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Love it black ;-)

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default Love it black ;-)

I had always loved to watch interracial porn, but had never thought about actually doing anything. I loved my husband (we're divorced now...) and besides whenever he put the larger "toys" we had bought into me it was more pain than pleasure, but he seemed to really enjoy doing it so I let him. I always liked it best when his real dick was inside me (I never liked the word "cock").

Anyway, as time went on he kept talking about seeing me with a black man. At first I ignored it, but it really turned him on. Whenever I thought about it I just thought how much it would hurt (I'm very small down there). One night though, after watching a lot of porn (we would spend whole weekends doing this sometimes-fast forwarding to the "good scenes". He always liked it when slender white women were painfully mounting huge black dicks. Well, we were fooling around and he got out a really big black dildo that he'd bought and said, come on lets go for a drive.

We got out on the highway and let a truck driver come up on the passenger side. Before he approached he told me to start doing myself with the big dildo. So, there I was with my short white skirt up around my waist while trying to work this big thing inside of me. It hurt, but he seemed to really get off on it. He told me to suck him. I did even though it made it really hard to use the toy. The truck driver started honking and kept right where he could watch. When he was honking I got really excited, being exposed like that and everything.

The next time he asked me to go out again in the car and I did, thinking we were going to do the same thing since he told me to bring the big toy along. He told me to start using right away. Then he started talking about me doing it with a real black guy and how much I would love a "big black cock inside my tiny white pussy". I didn't say anything. Then he asked me if I would like it. I just said it would probably hurt. But he asked me to say I would like it so I said it. Then we went to a place I had never been where a lot of black people lived. He said he was going to find me some real black cock. I was scared and didn't want to do it and I told him so. He pulled up to a corner where a black guy was standing and smoking a cigarette. He rolled down my window and started talking to the guy (I had hid the dildo and was sitting up trying to act normal while my heart was pounding.

He told the guy that my wife wanted to see a black cock and he'd give the guy 10 dollars to show me his. The guy took the money and looked like he was going to run off, but instead he came real close to the car and unzipped his pants, Then he pulled out his dick. I couldn't help but look at it. It wasn't any bigger than my husbands, maybe even a bit smaller, it was hard to tell though because it wasn't hard, Then the guy ran away. My husband asked me what I thought and I said that it was a bit weird. Then we went home.

He did the same thing the next time, only this time he told the guy I wanted to touch it - I told him earlier that I would. The first guy just told my husband to fuck off and he looked like he was going to get violent so we just sped away. The next guy didn't seem to care at all, he just took the money and said to me, and I remember this exactly, your not going to get scared are you? I couldn't say anything because I was terrified. He was wearing jogging pants and just pulled them down and reached in and pulled it out. It was fucking HUGE. even bigger than the ones I had seen on the porn videos. He said, something like, you want to taste it bitch. and before I could move away he shoved it against my face. I jerked back and nearly screamed. I didn't want to taste it because I didn't want to catch anything. He said go ahead and touch it, that's what you paid for (or something like that, I don't remember much exactly, so I'm just saying what I remember as best I can). I reached out and touched it. It was getting even bigger as I touched it. It was so hot. I remember the skin felt really loose. When I touched it though it, the feeling went to right between my legs. He said you sure you don't want to taste it, no charge. Then he grabbed my hand and started moving it up and down, I looked around but didn't see anyone else on the street. I looked at my husband and he was rubbing himself inside his pants. For some reason that really turned me on. That he was watching me do this and getting turned on. So I kept stroking this stranger's dick even after he took his hand away. I was getting much, much bigger, and harder. My heart was pounding bad, but I was also getting more and more turned on.

