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Sex on French Nudist beach

Nudist Stories

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Default Sex on French Nudist beach

Thought I'd share a story from last summer when I was travelling in europe. I loved going to nudist beaches over there and hanging out - lots of hot chicks go there (not just fat old gay guys like over here) and i did pretty well hooking up with chicks I met there.

One morning I was down at this beach in france. I wasn't really thinking of trying to hook up as I had got laid the night before with a slutty little schoolgirl and fucked her all night long in my hotel room. I was naked on the beach - just swimming and chilling out. I always got quite a lot of looks as i'm pretty ripped and have a big 9 inch cock, also french guys aren't circumcised so they all liked looking at my cut cock. Anyway, i was walking down this beach just looking at the girls. it wasn't very busy and I saw a girl at the back of the beach in a sheltered spot rubbing some sun cream on. She was hot as hell - nice tits, shaved pussy and maybe 18. I offered to help her rub the sun cream in and she says yes, after taking a nice long look at my cock. I start rubbing it on her back and the down over her ass, then i tell her to turn over and lie on her back. i rub it over her arms, shoulders and legs, just teasing her, then over her tits and finally over her shaved pussy. as i was doing this she just watched me with a real sexy smile. i kept rubbing it in her pussy and fingered her for a while. next she says she will do it to me and starts to rub me with the cream. I shave my pubes and she loves rubbing the cream into my bald groin. she says she hasn't had a circumcised cock and likes the look of it so next thing she rubs some cream on as lube and is giving me a hand job. we are in a sheltered spot up the back of the beach so not many people can see us but still some people are walking past and looking. After a while she give my helmet a quick suck then gets on top and starts riding me, grinding my 9 inch cock deep into her pussy. we fuck for quite a while, not caring who can see us. I get on top her and fuck her till she comes and a bit after this I can't hang on any more and I come - spurting my cum deep into her shaved pussy.

We both lay there for a bit then walk down to the sea for a swim to clean up. She has my cum dripping out of her pussy as we walk down but doesn't seem to care that anyone can see it. After we come out the water she says that I had better go as her boyfriend is coming! At that point I notice that there are two bags on her beach towel. As she says this a skinny french teen guy comes along and kisses her. he doesn't seem to notice me among the other people so I move away - if only he knew that his girlfriend was just washing my spunk out of her pussy moments before!!

I never even asked her her name. I stayed on the beach and hooked up with a blonde german tourist and fucked her for the next few days. Europe is awesome!
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Sounds like you had a great time man!
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