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More about the man I met with the big cock, True

Appearance: Hairy, Big Boobs, Cameltoe, Tall, Geek, Big Cock, BBW Stories

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Default More about the man I met with the big cock, True

I already said a little about me and my time staying with my mom and dad in colorado springs, colorado.
I met this great guy named grant, Whom has a really big cock and we hit it off and we became and item for quite awhile...

On a hot summer day my mom invited him to go swimming in our pool and he accepted my mom's offer.
It turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year.

I wore one of my most reveiling thong bikini's. My yellow one that shows off everything when it gets wet. It fits my tit's just perfect and barely covers my cunt and I had just shaved it last night to be ready and not to look distastefull by having any of my bush sticking out..
So all I left of my hair there was a small triangle up on top..

My mom wore her thong bikini too, Which I did not expect as it also shows off her body.
Mom has slightly larger breasts than I have and she is a 34DD.
Otherwise we are about the same and sometimes share clothes...

Grant wore a pair of jean shorts when he arrived and when we joined mom out at the pool, He hesitated to take them off to swim in the pool with us..
Finally he wispered to me that he was wearing a speedo, As this was the fashion at the time.., But he was afraid that it was too revealing and at this point he did not want to be embarrased..
I assured him that my dad often goes naked in the pool and that mom would not care, And I would not care if my mom seen how he has a big cock. Giving him a kiss and a wink and said to him to come in the water with us...
I seen how my mom looked at his crotch and knew she was probably wondering if he had a hard on! I knew he did'nt and just looked as normal as I could be at this point.
After some more talking between all of us, My mom asked if he would stay for dinner?
Grant had the weekend off, And I knew he would like mom's cooking, As he liked what I make and of course momma taught me!
I was glad when he said yes.
Besides, Since we had been dating I thought he needed to gain a little weight anyways..VBS

We had a great time hanging out at the pool all afternoon and I think mom realized that grant was hung like a horse when he hopped out of the pool and was sitting on the edge and I could see his entires cock's outline, Shaft and head in great detail and it was curved and not rigid...
I looked at mom, Whom was staring right at it and she looked shocked even, The look on her face when she seen his still limp dick was so large, Well, I knew it made my mom horny.
Mom started being more open and even letting her legs stay farther apart and being her usual self.
I knew she and dad usually go nude in our backyard pool and so for mom to wear even her thong bikini was only because my boyfriend was there..
The reason I dont have tan lines in the summer is because I often tan in the nude too..
Mom is no different !!!

Mom had a few drinks more than usual and snacked a little, But she should have eaten more...
When mom checked the temperture she said it outloud and got in the pool again.
I noticed that when mom got out that she always faced away from us, But this time when she got out she faced us and I realized that I coud see mom's dark black pussy hair on top was able to be seen by all of us.
Her top was almost as just as bad and I knew grant could see all of my mom just as if she was naked really..
My mom was flirting with going topless and asked if we would mind?
I said that was ok and took mine off and so did she.
I know grant likes big tit's and he liked what he seen.
"Hell", My mom said and she went on.. "Let's all go nude!" and mom took off her thong and I seen how grant looked at my mom's bush,
Mom keeps it trimmed, But not a short as mine.
She has a bush that went just as wide as her thong covered and had shaved only her pussy lips bare, So as to not show.
Grant hesitated and finally took off his speedo and threw it out off the water onto the hot concrete.
Mom looked at his cock and said that at this house we usually go nude and since my dad was gone for two weeks, Only we three would know.
This was the first time she had ever done this with any of my boyfriends around!
When mom got out she shook her hair and I seen how grant stared at her big tit's,
When he walked out of the pool, Mom got a good look at grant's big cock.
He was hanging limp and still it looked almost as large as my dad does when he is erect.
Mom made poured us each a sangria from the pitcher, and I knew she was horny just looking at his cock.
I was horny too.
But last night at grant's place, He and I fucked from about 10.30 pm until 1:30 am and I was still sore.
Sometimes I wished grant had a sightly smaller cock.
I love how he can fuck me in any position and still has pleanty of cock to spare to feed my hungry cunt..
Anyways, I seen how mom looked at his big dick and mom did something next that was totally unexpected.
She turned towards him and had her legs spread wide to stradle her lounger now.
I could see it all, and knew grant could too.
My mom has a big clitty, Bigger than mine and it was looking puffy and hard ..
Mom came right out and asked, " I am curious to know.. How big does that dick of yours get?"
"Because if you don't mind me being so forward, You've got a really big dick..Bigger than my husbands and his is over 9 inches"
Grant took a drink first, And looked at me and answered her...
"It gets to 11 3/4" to 12 1/4"inches long erect"

Mom whistled and still talking dirty said, "I bet you make my lisa cum good with that big fuck stick!" And she winked at me.
Grant said nothing, but simply smiled..
Mom went on and said stuff I already knew about how she and my dad met, but she added more info now and told us both how she loved how my dad has a big dick and how she and him fucked so much that she got pregnant with me within only a few months, And then got married.
I did not know it was like that.
Mom fired up the grill and grant said he would cook the steaks and as he tended to the grill, My mom and I made salad and she kept telling me that she thought my cock was fucking huge!
She walked out and I seen her brush up against him and she said that there was more utencils in the bottom and as she bent over, Her face was a mere few inches away from his cock.
I knew my mom wanted to fuck my boyfriend now, He stepped back, but she was looking at his cock the entire time.
I was kind of turned on by it too.
I wondered if I would be mad if I caught them fucking, But strangely it turned me on..
The times I had seen my dad's cock hard, And soft.
We ate and the sun was still hot and so was I,
I mean, I was horny.
I wanted to fuck and also see him fuck my momma.
Let him do to her what he did to me most every time we fuck..
Which has been about 4 or 5 times a week.

