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Mind Blowing Blow Job

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Default Mind Blowing Blow Job

Recently I traveled to Las Vegas on business. While there, I found myself toying with the idea of hiring an escort, or maybe going for an erotic massage. Of course, since I'm in a relationship (and wasn't having any luck on the tables!) I decided to remain "faithful" and "frugal" and just go to a strip club.

While there, I found myself literally attacked by dozens of girls, ranging from "Oh so Sexy" to "Oh get away". The sexy ones I let linger, but I always end up feeling guilty because I know I'm not going to drop the $ like they're hoping. One sexy blonde, with huge fake tits, and skimpy sexy lingerie was on my lap for what seemed like an eternity. She kept rubbing my neck and chest, circling my nipples through my shirt, and then sneaking down to grab my crotch. Of course I got hard and would "flex" it every once and awhile to give a twitching sensation under her that I know she felt. She would giggle each time, and began whispering in my ear how wet she was and how much fun we could have followed up by sticking her tongue in my ear and moaning. It was definitely hot, and if I were a weaker man (and richer) I would've taken the hour in the VIP room for $500 + bottle service. I asked her if there was any chance of cumming back there, and she said unfortunately not, but that after she could meet me at my hotel for $1,000. No thanks! She was sexy, but not worth that kind of money, that's for sure. I took your typical $20 one song lap dance, right there in front of everyone. She removed her top, shoved her tits in my face and I began sucking her nipples while squeezing her ass. Now THAT is worth the money

Needless to say I went back to my room with blue balls and proceeded to jerk off so violently that I swear my cum hit the ceiling. I vowed to fuck the shit out of my girlfriend as hard as I could when I got home.

The plane ride was torture. I was literally day dreaming about licking her pussy and fingering her butthole while she jerked and sucked me to completion all over her tits and face. I even thought of going to the airplane bathroom to take care of myself but decided to wait it out.

Of course, as fate would have it, between a combination of delays, bad luck and horrible timing, I arrived home to a literally sick and tired girlfriend. I walked in the door and found her cuddled up with a box of tissues and a bottle of nyquil waiting for me. What a sweetheart - my heart went out to her - but I knew I wouldn't be getting lucky.

"It's okay, tomorrow's another day" - I thought.

Well bad luck got worse. After a full day of work, a family dinner obligation, and another late night getting home, we were in the car on the way. She began playing with my crotch, getting me hard, then stopping and allowing me to go down again, only to start all over again. She was flashing her titties, and fingering her pussy and moaning while I was driving and I almost pulled over right then and there!

This is where the worse luck kicked in. We got home, and she had to run to the bathroom. While in there, I heard "Oh shit. Fucking shit." Turns out she got her period at that exact moment, much to my dismay. I was devastated, but hid it well as to not upset her.

Of course we get into bed, turn on the tv and what's on - HBO's "Real Sex". We love watching adult entertainment together, so I figured I'd take my pants off, let her play with my cock and balls, and maybe get a handie. A sick girlfriend who literally just got her period doesn't give the obligatory blow job... or does she?

As the TV show heated up, so did I. My cock grew rock hard and was standing at attention. I shifted from my back to my side so I could face her and started kissing her softly and massaging her breasts. She started to react positively and I thought let's keep going and see what happens. With that, she kept stroking my cock, and whispered "I wish you could fuck me baby." "I knowwwwwww" I groaned as I thrust my cock towards her. She said, "Want me to put it in my mouth baby?"


I moaned my reply and shifted back to my back. She put her hair up in a tight pony tail, looked me in the eyes, and took me all into her. I put my hand on the back of her head and allowed her to control the tempo while I gentley guided her up and down on my cock. She licked the tip, stroked the balls, gripped the cock in both hands, and pumped it hard while she sucked it like there was no tomorrow. All of the sexual tension built up was about to explode in a massive orgasm of cum deep down her throat. I didn't want it to end so quickly, so I casually took her off and said "I want to stand up baby."

With that, she took off her shirt revealing her beautiful, plump C-cup breasts with her perfect little nipples standing at attention. We stood up on the floor just off the foot of the bed, and I put a pillow down for her knees. She leaned down, and took all of me into her mouth again.

The next 10 minutes flew by with her licking, sucking, slurping, stroking, gripping and jerking my cock to a mind blowing orgasm. I asked her where she wanted me to cum, and she begged for me to cum on her tits and face. I moaned I was about to finish, and she pulled me out just in time to finish me all over her.

My cum ran down her chin and titties to the floor. I literally shook with enjoyment as my cock continued to spasm out globs of semen all over her. It was the sexiest thing I'd seen all trip including the strip club. My sexy girlfriend, topless, with a high and tight pony tail, dripping with cum, holding my cock, staring up into my eyes from down on her knees in front me. I'm getting hard just thinking about it.

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but I think I'll bring her with me next time!
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