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Mother, daughter, and me - the end

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Default Mother, daughter, and me - the end

(You may want to read my earlier stories about MOTHER, DAUGHTER, AND ME if you haven't already read them.)


Someone once said that all things must start and all things must end or words to that affect. Thus it was with Melba, her daughter Wanda, and me.

Since the time Melba married Frank I had limited contact with her because Frank was usually around. I understood her situation and waited on her to contact me to arrange our next "get together".

Having not heard from Melba for several weeks I took a chance and dialed her home phone number. After a few rings a feminine voice I'd never heard before answered. I asked if I might speak to Melba.

The voice said, "This is Melba's daughter Mindy. Who are you?"

I gave her my name and told her that Melba and I were "very friendly" when we could be. She gasped, then said, "My God! You don't know that mother died?"

I was speechless for a moment or so as I choked up and tears flowed down my cheeks.

Then I asked when and how Melba died.

Mindy said Melba had died about 3 weeks earlier from a sudden massive heart attack. It was difficult to maintain my composure and ask for more details, but eventually I was able to.

I asked what had become of Wanda after Melba's death. Mindy said that Frank had Wanda move in with him in his home not far away, since Melba's lake home now belonged to Mindy. My guess is that Frank was more interested in having a female around to be his servant and fuck-buddy than he was in Wanda's welfare. Maybe he soon learned that Wanda wouldn't fuck anyone, but I guess he was satisfied with her sucking his cock. She loved to suck cock and give hand jobs.

Then I asked where Melba was buried and Mindy told me the name of a small country church that Melba had attended for years. When I told Mindy I wanted to go there and pay my last respects but didn't know how to find the church she told me to meet her and she would take me to the church.

I met Mindy at what had been Melba's home and she drove me to the old country church which had a cemetery just behind it and off to one side a few yards.

Melba's tombstone was the largest and the nearest to the roadway.

When I saw Melba's name etched in stone I knew that my lover was gone and would never return to me. I was overwhelmed and broke down in tears.

Mindy put her arms around me and held me up when my knees buckled. She kissed me on my cheek and said she had felt the same way when she learned that her mother had died. After several minutes of being embraced by Mindy, she asked if I would like come back to what was now her lake home and spend some there just recovering from the shock and becoming acquainted with her.

I gladly accepted her invitation and later was VERY pleased that I did.

"Like mother, like daughter" may apply here.
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