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My First Asian

Ethnic / Interracial Sex Stories

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Default My First Asian

I'm not sure what it is, but I've been attracted to Asian women as far back as I can remember. Something so exotic and sexy about them. It's probably why I used to frequent AMPs (Asian Massage Parlors) alot when I was younger and had money to burn. An hour massage followed by a skilled handjob (blowjob if you're lucky) is definitely worth the money.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

It all started with my very first Asian.

Her name was Karen and she was actually Mongolian. She had a gorgeous face, and two of the biggest tits I'd ever seen on an Asian before. We worked together at a hotel, and she was a few years younger than me, so I took full advantage of her obvious attraction to me.

We started going out on a few dates, nothing crazy - and would always end with a passionate make out session, but nothing more! More than once I'd left with a rock hard cock and throbbing testicles. My only release was to jerk off when I got home thinking about cumming all over those big breasts she was hiding.

Needless to say we had a few hot and heavy nights where I should have pressed the topic of us having sex. But I was too nice, and since she was young (and obviously had a crush on me), I didn't want to take advantage. What a sucker I was back then!

I kind of ended it with her after one night we drove to a lake, put a blanket down on the beach, and dry humped until my cock was chafed. She gave me a decent hand job but when I mentioned I had condoms in the car, she kind of hesitated and said "Oh, I can't do that with you. I'm sorry." At that point, I knew I wasn't romantically interested, and didn't want to hurt her, so I let her jerk me off to completion, and then took her home.

I ignored her calls, her texts, and only smiled at work when I saw her explaining I was real busy with classes and work and such.

Well, in typical slut fashion, she did the one thing that always can get a guy re-interested. She gave my good friend who also worked with us a blowjob one night in the parking garage. I was pissed! All that work I had put in and I never got my dick wet, whether in her pussy OR her mouth!

I made up my mind to get it back. I guilt tripped her and made her feel like a whore. Told her I had feelings for her the whole time, was just confused, and that she threw it all away to blow my friend. She said she only did it to make me jealous, and I told her it worked!

She said "How about I come over tonight and we can talk."

I knew then and there what my plan was.

She came over, and I immediately hopped in her car and told her to drive. I had her bring me to Dunkn Donuts and bought us both hot chocolates (it was cold out!) then directed her to drive to this quiet, secluded dead end road.

Once there, we took our hot chocolates into the back of her mini-van and I immediately started kissing her neck, massaging her breasts, and rubbing her pussy over her jeans. She got real worked up and started kissing me back with a passion previously held back. Maybe I should've pressed my luck earlier I thought, and went to take her shirt off. She didn't stop me, and I finally unearthed those massive tits. I started burying my face in between her cleavage, kissing, licking, sucking, squeezing, pinching away with everything I had. I could feel her pussy getting wet through her jeans, and started rubbing it harder now as she arched her back to give me better access. I pulled out a condom, but again she whispered "I'm sorry, I just can't. I'm a virgin. But I can..." and with that she started rubbing my cock through my pants.

I said "Take it out and give him a kiss." She said she can only do that if I told her it's name. I said "Little Elvis" lol.

With that, she smiled and pulled her hair back into a pony tail. Tell tale sign of blowjob ahead. She looked so sexy with her milky Asian skin in the moonlight that I was instantly hard and aching to feel her mouth around my cock. She unbuttoned my pants, and I sat up momentarily to allow her to pull my pants and boxers down to my ankles. She wrapped both hands around my thick cock, and started stroking. She brought her lips down and wrapped them around just the head as she continued to stroke. Her technique was superb! She double stroked and twisted while moving her mouth up and down in sync with her hands. It was incredible. She then took her hands off and started to deep throat it until she gagged all over it. God that felt incredible.

I put my hands on the back of her head and pushed her even further. She went back to double gripping, and proceeded to jerk and suck with everything she had. I put my head back and my arms behind my head as I watched this sexy Asian virgin sucking my cock like it was the end of the world.

I was nearing my limit and knew it. I quielty told her I was going to cum and she didn't skip a beat. Just kept bobbing her head up and down and as soon as I started to blow she immediately began moaning. That was hot!

She moaned, sucked, and jerked me until every last drop of cum was in her mouth. She finally pulled up, looked me in the eye, and swallowed deliberately. I kissed her (closed mouth of course) and said "Thank you!"

She then asked "So now you'll stop ignoring me at work?!"

I said of course.

That was the last time we ever hung out. We were cordial at work but it was never the same.

Later that semester I actually got to fuck an Asian, so she became my "First Asian Part 2" since there was actual vaginal penetration.

I could tell that story if anyone's interested of course
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