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My Mom's Friends

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Default My Mom's Friends

I was fresh out of High School. Literally. I had just graduated three weeks earlier and it was summer vacation. I was preparing to leave that August for college. My mom had to go on a trip to Florida, and I'm in California so she was going to be there for quite a while. My mom's friend was going to stop by a couple times a week to "check on" the house. My mom never trusted me alone in the house, so she asked her friend to come by and make sure the house is alright. It seemed like a burden at first to me. My mom left and the house was completely silent, empty, and it was me alone. I didn't know what to do first, so I just lied on the couch and watched TV. There was nothing to do and I was really bored. I couldn't go out because it was just too hot to be outside. The temps were high and the sun burned, so I preferred to stay in the comfort of an air conditioned home. Later that day at around 3 p.m. my mom's friend, Angela, came. She opened the door. My mom had given her a key. She came inside and I was still laying on the couch. It really was a lazy day. She asked if my mom had left and I said yes. She told she was here to check up on the house while my mom was in Florida and she's come every two days. I said that's fine. She walked around the house and used the bathroom. I stayed in the living room and continued to watch TV. She was coming back down stairs and she said "Everything is fine, but that's not the only thing that's fine." I automatically knew she was referring to me, but I just played dumb and acted as if I didn't know who she was talking about. She left the house and I went to sleep that night. The next day, I woke up, took a shower, made breakfast, and did some lawn work. Again, the day was a hot one. It was barely 1 p.m. and the temperature was nearly at 100 degrees. I heard a car pull up from the front yard so I went to see what it was. I looked through the front window and it was Angela. She walked inside the house and said hello. I greeted her back. "You look very nice today," she said. All I had on was old, ripped jeans and a tight shirt and some old shoes. "Thanks." I said to her. "Just checking in on the house." she said. She went back upstairs to check the house. As she walked upstairs, I looked at her and checked out her body. I saw her long dark hair, the slim body, and her very big booty. I was becoming attracted to her and the fact that she's older (around late 40's, early 50's.) and my mom's friend made everything more hotter. I think it's the thought of being caught that made our soon to be relationship steamy. She was up in the rooms and I decided to go upstairs too. I took off my shirt on my way up and began to remove my shirt. I grabbed a towel and went off to the shower. I went inside the bathroom and took my jeans off. I turned off the shower and went inside. My shower has clear glass, so there is really no privacy inside the shower. The shower walls are just to keep the water from leaving the shower. The cold water ran through my body and it felt good, especially after being in 100 degree weather and doing lawn work outside. I was finally showering and cleaning myself. I heard someone knock at the door and I asked "Who is it?". It was a pretty stupid question, knowing the only person in the house was Angela. Angela slightly opened the door and asked where she could find water bottles. "You can try the fridge." I said. It was sort of awkward, but hot to know Angela was looking at me but naked in the shower. "Well, the thing is...I already checked and can't find it, so I was wondering if you could help me get rid of this thirst." she said to me. "So you're thirsty, huh?" I asked. "Very. Maybe you can help me out with this tremendous thirst I'm having." she said. "Come join." I said. She seemed hesitant. "I know you've wanted to get this dick since I was 16." I said. "I remember when you were young, and I thought 'I'm going to fuck him when he's older.' But I didn't want your dick when you were 16. I wanted it when you were just 14." She took her clothes off slowly. The only thing separating us was the glass between the shower and the bathroom. She slowly showed her large tits. I instantly got harder than hard. She took her panties off and opened the glass door. "Come here." I said. She closed the glass door behind her and the water ran down her body. She came closer to be and began to kiss me. I kissed her back until we were full on French kissing. I moved my lips down her neck and then down her stomach. "Eat it." she said to me. I began to kiss her waist then came to her pussy. I began to kiss her pussy. Angela was dark, and I love dark women. Her pussy was just right. I began to kiss it, and slowly lick it. I pressed my tongue against her pussy and began to eat her out. She moaned "Alex, Alex, Alex, right there hun." I began to suck the juices out and it never tasted so good. I began to finger her a bit and it made her pussy wetter. I licked her pussy even more. "Want this dick?" I asked her. "Yes, give me your dick and pound me." I pushed her up against the tile wall in the shower and put my dick inside her pussy. I shoved it up her pussy and began to