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Watching my GF

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Default Watching my GF

So last night, my girlfriend and I decided to mix it up a bit. We're both very busy, and generally our sex occurs at night, when we're in bed, and right before we are going to sleep. Unfortunately, this can become kind of "scripted" and thus takes the excitement out of it. Not that my girlfriend isn't a knock out who gets me hard by just looking at me!

Let me describe her before I continue. She's about 5'1" - 5'2", 110lbs, with nice and firm B cup tits, and a nice big toned ass that loves getting slapped and squeezed! She has black hair (dyed) with beautiful blue eyes.

Last night I get home from work the usual time, and as soon as I enter the apartment, I'm greeted by one hell of a site. My gorgeous girlfriend is parading around in just her thong and a bra, with a mischevious look on her face. I drop my bag, take off my coat, and immediately take her into my arms for a nice, long and deep kiss. My tongue is circling hers inside her mouth, as my hands roam down and start cupping both of her ass cheeks. My cock is immediately hard, and I pull her ass closer to me so my bulge is now in contact with her. I can feel the dampness even through her panties.

She pulls herself away from me, looks down at my crotch, and purrs ever so lightly. The urge to bend her over the couch and fuck her right then and there is uncontrollable. But she has other plans.

First, she tells me to get washed up, while she "gets ready". While I'm in the bathroom, I begin to wonder if I should jerk off quick so that I can last even longer than usual. But I decide against it because I really want to have a nice big load, and hopefully to cum all over my girlfriend's beautiful tits and her gorgeous face.

I come out, and head straight for the bedroom. She's on the bed, naked, spread eagle, and lightly touching herself. I notice a chair in the middle of the room, facing the bed. She tells me to sit, and I do. She says I can only watch. I ask her if I can play with myself. She smiles and said she hopes I do!

Then she reaches over to the nightstand and takes out her vibrator, as well as the bottle of KY "Her Arousal" gel we recently purchased and were dying to try out. She slowly and seductively squeezes out just a little onto the tip of her vibrator, and then starts massaging it into her clit. At this, I unbuckle my belt and drop my jeans to my ankles. My cock is hard and at full attention and I start to stroke it slowly as I watch her.

Next thing I hear is the click of the vibrator, and that familiar hum as she starts to pick up the pace. She's moaning quietly, and lifting her hips to meet her fingers and the vibrator. I can hardly stay seated, but I know she wants me to watch her get off, so I decide to stay put... for now.

She's getting faster and faster, as am I, and pretty soon I'm cranking away on my shaft furiously to the sight of her bucking her hips wildly in the air, moaning and starting to scream. I decide to get a little more involved, and start telling her to squeeze her tits and her nipples, which she happily does. I can barely take it. I then instruct her to flip over, on all fours, and finger fuck herself while using the vibrator on her clit. She happily obliges.

This immediately brings me to defcon 5. I have to literally fight the urge to come up behind her, stick my cock in her pussy, and fuck her with reckless abandon. But I manage to calm myself just enough to hear her start to moan in ecstasy and cry out with her orgasm. I see her grinding against her vibrator and then all of the sudden collapse in a heap on the bed, moaning, panting and still lightly crying out in orgrasm.

I feel my balls tighten, and my cock start to twitch, and I know I'm not too far behind. I get up, walk up to her, and proceed to jack off while she cheers me on to cum on her face and her tits.

I erupt in a huge explosion of cum that covers her and our bed in a hot, sticky mess. I collapse right next to her in a heap, and we're both down for the count.

Good thing I didn't jerk off in the bathroom!

That's one way to bring the passion and excitement back to our bedroom... I'm still working on her to agree to a threesome!

Hope you enjoyed!
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Good stuff... your gf sounds real sexy !
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