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Default New Neighbor

While in College I lived in a townhouse apartment and had some fun times and as the fall semester started I noticed a new woman that had moved in a couple of doors down. I saw her at the pool and noticed that she had a hot looking body. Later that evening I went over to her place to introduce myself and invite her to dinner. When she answered the door she was wearing a halter and a miniskirt and looked real hot. I also noticed that she was from the middle east but it didnt bother me. I told her to be there at 700 and I went home and started to grill some steaks. She arrived on time and we ate our meal and got to know each other better. Nothing big happened that night but I learned that she was not like any middle easterner that I had met before and she was very open minded about a lot of things. I asked her if she wanted to go out the next night since it was a Friday. She said sure and we went to a movie and to eat and came back to my place afterwards. We sat and visited again and she asked me if I was afraid to kiss her since she was from another country. I said no and I wasnt afraid to do more than that. She then leaned over and kissed me giving me a lot of tounge. She said she knew the bedroom was upstairs and we should go up there. When we got there she said she wanted me to know that she was safe so I didnt have to worry about her getting pregnant. She had said the night before that ladies from her country were submissive so I told her to strip her clothes off then remove mine. She did as told and then I told her get on her knees and start sucking and she did that as well. After I was hard and wet I lifted her up and laid her on the bed and mounted her. I slowly entered her little pussy and she screamed and said dont stop. I slowly moved up and down and soon she was screamed in her native tounge and came. I picked up uhe pace and soon was ready to blow my load so I pulled out and shot on her dark skin. We dropped off to sleep but she woke me in a couple of hours playing with herself. I reached down and helped me and she asked me to eat her as the men in her country were against that. I went down on her until she went over the top. I told her that men in our country also liked to fuck women in the ass and she said fine and started sucking me to get me wet and she got up on her hands and knees and I slowly eased into her ass. It was so warm and tight I didnt last long and soon I filled her ass up. She stayed the rest of the night and then went home the next morning. We had a fun semester of fucking and sucking and when it ended she came to me and said that she was going to move back home to her Husband. I have aways loved married women.
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