move back and forth. She began to yell "Harder! Harder! Harder! Don't stop!" I moved faster and faster until I began to sweat. Her pussy was being pounded by my dick and she began to cum. Her pussy was squirting on my dick and I would feel her cum running down my dick all the way to my balls. "Let me fuck your ass." I said. I made her sit doggy style on the shower floor and inserted my cock into her tight ass. "Go slow." she said. I ignored it and shoved up my dick into her tight ass. She yelled instantly, but then seconds later she had a huge sigh of relief and told me to go deeper. "Fuck that asshole, Alex. Fuck me with your young little cock." she screamed. I felt her asshole wrap around my cock. It felt so good to feel the warmth of her ass on my dick. I fucked her hard and fast like she told me to. I moved my hips back and forth. "Let me suck you right now!" she yelled. I took my cock out of her ass and stood up. She squat down and began to suck my dick. Her lips felt so good around my dick. "Suck it just like that babe." I said. "Tastes so good." she said. She stroked it back and forth really fast and she used one hand to grab my balls and play with them. "Want to cum in my pussy?" she asked. "I don't want to get you pregnant, babe." I said. "I'm passed that." she said. "Alright then." I went missionary on her and fucked her pussy. She was very red and was asking for more. My face was in her tits and I felt the cum getting closer to shoot out of my cock. "I'm going to cum." I said. "Cum in this pussy, babe." I fucked her harder and harder until the load of cum shot out of my cock and went into her pussy. It felt so good and I moaned. The cum was coming out of her pussy and she was squeezing it out. "You fuck so good, Alex." she said to me. "Let's do this more often." I said. We left the shower and put our clothes on. She stayed around for an hour. "Are you leaving now?" I asked her. "I have a sudden craving for your dick, alex." I pulled my shorts down in the middle of the kitchen and she began to do her job. She sucked my dick just like in the shower. She licked my balls and began to stroke my dick. The cum shot out of my dick and was on her face. "Let me go clean up." she said. She went to the bathroom and washed the cum off. I pulled my shorts back up. She came back and I asked "What would your husband say?" and she said "Don't even worry. You fuck much better." She was on her way to the front door to leave but I snuck up behind her and put my hands down her chest. I felt her tits and she let me suck them one more time. "You coming tomorrow?" I asked. "I'll come later today." she said. "Let me go buy condoms." I said. "Don't even bother babe. I want that cum." she replied. "Let me just feel that pussy one more time." I put my fingers up her shorts and felt her pussy. I took my fingers out and smelled my finger and licked the pussy juice off of it. "Can't wait till tonight." I said. We French kissed before she left and then she was off. I went back to my routine and I was jacking off till she came back that night. She came back at around 9:00 p.m. with a friend, who was older than her. "This is the guy who fucks so good." she said to her as she walked in. "Who's this?" I asked. She explained that her husband doesn't satisfy her and that she wants to fuck me. "Let's get started then." I said. I pulled my shorts down and the woman went down on me. She sucked so damn good! Even better than Angela. Angela began to get naked while the woman started to suck. "I love your body, Alex." the woman said. "Fuck her in your room, Alex." Angela said to me. I carried the woman to my room and Angela stayed back. I grabbed the woman's tits and began to suck on them. "You're so fucking sexy, alex." she said. "Babe, you're so fucking hot. I love this damn pussy." I said. Her pussy was so wet, but a little loose. I fucked her pussy hard. "Please cum inside me, Alex." I fucked her till I came. I fucked her so hard I started to groan and she was screaming. "Alex! Fuck me! Just like that! Oh god don't stop!" I came inside her pussy and she sucked me dry. "Oh god you suck so damn good babe. Come by more often." "I definitely will Alex. You're so good at this." "Thanks hun. You're so damn sexy for a 56 year old." "Yeah you think so?" she asked. "Of course." She was putting her clothes back on when I went up to her and said "Suck this dick." she smiled and began to suck my cock. "Oh yeah...oh fuck yes" I said. She fucked really well and the cum came out again from my dick. "I love this warm young cum." she said. "Thanks babe. Damn you're so good at this." I said. She left, but Angela stayed and we fucked all night. I'm not lying when I say I cummed in her about 16 times throughout the night. We didn't sleep until 5:00 a.m. and we began at around 1:00 a.m. It was the best week ever. To this day, I still see Angela and we fuck whenever we get a chance too. As for her friend, I fuck her more than anyone else. I think I'm falling for her because we have known each other for a while now and she wants me to fuck her every night, but that's going to be impossible for me. Today, I fuck her about three times a week either at her house or in my car. More stories about Angela and her friend, Kate to come!
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