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Mother, daughter, and me

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Default Mother, daughter, and me


Many years ago on a Friday afternoon I drove my Volkswagen camper to a flea market pavilion about 10 miles from my home and unloaded the fishing and camping wares I hoped to sell some of over the weekend when the flea market was open. Then I drove a couple of miles to a rural honky-tonk that served food so I could eat a bite before returning to the pavilion to sleep in my camper until the next morning when I would set up the displays of my wares.

I had finished eating and was watching some customers playing pool and others playing the rage at that time, PAC MAN, while enjoying an after dinner adult beverage.

Two ladies walked in, looked the crowd over, and came over to where I was seated. I noticed that the younger of the two walked with a shuffling gait, that her head nodded a bit from side to side, and that she seemed to always have a smirk-like smile on her face. When she later spoke her words were slightly slurred. I later learned that she suffered from cerebral palsy.

The older of the two who appeared to be about my age spoke to me saying, "Where have you been all of my life?" I replied by saying, "I don't know. I don't think we've ever met. Am I supposed to know you?" She responded by saying, "No, we've never met before, but I think we should have met long ago. My name is Melba and my daughter's name is Wanda. May we sit with you?"

I replied, "Sure, if you want to, why not?", and they sat down at my table with Melba on one side of me and Wanda on the other side. I offered to buy them something to eat or drink. They said they would appreciate cool non-alcoholic beverages which I ordered for them.

Then we began a conversation about who we were, what we did, and where we lived. It turned out that Melba and Wanda lived on the shore of the same lake I did only a couple of miles from my home but down a different dirt road. Melba told me that her first husband had been murdered many years ago in the little country store he owned in the southern part of the state. She then had moved to this area and eventually married the head video photographer at the most popular TV station in a large city nearby. Her second husband had died suddenly about a year earlier.

Somewhere along the way Melba had met Wanda whose parents had been killed in an automobile accident. Melba took Wanda in to live with her and adopted her.

While this conversation was taking place, Melba and Wanda each placed one of their hands on my thighs and then worked them slowly upward to my crotch while smiling lustfully at me. By the time their hands reached my crotch I was enjoying a massive erection. When they felt it, their hands fought each other to unzip my fly and pull my boner out and fondle it out of sight under the table. My pre-cum was soaking both of their hands as they began to stroke it. I thought I had won the lottery or was in "Heathen's Heaven".

Together they stroked my dick until I exploded loads of cum over their hands, down my pant legs, and on the floor. Very discreetly, both ladies, one at a time, ducked their heads under the table to taste and swallow as much of my jism as they could in a second or two, and then both of them kissed me and transferred some of my cum to my mouth through their deep throat kisses. After a bit more conversation they bid me farewell and left. I put my now flaccid cock back where it belonged, zipped up my fly, and went to the flea market pavilion and then to bed in the back of my camper.

The next morning Melba and Wanda came to the flea market and while pretending to look over the fishing and camping items I had for sale they managed to discreetly grab my dick through my trousers and give it a few jerks while smiling, winking at me, and licking their lips.

When there were no customers near my displays the three of us would climb inside my camper and chat for a few minutes, which gave me the opportunity to learn more about both Melba and Wanda and gave them an opportunity to smooch with me and fondle my hot cock. They seemed to be obsessed with my pussy-pricker and I enjoyed the attention they gave to it, as well as taking pleasure fondling their breasts and sucking their delicious nipples.

This occasion was the first of many times that I enjoyed sharing with Melba and Wanda.

I hope to relate more about those times together soon, so stay tuned if you enjoyed reading this.
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Very hot! Great story!!
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Interesting story, would like to hear more!
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Yes, this definitely has possibilities! Sounds good!
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