Then my husband asked him if he wanted to go for a ride. He didn't say anything, he just opened my door and tried to get in, but I was buckled in. My husband reached over and unbuckled me and the guy got in and my husband drove away. i looked over at my husband and was VERY scared. I asked him if he was sure he wanted to do this and he said Oh, yeah. Then the guy was grabbing my hand and putting it back on his dick, which had got soft, but was still impossibly big. I looked at my husband, he was rubbing himself and just moaned. Then the black guy moaned as he started moving my hand on him. Then he took his hand off and I stopped stroking him. He put his hand on mine and moved it up and down and told me to do it just like that. Then he moved his hand I kept stroking him. He moaned and I felt him getting bigger and harder. I remember I couldn't even get my fingers around him, and he was still growing. I heard my husband moaning and looked over to see him rubbing himself through his pants. That really turned me on again. Then my husband said he wanted to see me suck it. I didn't say anything, I just kept stroking it and watching it grow. i couldn't take my eyes off it. My husband asked me if I would just lick it. The guy said go ahead baby, I'm clean. But I felt like frozen, except for my hand, Then the guy reached over and felt my breast, I nearly screamed. He said it was okay and I just needed to calm down. Easy for him to say. Then he asked me if I ever saw a dick as big as his. I just shook my head. My husband asked me how big it was. I just told him it was fucking huge, that made him moan again and it went right to my pussy (I'm getting a bit horny thinking about pardon my language).

My husband then had the balls to ask the guy if he wanted to fuck me and the guy just said oh yeah. i was mortified, but also getting more excited by the second, just hearing my husband say that really turned me on for some reason. I knew that there was no way that thing was going to fit inside me, but I was too scared to say anything. My husband asked me to lick it again. I leaned it to get a better look, not even thinking about it, when I felt the guys hand behind my head pulling me down onto his dick. I kinda resisted, but let him pull me down. I opened my mouth to lick it but the guy pushed me down and the head went into my mouth, more or less, because my mouth wasn't open all the way and his head was so fucking big. I got scared and pulled back up. My husband told me that was really hot, I guess he thought I sucked it. He told me to do it again. I was getting more and more horny and decided that I would maybe just give the guy a blow job, since I knew it was turning my husband on. So I tried to take him into my mouth, but my mouth is pretty small and it just wouldn't fit. The guy told me I needed to relax. So I did and opened my mouth as wide as I could and was able to finally get the head in and a little bit of his dick. That really made him moan, which made my husband moan, and I felt myself getting really wet. I started stroking him and he got even bigger and even harder. then I felt his hand between my legs. pretty soon he was trying to get one of his fingers inside of me, but even they were huge, it felt like my husbands dick. Then I realized my husband was rubbing one of my tits. (wow, I didn't think writing this would get me so turned on). The guy was fucking me with his finger and I came and nearly gagged because he really tried to shove his dick way into my mouth.

Suddenly I felt the car stop and my head popped up. We were at our house. I thought what the fuck was my husband doing. He stopped the car and got out and the guy got out, grabbed my hand and pulled me out. His huge dick was still out as we walked up onto our porch and into the house. My husband fixed us all drinks and lit up a joint. and we sat around drinking and passing it around. I lit a cigarette and couldn't stop looking at this guy huge cock. It was over 12 inches, I could tell that much, and very wide. I was sitting next to him on the couch and my husband was sitting in a chair. As I was taking a pull off the joint the guy put my hand on his big cock. In the light I remember thinking how black it looked. I was getting really relaxed from the joint. I looked at my husband and he was rubbing himself again. He said go ahead and suck him some more. So I did as best I could. I could hear my husband moaning and I started getting really loose. I really wanted to make this guy come. I was able to get several inches in my mouth, but have never been able to deep throat even my husband, let alone this monster. I heard my husband really groan and looked over and the front of his pants were wet so I knew he came, but he was still rubbing himself. Then the guy started fingering me again and he said how tight I felt. I was getting really fucking wet and started grinding on his finger and moaning with his huge cock in my mouth. Then I felt his dick jerk and I knew he was going to come. He did and he shot so much into my mouth I choked and had to pull away and some of it shot onto my face. We all just laughed.

