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Wife at the Club

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Default Wife at the Club

My wife was going out dancing with friends to celebrate their birthdays. I was not going along. She felt a little guilty leaving me at home alone on a Saturday night, but I told her I was fine with it, as long as she brought home a story of something sassy she had done at the club that night. She gave me a sly look and sat down on my lap and gave me a long, seductive kiss. "All right," I said "let me see you move." She did a few sexy moves for me which made my cock strain against my pants. I told her to make sure her thong was always visible. She assured me she would.

I spent the next few hours looking at porn and thinking of her with strangers (but without balls were aching after all this time). I fell asleep on the couch, but woke up when I heard her fumbling with the key in the door. She went into the kitchen for a glass of water. I walked in behind her and slapped her ass. Pulling down her jeans a bit, I noticed that her thong was gone. "I took it got too dirty" she said in reply to my question. She grabbed my cock through my jeans as I insisted that she tell me every filthy detail.

She told me how this guy at the club kept checking her out. He came up to her and started grinding against her. She said he was not the hottest guy she had ever seen, but loved the feeling of his larger-than-average cock rubbing against her ass. She told me how he slipped a finger down her asscrack to tickle her tight asshole, which only made her more wet. After several minutes of turning each other on on the dance floor, they retired to a secluded table in a corner, where he insisted on a handjob from her. The fact that he was so insistent only turned me on more! She obliged, by opening his pants and freeing his large and uncircumcised dick. She said it was the thickest cock she had ever felt! After a few minutes of dirty talk and stroking him, he was ready to cum. He shot a few massive loads, which landed in her purse and on his pants. Somehow she managed to slip out of her thong and used it to wipe his shaft clean. It wasn't long after this that she came home.

After hearing the story I was the hardest I've ever been. I told her I wanted the same treatment she had given the stranger. It didn't take me long to cum. Rather then wiping up with cum with her sexy thong, she used her tongue to clean me up. What a great night!
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a very lovely story
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handjob, stranger

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