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My friends dad

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Default My friends dad

This is all started when I was 19. I was working at the time at a sports store. I loved it. One of my friends who worked there was really into sports so he worked there too. Kind of built, the guy (Sam) was 20 so a year older than me. I didn't know much about him since we met just from work, like we didn't go to school or college together. Anywase 2 months later of us 2 knowing each other. He started inviting me over to watch the game sometimes, we had a good time. Than one weekend he asked me if you would like to come over to my house this weekend because it wa his dads birthday. He figured it would be nice if I met hi parents and all that, so I said sure. I went up to his prentice house, nice house high in the mountains. I met his parents, very athletic people. His father was built he did many marathons and races and stuff, and the mom was gym teacher. So quiet the athletic family. Anywase so I spend the night there eating some steaks and we all had a camp fire, than by 12 I decided to head home. My friend Sam worked a lot, on weekends he worked at a restaurant on Saturday's, but he was making some good money doing 2 jobs. So on Friday afternoon we were almost done our shifts he asked me if you wanna come over Saturday morning, asking if you wanted to go biking and do stuff. I replied 'sure!' He told me to meet him at his place around 8 that morning, he told me he ha no work that morning. I drove up to his house only noticing the dads car was in the driveway. I than walked up and rang the doorbell. The father (Jay) replied and seemed confused why I was at his house at 8 in the morning, I than only noticed he was just wearing a house coat and under that was nothing so I saw his cock. Not long but fucking thick! He asked me what are you lookimg at when he saw me look at th head of his cock peeking out of his house coat. I told him, well your nude almost. He than said yeah well my sons working and my wife's working so there's no point to hurry up for getting dressed. I said sounds fare. He than asked so what are you doing here? I told him that your son Sam told me he was off work this morning. He said yeah thry called him ladt minute this morning telling him to come down because someone didn't show up. So I asked Jay what time Sam was coming back at. He told me 1. Than I aske him what about your wife?, she's comimg home at 5. So than I asked him what he was doing today? He told me he was going to take things easy and do some jogging. I than told him well maybe we can jog together, because I am dressed for it since me and Sam were supposed to bike. He said why not, he asked me are your parents ok with this? I told him there gone on vacation. He than said well first I'm going to get my running shoes and my watch so we can get going! 8 minutes later he steps out wearing tight shorts and a tight shirt. He locks the door, and says let's go! It was a huge forest like I thought to myself we must be in the middle of nowhere, like there was only one road and that was to his house/cottage. Anywase we continued jogging. 20 mins into the jogging he stopped and said it's way to hot outside do youmind? I looked at him and asked do you mimd what? He said if I take my clothes off. I told him sure, but what if someone sees you? He says no worries no ones out here. I said alright. He said why don't you get nude to it feels great. I never jogged nude before, but since it was in the forest I figured no one will catch us. So I took off my shirt and shorts and boxers. I than found myself completely nude. He than said that's better let's go! We than jogged with out cocks flapping up an down. 10 mims later he than slaps my ass and he says keep it up, I than look at him and slapped his ass. We than slowly stopped took a short break than decided to return back we than ran back than walked. So gone for an hour in a half jog/walk. We finally return. He than asks me if you want to take a shower I then look at him and said sure why not. I walked into his mom walked threw his master bedroom into his master bathroom. Th bathroom looked renovated because everything was new. He than both stepped into this step in shower. We than showered. While we showered he took a bar of soap and rubbed it on his body, he than asked me if I needed it I said sure he than said ok, and started rubbing it on my ass and in my ass crack. Than he grinder his cock against my ass were it felt all slippery. It kin of felt pretty good. I than suprised him with shock, so I grabbed his face and started kissing him. He than started juggling my ass and slapped him a million times. Than I rubbed soap all over him and he did the same to me. In the walk I'm shower there's a sort of bench built in the shower that's made out of tiles. He sat down and Ikimd of strip him and shakedown my ass. While doing this I rubbed my ass across his legs and body, like a stripper. I than bent down and started sucking that cock. After that, he put me against the wall and started pounding my ass, I think I yelled so much, it felt so good. He than sat on that bench than I sat on his dick and he fucked me like that. After that I told him to suck my cock. He sucked it for a bit but it was nothing like his cock. I than sat on that bench down told him to spread your cheecks apart and shove that ass in my face. It wasnt a hairy ass either so it was nice and smooth. I kissed his asshole, than try and shove my tongue in it. After than I told him to doggy style me, so we got out of the shower and threw som towels on the floor and he doggy styled me. After than he cummed in my mouth and than I kissed and made out with him and the cum was in both our lips and faces. We than finally wiped the mess off ours faces and got dressed. I than told him it wad too early for me to go so we watched tv a little bit. 3 hours later Sam shows up in his car. The father told me He will never tell anyone but he promised me were going to do this again, I than said quickly we better! Sam walks in all suprised wondering what I was doing, I lied saying your dad called me and told me u had to come in unexpected so I showed up here 5 mins ago I just walked in the door Anywase It was one he'll of a morning
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I think I would have cum when he shoved his dick in my mouth
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