I was glad I made him come, though I have to admit I really enjoyed it. I thought he was going to leave but he just sat there and we started talking. My husband told him about all the interracial porn we watch and how he really wanted to see me fuck and well hung black guy. The guy said he wanted to see some of the porn and so my husband put some on. I was shocked and surpized when the guy started jerking his still huge black cock and it started getting hard again. Then I noticed my husband had his dick out and was getting hard again too. Then my husband said I had way too much clothes on and he came over and pulled off my teeshirt. I didn't have a bra on and so suddenly my tits were out there for everyone to see. For some reason this really turned me on, especially when the guy told me I had great tits (which I do, they are 35DD with very erect nipples and look even bigger on me cause I'm really short). I lit another cigarette and spun around for them a couple of times because I noticed they were looking at me and not the porn, which made me feel REALLY hot. I had a great buzz going on and so I lifted my skirt and showed them my pussy. They both said I looked really fucking hot, and I sure felt it. I was very horny and then I remember I hadn't come yet and I told them so. My husband said he'd take care of that and bent me over his chair and stuck his dick in me and started fucking me. The guy started clapping which I remember made his huge cock bob up and down. Man was it a total turn on having my husband fuck me with somebody else watching. I was getting close to coming and was watching the guy jerking off his massive black cock when I felt my husband jerk and groan as he came inside me. He said fuck, sorry. and pulled out of me.

Then the black guy told me to come over to him and I thought he wanted me to suck him off again (just to let you know, I just smoked a joint while I am writing this and am getting REALLY turned on remembering all this and writing it, it is like you're watching me do it too). I walked over to him to suck him off but he grabbed me and lifted me up over his cock, he was very strong and I'm very small, and this was easy form him. The first thing I thought was that this was NEVER going to work and the second thing was that he didn't have a condom on. He tried to put his huge cock in me but it hurt and he couldn't even get the head in. I remember how fucking hot his huge black cock felt against me. I just told him that he was too big. He told me not to worry, he had done this a lot. He lifted me up and laid me on the couch and kneeled in front of me. He told me to relax, that this was going to hurt, but then it would feel really good. He promised. I remember taking a huge drag off my cigarette and seeing my husband stroking his dick again which was hard again. Then I felt pain in my pussy and the huge head of his really black cock was trying to push into my very tiny white pussy. I left the cigarette in my mouth and grabbed the couch in total pain. He told me I had to relax. I remember taking the cigarette out of my mouth and seeing the deep red lipstick stain around it (funny what you remember). Then he started rhymically pushing his cock against me increasing the pressure little by little. It just hurt too much. Then my husband was standing beside me with a tube of lube. The guy rubbed it all over his huge black cock and all over my pussy.

Then he started working it in. It didn't hurt as much, but it still hurt. I kept saying ouch, ow, easy, stuff like that. Then I felt the huge head of his cock suddenly slip inside me and fuck, I felt like I had 4 normal cocks inside me and it hurt a bit less. My husband had lit another joint and gave me it and I took a monster hit and then some of the scotch. I was feeling my pussy getting fucking destroyed as his huge black dick started stretching me. He got a couple of inches in and suddenly the pain was replaced by something else I had never felt before. It was starting to feel good and hurt at the same time. He now had a few inches in me and was still working it in and out. I lit another cigarette (I love to smoke when I'm high and a little drunk, but this was the fist time I smoked and fucked at the same time, but it was relaxing me). He was shoving deeper and deeper with every stroke. I was relaxing more and just trying to give it to him. I really wanted that huge black cock in me. My husband asked me if it was starting to feel good. I said yes and he asked me to tell him how it felt and all I could say is fucking huge. He told me to tell him that I liked that big black cock in my tight white pussy. So I told him and he moaned and said O yes, and after that I just wanted that big cock in me. I started pushing against it, trying to get it deeper but it hit the end of me. The guy said, that's it baby, now it's going to get really good. My husband asked me if I wanted to fuck that huge black cock and I knew what he wanted me to say so I told him, I want to fuck that huge black cock, then I turned to the guy and told him that i wanted him to fuck me with his huge black cock. I heard my husband moan really loud at that so I said it over and over again, fuck me with your huge black cock, fuck me with your huge black cock. and the more I said it the more I wanted it. (OMG, this is getting me soooo wet).

