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Overnight bbw/big ass!!

Appearance: Hairy, Big Boobs, Cameltoe, Tall, Geek, Big Cock, BBW Stories

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Default Overnight bbw/big ass!!

My sister was working at wal-mart for a good 5 years. She was doing quiet well for herself she was in medical school as well. Anywase at one time her car got stollen and they found it a month and a wal later. So of course for that month I drove her to work and picked her up at night. My sister was a nice pretty girl, black haor curvy ass, normal size breast. And an awesome sister! Her name is rebecca. There's a lady she works with at the store who's name is Kyara. Shes pretty much a BBW huge ass!! Like ginormous! Ive met her before because my sister and her are friends and Kyara always teased with me and stuff just you know joking around I mean small stuff. One Saturday night I go to pick up my sis, whrn I see Kyara with her, btw kyara a big Black women! So I pull up and my sis ask's if you can drive Kyara home too since her gone was getting fixed. I said sure from wal-mart to our house was a 10 minute drive, but kyara was 18 minutes about. My sister had a super with her new boyfriend that night so I drove Rebecca to her boyfriends place. Than Kyara got out and came sat next to me. We talked about different things like movies and stuff & music. While she's telling me what exit to get on and off of, and the streets to turn on. Wht made me feel uncomfortable for a moment was that i was driving and I have my hand on the stick shift since its a manual transmission, she said something and giggled. than put her hand on my hand. Than I looked at her like Ok? Kind o expression so she giggled. Anywase got to her house finally. I asked if I could use the washroom since I had to take a massive crap! She said sure so she told me where to go, no one was at the house anywase, no kids or husband for a lady of 26 years old. While im sitting on the toilet I notice her pile of clothes next to the washer & drier. I took a look at her bra it was gigantic. But wat really caught my eye was her panties those things were like Monster size. So I sniffed them and licked the inside. I know it seemed wrong and dirty but wht the hell. So I finish wash my hands, the second I opem the door shes standing there with herself leaning on the door blocking me to leave, while shes smilling. I said canyou moove please. She said your not leaving yet. She sort of pushed me back in the bathroom. So I just came out with it saying you wanna fuk right? She said I thought you were a pussy trying to hide from me but your brave. Which I dint really get. I took my clothes off she instructed me to lie in her big bath tub. she got nude and walked in the tub, than sat on my face, I just my whole face was in ger ass than I stood up while she sucked my cock. Than I walked her to her bedroom where I fucked her in the ass. Than she said I want you to suck my tits which I did. After that She did something unusuall she started slapping my ass than she drilled her face in my ass. So I grabbed the back of her head and forced her head into my ass. We did a few other things and made out. But thats one drop off Ill never forget..
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