell me to stop because he was going to go. i think he said something like "i'm going to explode." i nodded as if to tell him it was ok and tried to go faster and harder. 5 seconds later he let go and 'explode' was definitely the right word for it. i'm not sure if he'd been saving up for a month or if guys tend to ejaculate bigger loads when getting head from a stranger in mexico, but it was a lot. i swallowed some of it but a lot ran down my chin and onto my bare chest.

then sobriety set in. here i am kneeling on the floor in a hotel room, covered in sperm, with a random half naked random guy standing in front of me... and my room mate likely to walk through the door any second. all of a sudden i felt kinda stupid. i scrambled for my top and ran to the sink at the vanity to wipe my face. i told him my friend might be back any second and asked him to leave. then the phone rang. he gave me a swipe card and said he had his own room... that if i wanted to meet him there later he'd reciprocate...
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Lucky guy!
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That's hot! Women are always more "willing" when on vacation... That's why Club Med G.O.'s have the best job!
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wow, what a lucky guy. did you meet up again?
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Originally Posted by mikeb58 View Post
wow, what a lucky guy. did you meet up again?
yes, i met him again. i keep meaning to write part 2 of the story but never seem to find the time.
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This is the third or fourth time I've read this, and I enjoy it more each time.
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affair, casual, cheating, fantasy, one-night-stand

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