I felt him filling me up and then pushing in me even more and somehow deeper, I was started to get really stretched out. It still hurt but he was reaching places I never felt before. My clit was so hard I though if I touched it I would explode, plus the weed makes you feel everything more intense, which some of you probably know. I started telling him to fuck me, fuck me, fuck me with your big black cock. and that really got him moving. FUCK! he was all the way inside me and I felt like I was being ripped open, but OMG did it feel AMAZING. My poor pussy was being destroyed but it was throbbing like it never throbbed before. My husband was standing next to me moaning and jerking off and I had this huge black cock getting deeper and deeper inside me with every thrust. It was too much and I felt and orgasm coming and it just fucking exploded me. My husband squirted all over my face and tits at about the same time, The guy just kept fucking me till I stopped spasming and then I asked him to stop because I was getting to sensitive and he said, not yet baby, not yet (I remember that exactly). God my pussy is soooo wet. I really want to get fucked like that again, RIGHT NOW!.

I lit another cigarette and my pussy was just humming. I kept smoking as he kept fucking me. God I thought he was going to come out of my throat, he felt so impossible deep inside me. I felt myself wanting something i had never wanted before, to come again and again and again on his big black cock. i told him I want to come on your big black cock. He started fucking me faster at that and started really groaning. I knew he was going to come soon. But he didn't, he just kept working it even deeper inside me, I really felt like I was being ripped apart but it felt so fucking good at the same time. OMG did it feel good, then I felt his hips agains my clit and thought, WHAT THE FUCK, IS HE ALL THE WAY INSIDE ME-NO FUCKING WAY!!! But he was and I guess that is what he was waiting for, because he picked me up and started fucking me standing up. It was like he was this big fucking mandingo and I was this little white chick. With every thrust I felt his huge black cock split me open and then his hip slap against my throbbing clit. He started really groaning loud and I knew this was it. I started cumming and then he starting lifting me all the way off of his huge black cock and slamming me back onto it until it was buried all the way in me and he rammed his hip against my clit. OMG I just couldn't stop coming. It was this intense pain of his enormous black dick destroying me and this amazing pleasure of being totally handled and having all my walls stretched open to the max and my clit being slammed all at once. I just came and came and came and came. I couldn't fucking stop. I had NEVER even dreamed of anything like this. Somehow I still had my cigarette in my mouth because I started screaming and it fell out and then I felt this huge rush of heat fill me up and he started screaming and I knew he was coming and I started coming even harder and my tits were just bouncing violently up and down. He never stopped slamming deep into me and filling me up even though he was coming. OMG it was amazing!!! Finally he started to slow down. then he stopped and dropped me back onto the couch, but his cock was so huge some of it was still inside me as he leaned over me.

I looked over and saw my husband jerking wildly as he took his huge black cock slowly and sloppy out of my pussy, but I could feel that I was still gaping open. The next thing I knew my husband was on his knees in front of me and licking this guys come out of me while he was jerking off, then the guy turned him around and shoved his huge dick in his mouth. I was shocked but my husband started sucking him and stroking him with one hand while jerking himself off with the other. This, somehow turned me on and made me want to come again, so I starting rubbing my clit and my husband came and then I came, both of us screaming like fucking animals. Then we all started laughing, and laughing and laughing. We asked the guy if he wanted to spend the night but he said he had to get up early for work so we drove him back to the corner and dropped him off.
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Hi, I'm new here
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Default lol

just to let you know 90% of males in porn are white, you don't see people post love it white, so why do you get to post love it black? thats racists just put love it big or don't post anything at all
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bbc, first time

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