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Older Neighbor Part 1

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default Older Neighbor Part 1

A couple weeks ago, I noticed a moving truck pull up to my neighbor's house. A woman, who is around 40 was moving in with her stuff. She moved in with her daughter. I noticed from my upstairs window that they had finished moving in and they could finally feel at home. The first thing they did was rest. A couple hours later, the daughter had left the house and she pulled away in her car. I noticed the older woman, who I later found out to be her mom, went upstairs in her house to take a shower. I could see her shadow from her bathroom window and she was getting undressed, and she went inside the shower. I was looking through my window for the longest time and couldn't look away. A couple minutes later, she went outside to her backyard and just relaxed there. I went to my backyard as well. I purposely went into my pool, hoping she would be curious enough to look over the fence and watch. I was in the pool, just swimming around for a couple minutes until I got that "somebody is watching me" feeling. I automatically knew it was her watching, because no one else was near. I slightly look over to the fence towards her house and I notice someone behind the fence looking towards me. I went out of the pool and she poked her head over the fence and said hello to me. I walked towards her, all wet. I greeted her and welcomed her to the neighborhood. She asked how I old I was and I replied with "19." She asked if I had a girlfriend and I said "yes." I couldn't lie to her. I couldn't stop looking down at her and checking her out. She noticed me looking down at her tits, and I tried not to. She asked "Would you like to come on over so you can talk to me a little more about the neighborhood?" I said yes and jumped the fence and we went inside her house. "Take a seat on the couch." she said to me. She guided me over to the couch with both her hands touching my shoulders and she squeezed a little bit. I sat down and she went to her kitchen. She came back a few moments later with two shot glasses. She poured tequila inside, I was a bit surprised. "You're not old enough to drink aren't you?" I said "No, but it'll be our little secret." she handed me the shot and we both drank. She also had a bowl of big strawberries on the coffee table and she asked if I wanted any. "Yeah sure" I said. I grabbed a strawberry and bit into it. It was very juicy and I noticed she couldn't stop looking at me as I bit into the strawberry. The juice was all over my hand so I licked it off and i sucked on the strawberry a bit more. She also bit into the strawberry, so slowly and I couldn't stop watching. Of course, I was imagining she was sucking on my balls but I couldn't tell her. She grabbed one strawberry and asked "Want some more?" and I said "Yeah, why not." she grabbed the strawberry and put it towards my mouth and fed it to me. I sucked the juice off her finger and she smiled. "Want another one?" I said "Mhm." because the strawberry was still in my mouth and they tasted really good. She grabbed the strawberry and began to lift up her robe which barely covered her entire body, she put the strawberry down her waist and was moving it over her pussy. She fingered herself just lightly enough to get the pussy wet and she got the strawberry wet as well. She put it up against my mouth and I slowly sucked on the strawberry. "You like that, huh?" she asked. She took her entire robe off and pulled my head towards her tits. She wouldn't let go and I my face was buried in her big huge tits. I was sucking on them and licking them and then I forced her to lay on the couch, and she let me eat her out. I put my finger in her pussy first then began to lick her clit. She pulled my shorts down and began to stroke my dick. It felt so good to feel her hand move up and down my dick. She began to suck it and her spit felt so good dripping on my dick. She licked my balls and she was so good at it. "Put this up my pussy baby." I grabbed her tits with one hand and stuck my dick in her pussy with the other. I slapped her ass and kissed her. I moved forward and back really fast as she moaned and she screamed my name "Ryan!" Her pussy was so wet and slippery. My dick felt so good. Her pussy was soft, wet, pink and warm. It felt amazing. We fucked and fucked and I felt my cum coming. "I'm gonna cum!" I said. "Cum in my pussy baby!" she said. I fucked her harder and harder and I could feel the cum racing until it finally burst into her pussy and she screamed. I saw the cum dripping in her pussy and her pussy was also quivering. She sucked me dry and told me to back another time. I put my shorts on and my shirt wasn't even with me. "I love this body baby." and she moved her hand over my shoulder to my stomach. As I was about to leave, the daughter pulled up to the drive way and she was about to come inside. "Go out the back!" she told me. I went through the backdoor and to the side yard. I ducked down so that the daughter didn't see me through her window. The mom went upstairs to clean up and the daughter unknowing of her mom's presence, went to her room to get dressed. I peeked my head just a bit to see if the coast was clear enough for me to jump over the fence. She was taking her clothes off and being me, I couldn't resist looking. She took her short shorts off and her shirt, and her bra. Her tits were perfect, but not as big as her moms. Her pussy was so innocent looking and pink, and tight and I just wanted to ram that thing. Her ass was perfect and her blonde hair to go along was amazing. I couldn't tell what age she was, but I'm guessing 18. However, the school books suggested otherwise. She was about to put her bra on, when all of a sudden she noticed me. "I'm a dead man." came to my mind. I thought she would scream and call the police and sure enough, I would go to jail, however it didn't happen that way. She came up to the window, and opened it. The mom was still upstairs pretending to shower to make her look busy. The daughter opened the window, grabbed my head and kissed me. She was making out with me and said "You're the hottest fucking guy I've seen here." I didn't want to kiss her back, but I couldn't refuse. She grabbed me and pulled me through the window and I fell on top of her on the floor. She continued to kiss me and I kissed her back. She was feeling my body with her hands and spread her legs. She pushed me on top of her bed, which was just flooded with pink and hello-kitty stuff. She grabbed me and began to make out with me. She grabbed my hand and put it on her tits. "What are you doing?!" I asked her quietly. "I just want to get fucked by a hot guy." she said. "I don't think we should be doing this, I don't even know how old you are!" "Don't worry." she said. "Age is just a number." "Are you 18?" I asked her. "Sure" she said. She continued to kiss me and I pushed her off. "We can't do this....I have a girlfriend." I said. "Fuck your girlfriend. Just have some fun." she said. "Babe, listen, you're fucking sexy as hell and I'd fuck you so hard, but I just can't." She put her hand on my cock. "I'll let you fuck my virgin pussy." I paused for a second. I grabbed her head and kissed her for a couple seconds. "Text me, I want you. We'll fuck a bit later okay babe?" I told her. "You promise?" she asked. I went up to her and kissed her again. "I promise." I said. I went out the window and she came to kiss me again. I jumped the fence and went back in my house. From my window I could see her getting dressed again. I looked up at the second floor and barely could see her mom getting redressed.

Part two on it's way!
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