Mom teased him about having two hot women naked in front of him and that his dick still had not gotten hard..
That comment did it.
As if on que, Grant's cock started growing and before long he had a raging hard on..
I could see his cock was throbbing and moving on it's own.
Mom stared at his horse cock and kept moaning lightly.
Mom looked at me and I could see the question mark on her face before she actually asked it.
"I want to touch it, Can I?"
I said sure and took her hands and put them on grants cock to show her I was ok with it.
Mom stroked my boyfriends shaft and cupped his balls and said she "liked how he shaved his balls, but left the rest alone.."
Mom actaully left a wet spot on the lounger and it was not pool water!
Mom soon liked his precum and I joined her and together we sucked and stroked his big cock just like I seen her do to dad.
Mom and I both luv to suck cock.
I guess I inherited that from her!
Grant's cock is alot thicker than my dad's is and mom realized this the moment she tried to wrap her hand around his shaft.
"He's so thick.." mom said and she looked at my spread legs and looking at my cunt she said what I knew she was going to..
"You can tke this in that little pussy of yours?"
I said "Yes Momma, All the way to his balls"
"My god, I want to fuck him, Can I fuck him please?"..
I looked at grant and we both asked.
"Would you fuck my mom?"
Mom said at the same time..
"Would you fuck me?"
This was going to be the first time we shared a man together...
Momma had caught me fucking a guy back in italy, Seen his cock still in my pussy when she caught us..
I had seen her fucking daddy many times.
My mom has a hot body and grant liked it I could tell.
He agreed and lifted my mom to the table and started to lick her spread wide pussy and I watched my mom's orgasms build as he does the same to her that he did to me last night...
I kept him hard and sucked on his head and stroked him with my hands and as he gave my mom a rest to catch her breath... He rested his big cock on my mom's tummy and let her feel it.
You may here that someone has a big cock, But grant's is as thick as his wrist and thicker than our's..
I watched as he aimed it at her hole and rubbed it around awhile before it started to go in..
Mom gasped and moaned right from the start.
It seemed different than the times I had watched her and daddy doing it.
More heated, More lustfull, More turned on maybe, But I knew mom was loving what she was getting, And I was loving it that she was so turned on...
Mom kept looking at his horse cock moving in and out of her and I could see her pussy barely was able to take his cock.
God my boyfriends got a big cock I thought..
Mom's pussy lips where stretched so tight and each time grant rubbed her clit she cummed and cummed..
I could not stop myself,
I got right down and watched his fat long cock ramming my mom and was so close I could taste it.
As the thought went thru my brain I reacted.
I stradled my mom's face and put my pussy in her face and made her start to lick it...
At first she seemed to not want to do it.. But she relented and I found mom had a talented tongue and as my man was fucking her, She was licking my clit and sucking on it..
I started cumming and she was also constantly cumming.
Grant has awesome staying power and I can attest to some night's I felt I was not good enough for him, But he acted like he was finally ready to cum in my mom.
As he grunted I looked at his thick cock pistoning in and out of mom's box and she gasped when he shot off in her and held his cock all the way into mom and held her..
Mom watched as he started to pull out slowly and it seemed like forever until his cock head fell out.
Mom was spent I thought,But I knew grant was'nt.
He took my mom and rolled her further onto her shoulders and rubbed his cock against mom's ass!
I knew dad fucked mom's rear now and then and that it hurt her when he did it.
I was shocked to see her take his semi erect cock and he started to shove it into my mom's ass!
Mom was soon cumming and he got harder and was fucking mom with half of his dick and going for more in her..
I just watched and he grabbed his own cock and still fucked her...
Then he took his hand away and started to put his entire coick up mom's ass and she screamed she was cumming again so loud that I thought for sure the neighbors where going to call the cops!
I mean, It was Loud !!!
Mom fingered her clitty and sprayed her cum all over grant and I watched him pull his hard cock out of her and I was ready.
Grant entered me hard and as he slammed his entire length into my pussy, My mom watched and regained some of her own composure and watched us both climax together...
Afterwads grant sat down between us and we all cooled off before going into the pool..
I later broke up with grant, But my mom and I have had sex with some other men together. But grant was the best of them all so far...
Mom later told me that she had never had so many orgasms in one time before with another man.
Grant told me at home that fucking my hot mom was such a turn on that he was having to think of fat women to keep himself from cumming to soon!
True story, VBS
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Omg. That is the hottest story I have ever read...God I would have love to been there and shared all 3 of you
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grant eaton's big cock

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