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My Father in Law

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default My Father in Law

I needed to tell someone what I've done as I can't believe it or tell anyone I know about it so why not here. I've lived with my boyfriend for two years and we are I guess perfectly happy. He hasn't spoken to his Dad for five years since he left him and his mother for a younger woman but he'd been in touch saying he wanted to make up with him and we'd arranged to meet up. My boyfriend was nervous I could tell about it all and I was a little too. I could remember his dad a bit as we grew up in the same street and I could understand how he'd left his mum as he had been hot for an older guy and me and my friends had joked about how hot he was. On the night I wanted to look good and I bought a lemon coloured summer dress that was pretty short and clung to my figure with yellow high heels and we met in a restaurant in town. When I saw Kevin (my bf's dad) I could see why we'd thought he was hot. He was wearing a skin tight White armani t-shirt and it did little to hide his muscular body and big manly arms. He was tanned and had a bald head the opposite of his son really who was tall and slim with spiky hair. When we were introduced I noticed him eyeing me up and felt flattered smiling as he told my boyfriend he'd done alright for himself there. My boyfriend was nervously drinking really fast and after dinner we went to a bar were I tried to tell him to slow down. Kevin was giving me looks and being a little flirty and I was enjoying the attention from him flirting back. Then my boyfriend started falling about and the bar person asked us to leave with Kevin saying he'd take him back to his place. In the taxi drunk my boyfriend started saying he hated his dad and stuff but he got him in the house and upstairs when he was sick getting some on his dads t-shirt. Kevin told me to wait in kitchen and there was drink to help myself so I went and poured a vodka. About ten minutes later Kevin entered the kitchen shaking his head as he said. "He's crashed out". And I smiled at him saying I was sorry. Opening the washing machine Kevin removed his t-shirt and I couldn't help but admire his tanned muscular body now on show as he said. "It's not your fault he doesn't deserve a hot girl like you behaving like that". I felt a strange feeling of lust come over me as he topless walked towards me and I grinned. He stood in front of me pouring himself a vodka so close I could smell his manly smell. "You deserve a real man honey". He said. Now I don't know exsactly what happened but we were kissing passionatly as my hands felt his strong muscular back and he squeezed my bottom our tongues dancing. "I will give you a proper seeing too like he never could sexy". He said kissing my neck as I felt his muscular chest a shiver of arousal running from my tummy to my sex which now throbbed. "Oh Yes" I sighed.
Now Kevin lifted my dress grabbing my bottom before picking me up and carrying me as we kissed to the couch in the living room sitting down me on top I could feel his cock pressing into me through his jeans and wanted to see it. Standing up I slid my dress off my shoulders and it fell to the floor as he said. "Fuck your hot". I knelt at his feet and pulled off his jeans and boxers staring as his cock leapt up in front of me. It was like the rest of him bigger and more impressive than my boyfriends fat and long with a hoop pierced through the knob and shaved. I wrapped my hand round it and lapped the pre cum from the tip as he sighed as I tasted the salty taste. I ran my tongue up the shaft as he said. "Good girl" and I started to suck him rubbing my hand up and down the shaft at same time as it twitched and he groaned. "Yes suck my cock you little slut" I'd never been spoken to like this and it turned me on as I used my free hand to rub my now damp thong into my throbbing clit. After a few minutes he lifted my chin telling me to come up and sit on it. I stood up pulling down my thong now naked but for heels and I straddled him on the couch as he grabbed my bottom kissing and sucking my pert breasts as I felt his knob at my pussy. "Oh yes fuck me Kevin" I gasped. And he held it as I sat down on it feeling the head open me up and the shaft start to stretch me as I lowered myself onto it. "Oh yes you little slut sit on daddy's cock". This turned me on again and I started to ride him as we kissed. My sex felt so stuffed and full of cock like never before as I rode him gasping and panted. "That feels so good". He grabbed my hips and started thrusting upwards driving his big cock deep into me with force as I started to really moan loud and he grunted. "Yes you little whore you like daddy's cock". I was trying with no avail to keep my moans down as he pounded into me and a massive orgasm ripped through me. "Oh yes fuck me like a whore". I shouted my body spasming as I came. He relentlessly fucked me as now riding constant waves of pleasure I moaned and panted. "Who's pussy is that" he grunted and I told him it was his as he kept going another huge orgasm coming over me. My contorting insides must have pushed him over the edge as he gave a final thrust and I felt his warn spunk spew out filling me up. We kissed passionatly and he asked if his son fucked me like that as I said never. Eventually I went to a spare room to sleep and when I woke I felt so guilty. My boyfriend was in the kitchen apologising when I went down and I couldn't look at his dad as I entered but he said "it's okay son you look after that girl and you can call me Daddy okay darlin" grinning at me
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Hi, I'm new here
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nice story
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so hot
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Hi, I'm new here
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that was fucking hawt. damn.
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Great story. Very enjoyable.
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Very good story!
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thats realy hot are you on the pill if he came in you could be trouble
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Old 05-15-2013, 03:52 PM   #8
Hi, I'm new here
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WOW! That was so fucking HOT!
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i hope you father in law is still getting your pussy!
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Hi, I'm new here
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you seem to be a very adventurous and bold women. it's a pity that he didnt go beyond one position. If I were in his place, I would have tried so many different exciting positions with you. Made love to you all the night. Make you cum till you felt a chill down your spine. Give you your greatest night ever. You need a real man honey
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